The Artificial & Natural Sweeteners Health & Safety Rankings – Which are Worst, Which are Best?

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The Artificial & Natural Sweeteners Health & Safety Rankings –

Do you love cookies, cake, sugar in your tea? You're not alone! The average American eats about 150 pounds of sugar each...

Honey, Sugar, Molasses, Agave, Stevia & Other Natural Sweeteners: Which

Honey is a natural sweetener, but shouldn't be consumed by people with candidiasis or blood sugar problems. Read here about...

Body Ecology’s Insights on Coca-Cola’s Announcement that It Will Use

When and how did you first learn about Stevia? Years ago when I first began to conquer candidiasis it became...

The 25 Key Reasons You Want to Dramatically Reduce or

I don't think there is any controversy about the fact that sugar is not good for you. But do you...

Tired, Sluggish, or Having a Hard Time Losing Weight? Here’s

Feeling exhausted? Low on willpower? Having difficulty losing weight? Think it's your thyroid? Think again — because many hypothyroid symptoms...

Green Tea: The Latest Health Benefits of This Ideal Drink

What if you could drink a "magic" liquid that would warm and hydrate your body, help your stomach digest food,...

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