Watch: Donna Gates & Nadine Artemis talk holistic dental hygiene

If you’re a Body Ecology Living listener, then you know two things: We love to talk about the microbiome, and...

Has your dermatologist told you about this natural eczema remedy?

Fulvic acid is an excellent digestive tonic. There's evidence that it can help heal the gut, in addition to being...

Cuckoo for coconut: Is it as healthy as you think?

Coconut, coconut, coconut. Everywhere you look, there’s coconut. In shampoo, lotion, energy bars, smoothies, and even as a natural mouthwash....

Join me for The Candida Summit

I've worked with thousands of people on their gut health over the past 30 years,  and there was one thing...

HERE’S THE FACT: Your gut is a battlefield (and you

Millions of people are suffering from digestive problems, and you may be one of them. We know that gut problems can...

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