Free Gut Health Downloads

Free Gut Health Downloads

Getting Started: The Body Ecology Lifestyle

Getting Healthier is easy.

Just start step-by-step with Body Ecology’s Getting Started Guide. Each step you take toward better health is a good one, even if you start small. Pick up one tool, master it, and then pick up another. Keep going. Make your first change today!

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Eliminate Candida

Understanding Candida Yeast and Fungal Infection: The Body Ecology Difference

Featuring expert tips, and formulas, plus 36 gut-recovery recipes, from Body Ecology founder, Donna Gates.

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Colon Cleansing + At-Home Enemas


Featuring expert tips and formulas from Body Ecology founder, Donna Gates.

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Gut Recovery Recipes

How to Recover Your Gut With Cultured Foods

Discover step-by-step how to make delicious, probiotic rich, gut-healing recipes. Learn the difference between cultured and fermented foods and what it means to your health. Uncover recipes to stop your sugar cravings, detox naturally and boost your immunity.

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End Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

This guide will teach why you crave sugar and how to get your sugar fix the health way!

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Epigenetics: Beyond Biological Masterclass

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Sign up to receive your free gifts - an exclusive interview from The Genius of Your Genes Summit with Donna Gates and Dr. Christine Schaffner all about Epigenetics, and the Body Ecology Blueprint, a Gut Smart, Gene Smart Roadmap for Healthy Living!

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Understanding the Blood Types in Your Life

How does your blood type influence your diet, exercise & personality?

Find out now: Download your FREE Body Ecology E-Book!

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