The Eight Most Effective Natural Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

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The Eight Most Effective Natural Ways to Keep Your Brain

Did you know that what you eat and how well you digest and absorb foods directly affects your brain function? Exercising your...

Green Tea Makes You Younger — Separating Fact from Fiction

We all know that drinking green tea is good for our bodies and our overall wellbeing. It’s an age-old ritual to aid...

Can Probiotics Affect Your Moods, Behavior and Brain Health?

Did you know that the health of your intestines affects your moods, behavior and brain health? Find out the latest...

Eight Reasons Your Brain May Not Be Functioning Like It

Are you forgetting things or does your brain just not seem to be functioning like it used to? Improve your...

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Body Ecology’s Top 8 Steps

In the past decade, Alzheimer’s awareness has made great strides, but many of us don’t realize that Alzheimer’s still remains...

Dr. Michael Shea on “Deep Healing for the Embryo, Infant

Do you need to slow down? Dr. Michael Shea believes we are moving at such a fast pace that it’s...

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