Make Sure Physical & Emotional Health Are At The Top Of Your Holiday List!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

The holidays are the time when people look back over the year that was and forward to the year that will be. New Year’s resolutions often just address physical health, but it’s important to remember that the mind-body work together.

This holiday season, dedicate some time to your emotional wellbeing and bring in the New Year with increased health and balance.

Stop Complaining

Complaining actually takes away your power and makes you feel like everyone and everything else has control over your wellbeing. Challenge yourself to not give into to “telling it like it is”. Try to turn those phrases into statements that empower you.

Take Care of Yourself

Often the first thing we forget is to take care of ourselves while we’re busy trying to meet the needs of others. Learn to decompress. Learn to say no sometimes if that means saying yes to you. When you re-energize, you will be able to help others in a better way than you can when you are depleted.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is directly tied to your feeling of mental and emotional balance. Make sure you are committing to get the Zzzz’s your body requires. It is very difficult to be the person we want to be in the world if our body and mind are running on empty.

Smile and Laugh

You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine. Well there may be scientific evidence to prove it. Laughter has a way of not only increasing the good feeling hormones, but also lowering the stress hormones. If you’re not giving yourself the chance to laugh everyday in spite of the challenges you may be facing, give “laughter yoga” a try.

Cleanse Negative Energy

Try taking a sea salt bath with an essential oil of your choice-lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, sandalwood-they all have different benefits you can research on-line. Or create a salt scrub with a small amount of water, sea salt, and essential oils and exfoliate with it. Whether you believe this will help cleanse the energies we take on during the day or not, you will feel the shift.

Moving Your Energy

Whether through an intense exercise routine, yoga or chi gong, moving your blood and lymph and sweating is an important part of maintaining a healthy body, cleansing toxins and producing feel good chemicals in the brain.


How is the clutter in your home or office affecting you mentally or physically? What is getting in your way, literally and figuratively? Now is the perfect time to sift through, organize, throw out and donate. You’ll feel a weight lift and a sense of accomplishment when you finish.

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