A Guide To Our Most Popular Comfort Foods


Have your cravings for comfort foods increased these days?

We wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is yes!  Now that we’re home more than usual, under these circumstances, food may be playing a different role.  Normally, we focus not only on the importance of adding fermented foods into your diet, but also on the 7 healthy eating principles that Donna has used for 30 years as cornerstones to creating a thriving inner ecosystem.  

While we continue to focus on these principles, we also know that alot of us may just want to indulge a bit more in some comfort foods.  So we wanted to put together a guilt-free list of some of our most popular healthy comfort foods. That way, you can indulge a bit knowing that you’re still “being good.”  

And don’t put too much stress on yourself about it.  Life may be more challenging these days, and if we let that get to us, we’re going to do more harm than good to our immune system.  So even though you may give in to what your body is craving, try, if and when possible, to follow the 80/20 rule:

– Overeating severely weakens your digestive system. Give your stomach room to digest your food by only filling your stomach to 80% of capacity and leaving 20% empty to help your body digest.

– 80% of every meal should be land and ocean vegetables. The other 20% should be either a protein OR a grain.

When it comes to the availability of certain foods and ingredients, some aren’t available and some are just tougher to get.  If you can take advantage of eating the local bounties provided by Mother Nature during Spring time, great.  Whatever your scenario, it’s more important for our immunity systems to work optimally and also give our bodies what they want during this time!    

The recipes are all gluten and dairy free, and we tried to incorporate a mix for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans.  Please note too, depending on whether you have a specific digestive or autoimmune issue,  this may not be the best time to test anything new so try to keep to similar foods and ingredients that your body loves.

Comfort Breakfast 

Probiotic Protein Shakes (you will need probiotic protein powder)

Bill + Mike’s Waffles (you will need Celtic Sea Salt)

Probiotic Protein Pancakes (you will need probiotic protein powder)

Good Morning Green Smoothie

Comfort Lunch, Dinner, Sides

You may need the amazing mineral-rich Celtic Sea Salt with many of the recipes below.

Kale + Onion Casserole

Tex-Mex Millet + Amaranth Corn Casserole 

English Pea Soup 

Potato/Corn Chowder

Buckwheat Croquettes 

Roasted Brussels sprouts 

Sweet Carrot ‘Gelatin’ Salad 

Onion Pie

Garlic Cauliflower mashed potatoes

Basil Veggie Stew 

Red Bell Peppers Stuffed with Millet {with side soup} 

Turkey Burgers with Sweet Mustard Sauce

Lakanto Dijon Mustard Chicken 

Creamy Salmon Soup

Vegetarian Kasha “Meatloaf” 

Red-Potato Salad in Red Onion Dressing


If you’re on Stage 1 of the Body Ecology diet, you’ll want to refrain from eating these until you know Candida has subsided. 

Probiotic Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies (you will need probiotic protein powder and/or Lakanto Golden or Classic)

Oatmeal choc chip cookies (you will need Lakanto Golden or Classic)

Sugar-Free Carrot Cake/Muffins  (you will need Lakanto Golden or Classic and Celtic Sea Salt)

Chocolate Mousse

Pumpkin pie (or pudding)

Zucchini bread


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