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The Way to BE

Boost Your Thyroid and Your Energy!

Substitute B.E.D. for Media Hyped Foods

So you´re not feeling well, you have low energy and a host of other symptoms of thyroid deficiency. Perhaps you even visit your doctor who tests you and verifies that your thyroid hormone levels are low. You and your doctor might automatically decide you need to be on a synthetic thyroid, when in fact a diet change is all that is needed!

  • Have you been recently influenced by the media and the powerful soy industry and are currently eating unfermented soy foods (tofu, soymilk, tofu ice cream, soy nutrition bars and soy baby formula?)
  • Do you eat RAW vegetables that are members of the cabbage family...including raw kale, collards, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower?
  • Are you on the typical raw foods/vegan diet practiced in the US for the last several decades?

Both unfermented soy products and unfermented cruciferous vegetables and a strict raw foods diet can suppress or "chill" your thyroid and cause your energy to plummet.

At Body Ecology we offer a vegetarian, vegan and/or raw foods version of The Diet. Our delicious organic oils are medicinal, very healing and RAW! However, it is our focus on fermented foods that allows us to make these popular diets safer and even better for you.

The only soy foods allowed on The Diet are fermented.

Natto, miso, tempeh and tamari can be added to your menu after your Candida (fungal infection) is under control. We do not recommend even the fermented soy foods in the early stages of The Diet if Candida is present because copper levels will be too high. All soy foods are high in copper. Copper also suppresses the thyroid and usually when someone is suffering from a fungal infection, they will also be suffering from a low thyroid condition called hypothyroidism. We also never recommend any soy foods to a person whose blood type is B. Bs seem to do poorly on soy and most have intuitively learned to avoid it.

Body Ecology RAW is recommended when a person has a viral outbreak. It is best for anyone diagnosed with cancer and for someone wanting to cleanse their liver. It is the ideal diet for the hot summer months, for people living near the equator or in hot climates like Hawaii. B.E.D. raw means that as much as 60 to 80% of your daily food intake will ideally be fermented.

Fortunately we have a lot of fermented foods for BEDers to enjoy.

  • Our friends in Australia provide us with Grainfield´s BE Whole Grain Liquid, Lemon Ginger, and Fermented Spirulina.
  • We teach you to ferment the water of the young green coconut to make "young coconut kefir."
  • When and if the person is able to digest dairy foods, we recommend the use of fermented dairy kefir.
  • Fermented coconut spoonmeat is an excellent source of raw protein for vegetarians and vegans and it is rich in fatty acids that control viral and fungal infections (lauric and caprylic acid).
  • We ferment our veggies from the land and ocean to make a wide variety of "cultured veggies."

Cabbage, kale, or collards, if fermented,(as included in "cultured veggies") will NOT suppress your thyroid. In fact, they will nourish your thyroid. They are rich in the vitamins and minerals that your thyroid requires. Ferment your veggies instead of eating them raw and you will also digest these nutrients easily because they are pre-digested during the fermentation process. Besides increasing the nutrients hundreds of times, they also become immediately bio-available. You might like to know that cooking these veggies also eliminates their thyroid-suppressing effect.

A Word of Caution:

If you still choose to eat the mineral-depleting foods mentioned above, please make sure to create balance by also eating very large amounts of mineral-rich foods in the same meal. This is what the Japanese do.

Yes, they do have cubes of tofu garnishing their miso soup in Japan, but the tofu is floating in a stock made from the ocean vegetable kombu. The kombu is usually simmered with fish flakes (which are strained off) then high protein miso paste (fermented soy) is added and the finished product is a high protein, mineral- rich stock with a few chunks of soft creamy tofu.

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  • yvonne m buffum

    Hi. I have been concerned because I have thyroid issues(low Thyroid) and have read a lot about using cultured vegetables and how they would effect the thyroid. You seem to say otherwise. Can you refer me to some evidence for this? Would appreciate it.
    YVonne Buffum

  • Deb Tablak

    What the the "mineral depleting" foods mentioned above? Also, are other cruciferous veg's like broccoli and cauliflower also okay if cultured for hypothyroidism? Thank you. Deb

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