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How to Make Young Coconut Kefir and Coconut Kefir Cheese

  • fresh young coconutWhat moist and fresh young coconuts look like.
  • old coconutsExamples of old, moldy coconuts: The water inside may still be fine to ferment.
  • slicing the coconutsLay young coconut on its side and cut several thin slices from the bottom.
  • circle, center of the coconutA circle appears (often white, sometimes a brown ring). This indicates the soft spot or way into the sterile, sweet coconut water.
  • cutting out the knot centerSometimes a hard knot makes it more difficult to cut through the coconut. Usually the hole is in or beside this knot.
  • creating a cocount hole in the shellPoke down through soft spot, creating a hole in the coconut shell.
  • widen the hole in your kitchen sinkSetting the coconut down into a sink, so "cone-shaped" head nestles firmly into drain makes this easier. Widen the hole with a carrot peeler, so water can pour out.
  • measuring cupsEach coconut contains 1½ cups of liquid. Open 3-4 coconuts to obtain 1½ quarts.
  • straining coconut waterPour Coconut Water through strainer into sauce pan. Ideally, Microflora prefer that the liquid be 92° F (31° or 32° C), so be careful not to overheat.
  • Checking the water temperatureUse an inexpensive thermometer if desired, to check the temperature.
  • Test the temperature with your finger if you'd likeOr wash your hands well and dipping your finger into the coconut water, test for the right temperature. At 92, you won't feel hot or cold. It will be a neutral feeling or "natural feeling".
  • Add the BED starter kitAdd Body Ecology's Kefir Starter or Body Ecology's Culture Starter to the heated coconut water. The culture starter contains plantarum, an antiviral bacteria, and the kefir starter contains lactobacillus and beneficial yeast.
  • Put a lid on your new mixturePut lid onto glass container and shake well!!
  • Too cold or hot in your house? Keep your mixture in a coolerIdeally the room temperature should be around 70°F to 75° F). If your room is colder you may want to place glass container into insulated storage. Kefir is ready in 36 hours (may vary with temperature).
  • Cloudy, light colored that's right, and a yellowish one that's wrongOnce fermented, coconut water will become cloudy and lighter in color (left jar is fermented).(After fermentation is complete, you will want to refrigerate your kefir to extend its life. It should maintain its fresh flavor for about 3 weeks.)

How to Make Coconut Kefir Cheese

  • knife and a mallet toolUseful tools for splitting the coconuts.
  • split your coconut with the knife and malletStrike the coconut with the cleaver to get started. Then strike the end of the cleaver repeatedly, driving it almost all the way through the husk.
  • white meat on the left is clean, the grayish pink on the right is badThe coconut on the left has a nice white color to the meat, whereas the meat on the right is turning gray in color and should be discarded. Note that pink coconut meat has not gone "bad" — pinking in coconut water and meat is not harmful or related to hygiene, bacteria, or contamination. Phenolic-antioxidant compounds, naturally found in plants, may react with the enzymes in the coconut to turn water and meat pink, in some cases.
  • Using a spoon, pry the meat and the skin freeScoop out meat.
  • rinse off the brown skinRinse any brown skin off of the soft white meat.
  • Using a blender, mix your starter and coconut meatLace in a blender and puree with enough water to create the consistency of a creamy pudding (you may use water or coconut water).
  • dissolve the starter kit with warm water into a measuring mixDissolve the kefir starter in warm water (you may add EcoBloom if using regular water to aid in fermentation).
  • Pouring mix into a small glass containerPour mix into a glass container.
  • Sealing the container with a simple wrapPut a lid onto the container.
  • Insulate, again, as neededPlace container into an insulated container if necessary.

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I'm most interested in:
  • Ean Nicole

    So I wonder can you do this with store bought coconut water? There are a few brands that are just coconut water. Can the packaged item be used or does it have to be a fresh young coconut? Also where can I buy coconut kefir already made?

  • Elke Senden-Lawrence

    Hello, Just made a gallon of this and it did turn cloudy but does not taste fizzy. It is also sweet in my opinion. The coconut water was super fresh and I warmed it to skin temp exactly as it says in the video. Wonder if the culture is
    bad although it has not expired. Used two packets as instructed. So disappointing. I have made water kefir w water grains in the past and it was turned fizzy and fermented tasting. I live in Florida so the temp in my kitchen is probably 75 so it should be done after 36 hrs I would think. Any ideas?

  • John

    So after attempting to make coconut kefir five different times, I only had success on one occasion; however, I must side with Helen on this one regarding the immediate headache, and overall worsening severity of candida symptoms thereafter. -And no, they were not die off reactions... More like flare ups. For me It simply tastes too sweet to be consuming even after fermenting, and it is difficult to determine if it is really helping or hindering- the later for the most part in my experience. I will probably just stick to the diet and cultured vegetables. Anyone else feel this way, or have this experience?

  • DeAnn

    I've tried making coconut water kefir with the kefir starter culture twice now. After letting it sit out for 36 hours, I opened the jar and there was no "pop" or "fizz", bubbles, effervescense, etc. Is that normal for the first batch? I can't tell if it's working or not.

  • Helen

    My severe Candida seems to feel much worse when I drink coconut kefir. Please advise why this is happening. I also feel light headed just after I drink it,for about 20or 30mins. Please advise. I do not.want to make candida worse. Thanks

  • DeAnne Zelenkov

    I have used the kefir starter twice now with raw young coconut water. I am careful not to contaminate it and each time have gotten a white mold on top so I have to throw it away. Any suggestions would be helpful. It's too expensive to keep having to waste it.

  • Ladia

    Thank you for such a great recipe, but my kefir went bad. It smelled terrible... Could you, please advice? What could I have possibly done wrong? I put it into the cooler as advised and it turned rancid...Thank you in advance for your help. I love BED products, my own product didn't come out right though...:)

  • Søs

    Hi. I am from Denmark, and would like to know if anyone knows where to buy the kefir starter? Thanks.

  • Anja Grage

    Hallo there,

    I'm from Denmark and have just read the Body Ecology book and for me it makes so much sense that we must keep our colonsystem healthy!

    It is VERY expensive for me to order on the body ecology website and have it sent here - so luckyli i've just found a shop that sells organic coconut water and another that sells the kefir starter - my question is - how many grams of the starter do I need for 500 ml of coconut water? does anyone know this?

  • Ashley

    At the moment I have access to coconut water and MILK kefir grains. Can I make coconut water kefir with milk kefir grains or do they have to be water kefir grains?

  • louise

    ATT Maraleta on your milk grains I have some that were used in goats milk now I do a QT at a time . how many times do you make your kefir then recharge your milk grains you didn't say . I do as you do I make my own coconut milk. thanks weze

  • Sally

    I made my first batch of milk kefir from the Kefir starter I got from Body Ecology and it was very thin. What could have caused this?

  • Jamil

    I live in Mombasa, Kenya. I can buy young coconuts all the time.
    I make the coconut kefir every week. I use WATER kefir grains.
    They work better than MILK grains.

  • Maraleta

    I make a delicious coconut kefir by reconstituing 1 lb. unsweetened dried shredded coconut (purchased from Whole Foods bulk department) with 2 quarts of very hot (not quite boiling) water and letting this soak for a few hours to soften the coconut particles. Then whir the mixture in a blender for several minutes to extract the flavor. Strain out the pulp in cheesecloth or nut bag. Remaining liquid is the basis for your kefir. I use milk (not water) kefir grains purchased locally that are normally used for dairy milk. Let the grains and coconut milk sit for at least 24 hours. Stir every few hours because the fat wants to rise to the top and solidify. The kefir is ready when the taste is tart. Strain out the grains and nourish them in dairy milk for a few days to revialize them. Enjoy the kefir "as is" or blend with a bit of pineapple or a banana.

  • Sharon Foutch

    I love making coconut kefir using a boxed carton of Coconut Water called Zico. I get it at Costco and health food stores. (There are also other brands available of Coconut Water) The powdered starter can be used to make your first batch of kefir and then you can use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of the kefir you made to start another quart jar or two quart jar of kefir. You can continue to your kefir as a starter for your next batch for several (say up to 7) more batches. Someone asked about straining the grains. . . you only do that with the live grains. The powder starter does not need to be strained. Hope this helps! Sharon

  • Alex C

    Hi All,

    I am from Ambergris Caye, Belize, where thanks God we have lots of coconuts. I have several plants and drink young fresh coconut almost everyday, but just became aware of this famous kefir and will try to make it. Is there any webpage where I can learn more and post my advances or lack of it making the kefir?

    My answer/suggestion to all those that lack local access to fresh coconuts is to simply, for now make do with whatever you can get, BUT, find the near source of small coconut plants and plant as much as you can in your own land and suggest said planting to neighbours and local authorities for public parks, etc.

    Further, now that I said the above, if anybody interested on purchasing a fair amount of small plants maybe said person and I can explore the possibility of exporting it from Belize to your country.

  • Pauline de Groot

    This is a terrific guide for how to make coconut kefir! All the details neatly visible in the pictures. I say this having a lot of experience with young coconuts. Here in Amsterdam, Netherlands you can buy young Thailand coconuts (not particularly organic, usually good quality) in oriental food shops or (oriental) wholesale markets. In local internet places we send for kefir starters, it is sent it by post. So far making goats milk kefir, wonderful. Will get a fresh batch of kefir-plant to start the coconut kefir. Thanks BE for generous description.

  • Debbie

    I attempted to make the young coconut kefir for the first time last week. After 36 hours, it had kind of sulphur smell to it. Is this normal?

  • Mike

    Livesuperfoods carries some of body ecology products. I don't know about other countries but they do ship to Canada. My challenge is finding young coconuts here in Toronto.

  • Fay

    I use either the older hard coconut and obtain milk by processing the meat in my Blentec and then passing thru a Juicer, after which I make the kefir ... OR I purchase canned coconut milk or cream and do the same. I don't know the consequences of using canned, but I figure it's better than nothing at all.

  • Joanna

    I've just discovered 500ml bottles of coconut water for 49p, which is really cheap, and great news as I've never seen young coconuts for sale in the uk. I will order some dairy keffir from the internet and get've gotta love those probiotics. I might try mixing it with Kombucha after fermentation. Does anyone else have any experience of this?

  • Greg Traver

    If fresh young coconuts were available I might just give this a try. However, I would much rather buy it premade. While I have tried the kefir, I keep coming back to order the Innergy Biotic, I like it that much.

  • Sharon L Mooney

    wow. I would love to begin this food plan but it sounds absolutely overwhelming if I can't even purchase the basic ingredients. HELP

  • HeatherinLA

    it has to be raw coconut water or it won't ferment (same with nuts - they won't sprout unless truly raw). You can buy frozen organic coconut water made by Exotic Superfoods. (I think it's Body Ecology's company?). You can get it at most health food stores in the frozen case and at Whole Foods. It is bottled in Thailand and shipped frozen. I don't think you'll find an organic young coconut shipped from Thailand as they would spoil before getting here. I have heard that the formaldehyde is only on the outside and the hard shell of the coconut protects it, but... as far as I know Exotic Superfoods is the only raw organic coconut water you will find. It's about $11 a quart. If you get a dozen you can get the case discount of 10%. You might be able to find organic coconuts from Mexico and I -think- there is a place in Florida that will ship you a case. Personally I'd just as soon use the frozen as then I know it won't spoil before I ferment it. I have put countless spoiled hai coconuts in my composter...

  • Joan

    Hi April,

    I heard the same about fermaldahide and have stopped making coconut kefir because of that.
    I also heard that coconuts are only good for a short period of time. Living in Canada would make it almost impossible to get young coconuts that have not been soaked in fermaldahide. Does anyone have any suggestions for making coconut kefir without the risk of consuming fermaldahide? Thanks,Joan

  • Frank

    A comment for those asking.
    Young coconut water is normally sweet and gets more sour as the coconut matures although there are exceptions like Thai Dwarf Sweet that taste sweet at any age.
    I have about 200 coconut trees but I am no expert at using them so I can't answer most of the above questions.

  • Sue

    I have the same problem. I tried several different varieties of coconut water and this one worked the best. Purity 100% Coconut Water certified USDA organic. Takes 3 cartoons to make a half gallon. They run about 3.00 each. Best news yet...I buy them at Safeway. You can request them if they are not in store.
    Also you can ask in produce if they can order a case (9) of the young green coconuts for you.
    Good luck and happy drinking!

  • Kim

    I have used 3 young coconuts in the past and that has been enough. I recently tried buying coconut water (the best, most natural I could find at Whole Foods) and tried to make coconut kefir that way and it did not work...if anyone knows of any particular brands that HAVE worked, I'd love to know.

  • Lu

    You can goo Whole Foods and get Dairy-Free Probiotik Kefir from coconat water.

  • Miryam

    Is your Kefir Starter certified kosher?

  • Kari

    you can use the store bought coconut water and follow the same instructions.

  • Polly

    There isn't a" young coconut" within 300 or miles of where i live
    Can one use the coconut water that sold in a grocery store to make the kefir????????????????

  • dodie

    Can you tell me the closest outlet to purchase this product where I live in Central Saskatchewan, Canada.

    I understand you don't deliver to Canada, is that right?


  • Cheryl

    Flora, you mentioned Coconut syrup - would you mind telling us how you make this?

  • Rhiannon

    For those who are waiting for an answer to your question(s), It has been my experience that Body Ecology never answers individual questions, either those posted these informational pages or those for product ingredient clarification requests via e-mail. Answering questions is time-consuming, they don't have the staff to do so.

  • AnneMarie

    I love the simplicity of your directions! Thank you. I'll be book marking your site and returning once I have all the ingredients. I read on another site that Body Ecology Diet is a good brand for kefir grains. Good to have confirmation from you. :)

  • Am

    Wouldn't you be able to use regular coconuts, instead of young coconuts?

  • Flora

    I live on Maui. I drink the water from one fresh GREEN coconut everyday. It is wonderful!! I like it best cold, so I keep the water in the frig. The sugars come up in the frig and it actually tastes like a light fresh juice. Coconut is the most healthy thing around, it is covered with 2 big layers of outer shell like stuff. It is not brown. It is light green or light tan on the outside. If the ants are after your coconut it probably is leaking and not good. I use it in everything, muffins, pancakes, any thing baked that calls for a liquid. Coconut makes great syrup. Banana Pancakes with coconut syrup. It's heaven!!!!! Dont get all jacked up just play with the coconuts and see what comes up. It's food. If it does'nt turn out like you want do it again with another coconut. I'm currently working on coconut milk ice cream and candy (like fudge). It fun, have fun don't get to serious. See how your body likes it. It's always delicious!!

    Oh anyone know how to finish the cheese???? do you strain it and it's like soft goat cheese? I'm game to try it.

  • Jeri Smith

    Do u strain coconut kefir like regular dairy kefir

  • on coconut kefir Li

    What are the answers the above people asked, I have similar questions in making the coconut kefir?

    I also have another question about the coconut water turn to milking white But I also have a bit of floaters, are they normal. Taste so far so good, does have a bit of tart and tangy with a little bit of original sweetness. Looking foward to hearing form you soon

  • Susan

    Here you say the coconut kefir will last 3 weeks in the refrigerator, and in your kefir culture starter kit, it says it will last 1 week in refrigerator. Which of these is correct??? Please answer our questions. Thank you for your time!! :) Be blessed!

  • lisa

    Just wondering how many coconuts will make how much kefir?

  • Harriet

    I also heard that young coconuts are preserved in formaldehyde and stopped using them as a result. I'd appreciate any information on this. I believe organic young coconuts are very difficult to get. Thanks.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for the great info!

  • John Beck

    Is it ok to shake the coco water one day after fermentation to keep the bacteria dispursed?

  • Tracy McCallum

    Yes it is concerning. Steffy Sue talks about how she avoids contamination in the following youtube video. It's also an easier way to open a coconut and get the meat out - info plus demo:

  • april

    I heard from a student of Cousens that you were'nt supposed to use young coconuts because they mold easily therefore they are preserved in fermaldahide. Any thoughs...? Thanks, April

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