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Ocean Plant Extract

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Concentrated Ocean Plant Extract

  • High in minerals, essential sugars, and alginates
  • A raw, concentrated, exceptionally pure food supplement
  • 40 pounds of seaweed is used to make only one pound of extract
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  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

OceanPlant Extract™ is a raw, concentrated, exceptionally pure food supplement from the hardy, wild ocean vegetable called Laminaria.* Wild-grown and harvested in Patagonia, the heavy outer fibers of the Laminaria are removed with low-temperature processing. Only the valuable nutrients remain in a potent, fully digestible form. 40 pounds of seaweed is used to make only one pound of this extract.

Ocean Plant Extract contains:

  • Alginates
  • Minerals: Iodine for thyroid support in a bio-available ionic form along with iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium*
  • Essential Sugars: Fucose, mannose & glucuronic acid— naturally occurring in ocean plants—enhance cellular communication & immune function*
  • Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, E
  • Antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents*
  • Amino Acids

90 vegetarian capsules. Serving Size: 3 capsules (1500mg). Servings per container: 30

  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
Ocean Plant Extract Nutritional Information

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5.0 excellent by Maureen L.
I've been taking this product for over a year. I find that during the periods of time I don't take it, I can tell a difference in my overall wellbeing. I'm a big fan of ocean plants, laminaria in particular, and am happy I can trust BE to produce a pure form of laminaria. (Posted on 6/2/2017)
3.0 balance by lorraine
I'm feeling more balanced somehow after regular use of this product (Posted on 5/15/2017)
3.0 balance by lorraine
I'm feeling more balanced somehow after regular use of this product (Posted on 5/15/2017)
5.0 Helps me with focus by Erica
I started taking this product and a Bladderwrack powder and have seen significant improvement in focus and the side benefit of weight loss. I have Hashimoto's, so this is good news for me! (Posted on 2/22/2017)
5.0 Love this Product! by Susan
I have more energy and notice my sleep is much better! I highly recommend this product! (Posted on 2/7/2017)
5.0 weight reduction by Erica
I've seen my weight decrease since taking them for over 3months first thing in the morning with an Assist Full Spectrum Enzyme and the Probiotics. (Posted on 1/24/2017)
5.0 Great product!! by Melanie
I have suspected a thyroid issue or at least an iodine deficiency. This product has been a great addition. I feel great!!! (Posted on 1/16/2017)
5.0 Very Energizing! by Patricia
I take 3 caps in the morning and I am super energized. I think my Thyroid needed this because many of my symptoms have disappeared.
I love this product and plan on continuing to use it. (Posted on 1/11/2017)
5.0 thumbs up by Jilinda
I love taking this every morning; it helps to energize my body (Posted on 1/9/2017)
5.0 I'm really enjoying the ocean plant extract by Colleen
I can feel a difference after a week of taking Ocean Plant Extract (Posted on 12/26/2016)
5.0 Revived! by Megan
Recently I got braces and eating is not only challenging, but painful. With my already challenged body and food issues, this has been a very trying experience and as a result I have gained 35 pounds and feel sluggish with joint pain and am essentially starving from lack of nutrition. I found this product and within hours of taking it I had more energy, within a week my skin looked considerably better. I am so thankful for this product! I know that i have a long way to go to return to optimal heath, and with the challenge of not being able to chew it’s not going to be an easy year with the all the orthodontia. But my optimism has been restored. Thank you so much for making this product! I plan to continue using it after the braces come off! (Posted on 12/26/2016)
5.0 Fantastic Micronutrients by cynthia
I really notice a difference right away with these. My skin texture is more supple and pliable. It gives a subtle immune boost and adds to other micro nutrients, especially minerals. I use these daily and I really like how I feel. (Posted on 12/14/2016)
5.0 The best! wish I tried this sooner by JENNIFER
I love this product it gives me great energy to start my day. I have only taken 1-2 capsules early in the day, and feel that amount is good for me, no more feeling sleepy mid- day. I will be ordering more in the future. Highly recommend this product, (Posted on 11/17/2016)
5.0 If I don't have it I want it by Elizabeth
This product seems to supply a sense of well being. I don't usually feel much from supplements but this one is the basis of my morning. I like to think it is clearing my body of heavy metals and feeding the cells what they want. (Posted on 11/7/2016)
5.0 Wonderful by Jilinda
I have been taking the Ocean Plant Extract for 3 months now and feel much more energetic each day...

(Posted on 9/21/2016)
5.0 Excellent supplemant by Loretta
Love this supplement! I feel great and energized. I have even lost some weight. I take this with Ancient minerals... both work great.
I started taking two capsules instead of 3 a day.. works just as good. Wouldn't miss a day taking it! (Posted on 9/19/2016)
5.0 Well-researched and sourced ingredients by Anne
So glad to find these close to source yet assimilable ingredients! Love the manganese and other hard to absorb minerals, as well as the Iodine, special sugars and alginates which are hard to find in a supplement. (Posted on 8/22/2016)
5.0 Great Way to Counter Food Allergies by Patricia
I've noticed less sensitivity to foods since taking this product, and my metabolism seems to be more efficient. Thanks! (Posted on 8/11/2016)
5.0 Good for thyroid by Naomi
I have been told this is super good for my thyroid with hashimoto's (Posted on 8/11/2016)
5.0 Excellent product by Naomi
Feel great when taking!:) (Posted on 8/4/2016)
5.0 Products Changed my Health! by Diane L
I have been on the Body Ecology life style for 10 days and I feel lighter, healthier and more energetic... I will stay on these products until my bio-system is all balanced.

Happy in Tacoma, Wa (Posted on 7/30/2016)
5.0 Effective! by Kathy
I will continue to order this along with the ancient earth minerals as together they greatly reduced painful periods. It's also helping my thyroid. (Posted on 7/16/2016)
5.0 Great for low thyroid by Annie
Is the only natural product that has helped with a low thyroid imbalance. Gratefully have more energy. (Posted on 6/28/2016)
4.0 Good by Veronica
Too early to really see results - I only finished one bottle taking 4 per day (which is less than a month).. but seemed to have more energy? Will continue taking, although cost is a little high.. after all, one bottle does not even last a month. (Posted on 6/16/2016)
5.0 Noticeable difference by Jill
I almost immediately noticed change in nails and hair and energy! (Posted on 5/4/2016)
5.0 Ocean Plant Extract by Melissa
I loved this product and believe that it is a good way to increase ocean plants in my diet as well as keep my ph levels up! (Posted on 3/30/2016)
5.0 Essential Supplement by Carolyn
Many of us are deficient in iodine and this product provides it, as well as many other vital vitamins and minerals. Highly recommend. (Posted on 3/20/2016)
5.0 Awesome by LB
Love this stuff! (Posted on 3/17/2016)
5.0 Excellent by Marcia
Because of a thyroid condition I have been taking Ocean Plant Extract every day and it's made a difference. I highly recommend this. It's a great product to add additional Ocean Plant Nutrients to your diet. (Posted on 3/3/2016)
5.0 wonderful by Patty
wonderful product. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
5.0 So happy with results! by Jolene
I have committed to taking 3 or 4 of these every morning and have been doing so for several months. Within a few days I had new hair growth on my hairline. This has continued. I have not been as cold this winter as in the past and actually was able to stop taking a glandular containing thyroid which had been essential for me for many years. I prefer to take a plant supplement for thyroid health than an animal glandular, and the glandular never helped my hair growth. I also supplement with iodine complex 6.25 mg every day. I think it was important for me to increase my dosage gradually over time to the present 3 or 4 caps. Hope this helps someone. (Posted on 2/25/2016)
3.0 Half digested by elle
I wanted to give more stars, however I noticed these were coming out half digested in my stools (sorry TMI). I also took them with a full glass of water and digestive enzymes. (Posted on 2/4/2016)
5.0 Cleans up by Sunny
I enjoy taking Ocean Plant Extract because it does double duty: it cleans up what doesn't belong in my body + it mineralizes my cells. (Posted on 2/1/2016)
4.0 I like it! by Che
I recently overhauled my supplement regimen wanting to switch from pills to whole foods. Having complete trust in Donna and the work she does, I ordered the Ocean Plant Extract hoping to harvest a great deal of nutrition from it. I have not been using it very long but it feels good to be taking it. Somehow it intuitively feels like the right choice for me. (Posted on 1/31/2016)
5.0 excellent by Patty
Excellent product. (Posted on 1/27/2016)
4.0 Enjoying this product so far! by Scarbrough
I believe this product will help me with my thyroid issues. However, I have only been using this produce for a little over 2 weeks. I do feel like I'm not as tired. I hope to start seeing more of the benefits. (Posted on 1/21/2016)
5.0 minerals by Co
I love knowing that I am supplying my body with minerals in today's world where the soil is so depleted of them. (Posted on 1/18/2016)
5.0 Excellent by Patty
Wonderful product!! (Posted on 1/10/2016)
5.0 Love it by dj
Very satisfying, no chalky taste, and very fulfilling. (Posted on 12/18/2015)
5.0 Great product by Jamie
Feel so much better when taking this supplement (Posted on 12/13/2015)
5.0 Great Product by Sarah
I have been taking OceanPlant Extract for 4 1/2 years now. My thyroid health has improved greatly! (Posted on 11/24/2015)
5.0 great product by ms
Pure ingredients you can trust. Great product! (Posted on 11/6/2015)
5.0 Great product by MS
Love this product. Trust the quality and purity completely. (Posted on 11/6/2015)
5.0 Happy that I tried it by jmp
The BE diet has helped me get rid of candida overgrowth and lose over 40 pounds, but I was having some problems with energy lows. I truly do feel better and have more energy since I started taking Ocean Plant regularly (also the liquid Ancient Minerals). (Posted on 10/22/2015)
5.0 Reordering! by Sunny
I take Ocean Plant Extract every morning. It helps be experience a clean, light start into the day. Regular detox is a must in our modern world. Thanks BE! (Posted on 10/22/2015)
5.0 Great supplement by Emily
I take this every morning and love it. Highly recommended! (Posted on 10/13/2015)
5.0 <3 by J
Helping my thyroid health so much! Thank you! (Posted on 10/12/2015)
5.0 Ocean in a Bottle by Sunny
I feel very good about taking OceanPlant Extract to support my overall health and wellbeing. Convenient delivery system + quality I trust. (Posted on 9/30/2015)
5.0 Great products by Elsa
Your products are worth using !
Keep it up (Posted on 9/29/2015)
5.0 Excellent by Elizabeth
This is a wonderful product. I feel better already. I did ramp up to the suggested dosage so had no problems assimilating as I had read in other reviews. (Posted on 9/22/2015)
4.0 Love by jtm
one of my new favorite supplements. I have been using the other BE product for years and decided to add this to my diet. Love it but pricey. (Posted on 9/10/2015)
5.0 works well by Annika
I've been looking for a natural way to detox heavy metals and settled on this product. In using the BE principles and products I have improved in my health more in the last 6 months than at any other time. (Posted on 8/22/2015)
5.0 Great product! by Susan
I had more energy and I will order again! (Posted on 8/5/2015)
5.0 Great product! by Susan
I love the fact that this is ocean plant loaded with minerals! I will order again! (Posted on 8/5/2015)
1.0 gave me a headache by lin
every time I take this I get a frontal headache .... not good for me. (Posted on 8/2/2015)
5.0 Fantastic for thyroid by Marty
Over the winter, I really let my diet slip. When I had my blood analyzed, my minerals were quite low. I starting taking Ocean Plant Extract & also Ancient Earth Minerals and voila! Mineral levels are great :-) (Posted on 7/23/2015)
5.0 Excellent by Lehla
This product is wonderful for adrenals and thyroid and I definitely feel the difference when I don't take it as I feel more sluggish and tired. As a new mom with baby I need all the help I can get and I found this supplement very helpful and gives me energy and feeling better especially on days after being up most of the night! (Posted on 7/6/2015)
5.0 Awesome stuff for my thyroid!! by Liana
I love Ocean Plant Extract. I take it several times daily to help support my thyroid and adrenals. I've notice steady energy throughout the day. (Posted on 7/4/2015)
5.0 Amazing Product by SarahD
I have been using this product for years and it has made a huge difference in my thyroid health. Would recommend this to anyone looking to get a healthy thyroid boost. (Posted on 7/2/2015)
5.0 I like this product by Dabby
I feel good about talking this product to nourish my thyroid (Posted on 7/1/2015)
5.0 Good Source of Iodine by cr
Feel like I'm getting a healthy source of iodine. This also helps with energy. I started out taking 3-4 capsules daily but now take just 1-2. (Posted on 6/29/2015)
5.0 A great way to get sea minerals by marita
Sea minerals are so important for health, and what better way to get them in a concentrated format than Ocean Plant Extract. Easy peasy! (Posted on 6/18/2015)
5.0 Awesome works great by kim
Awesome product (Posted on 6/18/2015)
5.0 Awesome works great by kim
Awesome product (Posted on 6/18/2015)
5.0 Awesome works great by kim
Awesome product (Posted on 6/18/2015)
5.0 Great product by Tali
I'm taking this along the earth minerals, I don't know which one is best because I take them together but I feel awesome and full of energy. Big difference when I forget to take them every morning. Until I regulate my system I will be enjoying these. (Posted on 5/29/2015)
5.0 A real energy booster! by Lisa C
This is truly a fantastic product. It is true, it will give you energy. I have never felt better since starting this product. (Posted on 5/29/2015)
5.0 Best thing to take every morning by Dr. Kyle
I've enjoyed this and the other Body Ecology supplements a ton. (Posted on 5/26/2015)
4.0 Ocean minerals rock! by Jobird
Take these twice daily (Posted on 5/23/2015)
5.0 Just what we needed by MSS
Very good at assisting with thyroid problems! (Posted on 5/22/2015)
5.0 A lifesaver! by Marti
My husband has thyroid problems but doesn't use drugs. Other natural products were helping and this product helped him turn the corner. Only con is how expensive they are. (Posted on 5/22/2015)
4.0 helpful with hair maintenance by rainey
i believe this products enhances my hair growth (Posted on 5/18/2015)
4.0 i really like this product by Pat
I am taking it for my thyroid and has helped maintain a normal value (Posted on 5/14/2015)
2.0 Where are the amounts? by howdy-doody
Since I'm taking other supplements, I would want to know the exact amounts of each supplement before purchasing. I don't see that online, and the generic listing is not sufficient. (Posted on 5/9/2015)
5.0 Wonderful product! by Marty
I could not make it through winter without these minerals added to my diet. How do I know it works? My naturopathic doctor analyzes my blood under a microscope and it indicates the mineral levels in my body. (Posted on 5/3/2015)
5.0 Great way to get minerals and the benefits of sea plant nutrition! by marita
So easy and convenient, and concentrated to boot! (Posted on 4/30/2015)
5.0 Happy by EMMI
Overall difference in energy for the better. Need less sleep and my skin/hair lol younger (Posted on 4/16/2015)
5.0 Great! by SLT
Great product. Have been using for 4 years now. My thyroid is in much better health because of it. (Posted on 1/5/2015)
5.0 Amazing by AY
Amazing! Didn't notice a huge difference at first, but after the initial detox symptoms and a couple weeks of 4 pills per morning, have noticed huge change in energy levels. No more fatigue! (Posted on 1/2/2015)
5.0 Increased Energy by Carole
I've been taking 2 capsules in the morning and have noticed that I have more energy. (Posted on 1/1/2015)
5.0 fantastic by jc
I began taking this during my pregnancy and felt so much better that I am now giving it to my children too, along with Ancient Minerals. The combo of the two is giving us all more energy and physical signs of stronger nails, healthier teeth, and my son with a teeth-grinding problem seems to have stopped since I began giving these. (Posted on 12/30/2014)
5.0 A great way to keep your mineral level up! by marita
Hard to get minerals are easy-peasy with Ocean Plant Extract! I feel more confident that I am getting the minerals I need for the day when I take these in the morning. (Posted on 12/30/2014)
4.0 Great Detox by Mary
After some initial cleansing symptoms (headache, tonsil stones, fatigue) I started feeling amazing! This product really makes me feel like Im purging my body of many nasty toxins that are everywhere in modern society (Posted on 12/28/2014)
4.0 Felt detox effects by Befreed
After using the Ancient Minerals for a few years, I decided to purchase these Ocean minerals due to my hypothyroidism. I figured the iodine would boost the thyroid function. The first couple of weeks, I went through a detox of sorts (iodine displaces heavy metals) and finally could tolerate the full dose. This formula works! (Posted on 12/1/2014)
4.0 Ocean extract by Pat
Yes the ocean extract is very good, helping my thyroid health (Posted on 11/23/2014)
5.0 Excellent! by Susan
The ocean plant extract is an excellent products. I have a sluggish thyroid and I have noticed greater energy since using. I highly recommend it! (Posted on 11/21/2014)
4.0 Recommended by Sherri
I have experienced an increase in energy since taking this product. (Posted on 11/10/2014)
5.0 great! by Christina
This is a great product especially for a pregnant woman :) (Posted on 11/7/2014)
5.0 doing amazing things by Sarah
This has done amazing things for my thyroid! (Posted on 11/6/2014)
5.0 Hair and energy by Jolene
When I was taking these regularly I noticed my hair getting stronger and shinier. I think I also felt an increased energy. On those days I would skip taking selenium or only take half the capsule. Unfortunately, I can only take Ocean Plant Extract if I wake up very early because I take a necessary pill first thing in the morning with water and then can't eat for 45 minutes to an hour. So to then take the Laminaria delays breakfast significantly. And there are other supplements I want to take a half-hour or an hour before breakfast too. I do hope that my schedule will allow me to take these again in the future. (Posted on 11/3/2014)
5.0 Excellent Product by Dressagenut
I noticed a definite difference both before and after taking this product. While on it, I felt better, had more energy and was better able to manage my diet. Without it, I felt a drop off in energy and my diet definitely suffered as well. (Posted on 11/1/2014)
5.0 Assists with Removal of Toxins by Beth
I began taking this product for my under-functioning thyroid due to its high iodine content. I know it must be working because of the detox symptoms. I backed off to a 2x day dose and symptoms eased up. So happy to know this is working for me as a detoxifier as well as a mineral booster. I am 62 yrs old and know that detox is essential for health. (Posted on 11/1/2014)
5.0 Ocean Nutrition by Carole
I've been taking the Ocean Plant Extract for many months now and don't want to be without it. Nothing is more important than getting the right minerals into the body for better health. This product keeps me feeling good and staying healthy. (Posted on 10/9/2014)
5.0 Easy way to get benefits of sea veggies into diet by Kate
I love this product. It's an easy way to get all the benefits of sea vegetables into my diet without all the junk that is often in ready to eat seaweed. Thank you! (Posted on 9/28/2014)
5.0 Love this product! by Lynn W.
Started taking this product about 2 months ago after reading a review about how it helped with thyroid issues. Well I must agree that it definitely makes a difference. My hot flashes have gone from 4 to 5 a day, to somedays none at all. I am so glad I tried this, and I will continue to use it. (Posted on 9/17/2014)
5.0 Greate by Lupe
Energy (Posted on 9/10/2014)
4.0 So far it seems to be a helpful part! by Andi
I have been taking one of these with a tall glass of water immediately upon waking each morning, in addition to other supplements as a part of my work to recover from chronic/adrenal fatigue, and improve digestion and absorption. Due to the detox nature of these, and my slower digestion, I am starting small and gently, and planning to gradually up the dosage to the recommended amount of 4-6 daily. Just today I took two, instead of one. I am guessing that I would see more obvious results at the higher dosage amount, but so far, combined with diet and my other supplements, it already seems to be a helpful contribution in improving my energy levels. I would recommend it! (Posted on 9/7/2014)
5.0 great product by tlogan
This is a very concentrated source of vitamin and mineral rich seaweed. I find I have more energy when i take this daily. Great product! (Posted on 9/7/2014)
4.0 Helpful for Chronic Fatigue Recovery along with diet and other supplements by Andi
I have been taking one of these with a tall glass or two of water upon waking each morning, for the past few weeks. Due to the cleansing nature of the ingredients and my generally slower digestion/problems, I am starting small and planning to gradually increase dosage to the recommended 4-6 capsules. This is a part of my plan to improve/recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Along with my other supplements and dietary changes I am definitely seeing gradual improvement in my digestion and energy levels. (Posted on 9/6/2014)
5.0 Great by Jamie
Great product, makes me feel really good! (Posted on 8/31/2014)
5.0 Happy by Jen
I used to take all kinds of supplements now I take sea minerals in the morning and mix Earth minerals in my water in the evening and I feel better than I ever have. (Posted on 8/31/2014)
5.0 Mebane by Nicole
SO THANKFUL for this product. Now that my kids can swallow pills in applesauce, I'm not only able to help heal my adrenals and other issues, but also find resolution to many issues my kids have been facing using this tool. It is an essential in our house. (Posted on 8/17/2014)
5.0 a must for the human body by elsa
Hi ,
We are taking this product as a family,it is an excellent mineral for good health and good skin.
Thank you
Elsa (Posted on 8/16/2014)
4.0 ok I guess by matt
I didn't notice much of a difference (Posted on 8/13/2014)
5.0 helps thyroid by Nancy
Since I started taking Ocean plant Extract, my thyroid numbers have improved on the test. This is a wonderful accomplishment! (Posted on 8/12/2014)
5.0 Ocean Plant Extract by Dressagenut
I opted to try this product to see if it would help me lower my blood glucose level and also help me feel better overall. I am thrilled to say that my initial testing shows that my blood glucose has dropped 9 points after starting this supplement (along with other dietary changes) and yes, I do feel better overall! I love it! (Posted on 8/11/2014)
5.0 feel stronger taking them by nancy
Ocean Plant Extract feels like it is making me stronger and improving my thyroid functions (Posted on 8/9/2014)
5.0 SUMMERVILLE by Sally
Since I don't eat sea vegetables , just wild salmon and also organic tuna in a can, this is a wonderful way to support my body in an easy form... capsules. I eat grassfed, organic beef and chicken and eggs, and lots of green veggies, berries, etc., but this is one food group I don't eat. It is an amazing product. Thanks so much for the opportunity to use it. (Posted on 8/5/2014)
5.0 Great Product! by adnerbmik12
Love this Product, I have Hypo thyroidism and since taking ocean plant extract my levels have been great. I will continue to take this product! (Posted on 7/23/2014)
5.0 irving by elsa
Hi Donna gates,
I started taking this supplement for the past few weeks.This is an excellent addition to my regular supplements .I can literally see the change in my skin after taking the ocean plant extract. The dryness in my legs had reduced a lot.
Thank you for creating this supplement.
Elsa (Posted on 7/16/2014)
5.0 Best way to get your seaweed! by Ocean Planet Extract Extract
Ocean Plant Extract is a great way to get your seaweed if you don't care for the fishy taste. Plenty of energy and no repeating. We love this product! (Posted on 7/12/2014)
4.0 Great by FanofBED
I noticed the difference in my well being when I started taking this product. (Posted on 7/2/2014)
4.0 Great product by Isa
Great product! (Posted on 6/21/2014)
5.0 Noticing more energy in the evening and have had some weight loss. Not having the puffiness/bloating as before taking by Char
I would recommend for anyone dealing with autoimmune issues and fatigue. Have noticed more energy left at the end of the day. I have something left to make dinner for my family in the evening and if I am doing really well that day, I will run the dishwasher!
I work fulltime in the operating room, so fatigue at the end of the day is huge. I am implementing so many BED philosophies into my lifestyle, and my family and co workers have noticed the improvement. (Posted on 6/7/2014)
4.0 Good product by Karen
Adds extra goodness to smoothies. (Posted on 6/2/2014)
5.0 best way to get sea veges by Mary
I know there are important nutrients in sea food. Since I don't consume seaweed or sea fish (tastes bad to me) this is a concentrated easy delivery system. (Posted on 6/1/2014)
5.0 Energy for the day! by Ocean Plants
I love the Ocean Plant Extract! Its an easy way to take the seaweed w/o the smell or fishy taste. I have sustained energy all day! (Posted on 5/17/2014)
5.0 Two capsules every morning give me the energy and clarity I need to keep going throughout the day. by Kasey
I take two capsules every morning to keep me clear headed and my skin glowing. It makes me love the way I look and feel! (Posted on 5/13/2014)
5.0 I can't have enough of it by dadi
Use it in the green smoothies, you'll love it. (Posted on 5/13/2014)
5.0 Great product! by BED fan
I noticed feeling better after I was taking the product. I like knowing that this product is helping toxins leave my body. (Posted on 5/12/2014)
5.0 excellent by BED fan
After taking this product, I felt well and it also helped me having more energy through the day. I like the fact that it helps clean my body from the inside out. (Posted on 5/9/2014)
5.0 Love this combo of ocean vege by MJ
I take this first thing every morning. I feel it gives me a little extra boost of incredible nutrients that are ocean rich (Posted on 4/18/2014)
5.0 Love this product daily! A little trip to the sea in a small dose of goodness! by MJ
Fantastic!!! (Posted on 4/9/2014)
5.0 Looking forward to it! by Liz
Excited about trying this product! (Posted on 3/3/2014)
5.0 Used as Meal Supplement by Tara
I use this as food/medicine for my thyroid and other organs. It helps with my autism effects. Boost of support. Gives me high amount of nutrition. It helps with stress and gives me energy. I can really feel the difference when I take it. (Posted on 2/28/2014)
4.0 great, easy way to get sea veggies by Kate
I need more natural iodine in my diet to help my thyroid and thinning hair. I have a hard time eating sea veggies, so this product is perfect for me. The best way I've found to get daily sea veggies! (Posted on 2/17/2014)
5.0 Very good by Bob
I have it every day. Hope that it helps me detox. (Posted on 2/6/2014)
5.0 Love this supplement by anneli
I love this supplement. It makes me feel really good. (Posted on 1/24/2014)
5.0 energy by Mary Mary
Have been taking for 3 months and have noticed more energy and have some hair regrowth with my thinning hair. (Posted on 1/23/2014)
5.0 great energy by Maris
I can get sluggish with the cold weather & lack of sunshine here in the Michigan winter....but this year i'm not noticing this tendency. The only thing i added different is the Ocean Plant Extract (Posted on 1/20/2014)
5.0 Great energy! by Ocean Plants
I love this product! I have good energy all day. Best way to eat your ocean vegetables w/o the nasty taste. I recommend this product to everyone! (Posted on 1/15/2014)
5.0 Great for sluggish Thyroid by Laura in NY
Have a sluggish Thyroid and when I take this I can really feel it working. I have more energy. (Posted on 1/1/2014)
5.0 putting the hex on the flu by Maris
Others around me @ work are suffering from the flu. I have great energy despite 12 plus hours on a busy shift in the operating room. I'm already a fan of the Digestive Care packets & recently added the Ocean Plant Extract. I include Body Ecology kefir & cultured veges in my daily diet. With the stress of holiday eating & drinking I usually get sick, but not this year. (Posted on 12/20/2013)
5.0 Great product by IDiorYou
The only thing that makes this product, slightly less than perfect is the fact that It is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. But if you look at the Heath benefits it definitely outweighs the slightly inconvenient way to take these. (Posted on 12/9/2013)
5.0 Great product! by dadi
I use it in smoothies. We love it! (Posted on 12/7/2013)
5.0 Love this product! by Ocean Planet Extract
I love this product! These supplements are a great way to get the benefits of the sea veggies without having to eat them. They don't repeat on me and I get plenty of energy. I always order two so I don't run out of them! Highly recommend this product to supplement the ocean vegetables in a pill form. (Posted on 11/25/2013)
5.0 Excellent by MJ
Like this product. I feel really good when I take it. Just the extra nutrients I need (Posted on 9/18/2013)
5.0 excellent by medicine woman
I have hypothyroid disease and I believe this
product has helped me. (Posted on 8/31/2013)
5.0 Awesome product by Adner
This product works great, it's definitely helped my thyroid levels are now in the normal range after struggling for months trying to get my hypo thyroid in control! (Posted on 8/26/2013)
5.0 Plan Extract by Lira
Just finishing the first bottle, I think it works great for my thyroid. Thank you! (Posted on 8/8/2013)
4.0 good by aamiami
good product. i feel the difference when i use this. i recommend it. (Posted on 7/11/2013)
5.0 Great! by SLT
These are amazing! I've been taking them for a few years now and have never been healthier! (Posted on 7/3/2013)
5.0 Ocean Plant Extreact by josie
I absolutley love, love this product. it has helped me keep my energy and also my blood work has stayed normal while taking this.
(Posted on 6/30/2013)
4.0 I like the product by labdip
I like the product just fine, but had some mix ups with the billing. It took 2 attempts to correct the overbilled amount. (Posted on 6/26/2013)
I love this product. It gives me so much energy!! (Posted on 6/22/2013)
5.0 great product by slocum
So glad to get iodine this way, so healthful! (Posted on 6/3/2013)
5.0 great! by huntgirl
great product! (Posted on 5/31/2013)
5.0 Good stuff by Marcia
What an easy way to take in important sea minerals. I don't start my day without it. (Posted on 5/23/2013)
4.0 Pretty good by FreddieRN
This product seems to be working. I feel alive and healthy. My skin looks great! I'm not sure if I can contribute it all to this product alone because I have been following the BED. (Posted on 5/1/2013)
5.0 Good Product by Mayra
Excellent product. I strongly recommend it (Posted on 4/30/2013)
5.0 excellent by medicine woman
I have Hasimotos throiditis and I have been taking Ocean Plant Extract for 2 years and believe that it has helped me greatly. (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Ocean Greens by Josie
I have found the answer I needed to my thyroid problem. (Posted on 4/22/2013)
5.0 Ocean Plant Extract by Blessed
The product is amazing. It increased my energy level, and help me to maintain a healthy pregnancy. (Posted on 4/12/2013)
5.0 Good product by Cara
Awesome product. I will order again. (Posted on 3/19/2013)
5.0 Great Product by limochick
Helped get rid of my dark circles under my eyes. (Posted on 3/17/2013)
4.0 Very Good by norma
Ocean plant gives me access to all the latest healthiest sea vitamins and minerals. I feel like it rounds out my my access to nutiotional and immune products. I feel it is immensely hel;pful to rounding out products to help my immune system. (Posted on 3/14/2013)
5.0 Great Product by Sharon
My doctor thinks this is a good product for me.

Thanks. (Posted on 3/8/2013)
4.0 effective by rainey
when not able to eat the amount of seaweed in other forms, this product is a great substitute
(Posted on 3/5/2013)
5.0 super mineralization! by Ismat
i really like seaweed in general, and this product takes seaweed nutrition to the next level,, amazing concentrate of a very mineral dense food! (Posted on 3/2/2013)
5.0 Outstanding product by Sally
Ocean Plant extract is very important to my health, as I am 70 years old, and need top notch "nutrition" to stay healthy and active. I have fibromyalgia and feel the ingredients in OceanPlant Extract make a positive difference in how I feel. Thanks so much for making it available. (Posted on 2/18/2013)
5.0 wonderful product by Marty
The last time my naturopathic dr. analyzed my blood, my minerals were very good. I know I have this supplement plus the earth minerals to thank for that. It's very difficult to get them from our food supply any more. (Posted on 2/12/2013)
3.0 OK by Cip
It did no visible good to me. Maybe they have the goodies from the sea veggies, but I did not experience any positive effect (visible that is). (Posted on 2/11/2013)
3.0 Stomach upset, belching by Erica
I took this for a long time with the green caps and ancient minerals. I stopped taking it because I was getting horrible stomach upset and the resulting belching was the "flavor" of the capsules. It was very uncomfortable. I want to add this back into my diet, but I'm concerned about my body rejecting it. (Posted on 2/8/2013)
5.0 Great Product by Laura
This was recommended to me by my Acupuncturist and I have been taking it for about a year. I have a low functioning thyroid and a my immune system needs support. This product has really helped with both situations. (Posted on 1/7/2013)
5.0 Has Greatly Helped! by AFP
Since I began using this product my thyroid numbers have slowly but surely gotten better...amazing. (Posted on 1/6/2013)
4.0 Start the day with Ocean Plant Extract by Cathy
I like to start the day with this product. This is a great way to get the vital ocean vegetables without the hassle of eating seaweed, or while one is attempting to add seaweed to the diet. (Posted on 12/7/2012)
5.0 Great by limochick
Has helped the dark circles under my eyes (Posted on 11/25/2012)
5.0 Ocean Plant Extract by Josie
I absolutely love, love this product. I have more energy and less inflammation. I was told I have hoshimoto and with that also inflammation around the body develops. I also see a difference in my positive skin and a sleep better. I recommend it to everyone ! (Posted on 10/29/2012)
5.0 helpful by Deborah
I dont like the taste of seaweed but wanted the benefits so these work out perfectly (Posted on 10/14/2012)
5.0 Amazing by Sarah
I've been taking this for a year and a half and have noticed such a difference in my health. This product is truely amazing!! (Posted on 10/3/2012)
5.0 Excellent Product by sharon
My Doctor agreed with me that this is an excellent supplement for me to use. (Posted on 9/28/2012)
This is the best, if u have any thyroid issues especially, just what the doc ordered! (Posted on 9/17/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Melissa
I love this product. I'm going to order more. (Posted on 9/10/2012)
5.0 minerals by Belle
The minerals are wonderful. Thank goodness for procducts like this! (Posted on 9/10/2012)
5.0 Fantastic! by Dinesh
I take it every day! (Posted on 8/27/2012)
I love the way my skin looks using these minerals. Clear skin, and nice color to my lips and skin! (Posted on 8/21/2012)
5.0 Great Product by JENA
This is a wonderful product. Helps digestion. (Posted on 8/16/2012)
5.0 wonderful by stace
For the past few months my mind has felt so fuzzy, {a symptom of candida}, and this product helped so much to clear that up. I was amazed at how quickly! (Posted on 8/7/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Mike
Really seems to bring some balance and much needed supplementation. (Posted on 7/19/2012)
5.0 Excellent product by Jodee
Using this product has given me many
health benefits...I don't plan to ever be without it again! (Posted on 7/17/2012)
4.0 taking while pregnant by msmeg
I bought this product because I am pregnant and it is recommended for pregnancy. I don't know if I can say that I notice any difference, because I have low energy and nausea from the pregnancy, but I am pretty sure it's doing me good and I plan to continue it throughout my pregnancy. (Posted on 7/6/2012)
5.0 wow by shannon
Love love love this! I have so much more energy. (Posted on 7/2/2012)
4.0 Especially Good taken in combination with earth minerals by Kathy
I have been taking the Ocean Plant Extract and Ancient Earth Minerals for a few months. I am pleased. My hair and nails seem less brittle. I am losing less hair. Muscle cramps at night have stopped. Seems like a very good combination.! (Posted on 5/7/2012)
5.0 Great source of energy! by Snooks
I take these every morning and they give me that extra boost I need to start my day. Thanks for a quality product! (Posted on 4/28/2012)
4.0 convenient and effective by rainey
knowing it is essential to regularly consume ocean plants, and often not being able to find time and place for this to happen; has been frustrating , until finding this quality product.
Delighted to say that I can digest this, although my digestion is challenging me...

(Posted on 4/22/2012)
4.0 Good product by Antonia
As I have only been taking this for a very short time, it is hard to gauge its longer term effects.
However I am happy to be taking a product that contributes so much to my nutrition, and helps to detox my body as well. Certainly there have been no ill effects from taking this product for the last week or so. (Posted on 4/18/2012)
5.0 Good Stuff by Deb
Excellent way to receive the many benefits of ocean vegetables. (Posted on 4/6/2012)
5.0 excellent by nanarn
I have Hasimotos Hypothroid and am on Synthroid. Using Ocean Plants supplement I have reduced dose of meds. I hope to go off meds completely (Posted on 3/6/2012)
4.0 Can't eat your ocean vegetables? Swallow them! by Gastro-girl
This is a good way to get the health benefits of ocean vegetables on a daily basis, if you are not able to eat them. (Posted on 3/3/2012)
4.0 Helpful by Gwynne
In combination with other products, this seems to be helpful in eliminating toxins. (Posted on 2/29/2012)
5.0 Minerals from the Ocean by ATV
I like these minerals very much. As a result,I am looking forward to trying the Ancient Earth Minerals. (Posted on 2/4/2012)
5.0 Ocean Plant Extract by Jeff
Ocean Plant Extract is an essentail part of my increased focus on anti-aging remedies for increased energy, vitality and disease prevention. Thank you Donna Gates for your pure dedication to my quality of life equation.
(Posted on 1/21/2012)
5.0 loving this product by rplucka
I ran out of this product for about a month or so and really noticed the difference. I will not do that again and am happy to get my minerals from such a trusted source. (Posted on 1/19/2012)
4.0 Good stuff by Mike
Excited at the potential! (Posted on 1/18/2012)
5.0 Love It!!! by Debra
I absolutely love this product, after many years of looking for ways to support my adrenals and thyroid, I believe I have finally found it!!! It has made a huge difference in my overall health and energy levels. Highly recommend!! (Posted on 1/17/2012)
1.0 Failed by Jack
It failed for me. (Posted on 1/7/2012)
5.0 Super concentrated for maximum benefit by Ocean Plants
Sea plants are true superfoods. In this preparation, they are super concentrated for maximum benefit. I have read that sea plants are also very high in protein, as well as providing minerals that are hard to get even from many organically grown vegetables, due to the depletion of our soil. With Ocean Plant Extract, I can have confidence that I am getting the plant minerals I need on a daily basis. I love it! (Posted on 12/27/2011)
5.0 Great product by Vic
I definitely have more energy on this product and no side effects. (Posted on 12/21/2011)
5.0 Good by Marshal
Using as a good supplement (Posted on 11/29/2011)
5.0 Great Product by Carrie
I'm in the process of detoxing heavy metals and this is a great product to help aid in the detox. I've had some issues with Chlorella only products being too hard on my system and I'm completely fine taking Ocean Plant Extract. (Posted on 11/19/2011)
5.0 excellent product by Sedona1225
Great for all my vit. and minerals (Posted on 11/9/2011)
5.0 Wonderful Product by Stom
Been taking this for 10 months now, can tell a huge difference. Its great! (Posted on 11/8/2011)
5.0 Hard to get minerals in convenient, concentrated form by marita
I love the idea of having a super-concentrated source of minerals in my diet. Minerals seem to be so hard to get from the foods that are grown nowadays due to soil depletion. I feel I can rely on Ocean Plant Extract to give me the sea minerals I need to maintain a good mineral level in my body, which is so crucial for optimum health. (Posted on 10/18/2011)
5.0 Great so far by Ike
I have try this for a week and has worked wonders with my energy levels. (Posted on 9/18/2011)
4.0 Good quality product by Rich
I been taking the product for about a year. I take it based on the adviice of Donna Gates whio I have grown to trust. I can't say how specifically this product has worked for me because I'm taking so many other things. But my overall health has been much better as far as immune responses. (Posted on 8/24/2011)
4.0 Ocean Plant Extract Purchased for improved Thyroid by Mickie
I have yet to finish my 2nd bottle and will have a repeat blood draw in 2 weeks. I am anxious to see if there is a difference. I'll repeat this review then. (Posted on 8/9/2011)
4.0 Hopeful that this wil help mercury levels by Laura
I have used two bottled of this product as well as 3 days/week of infrared sauna and my mecury levels were lower than before I started the process.

I plan to continue using the Ocean Plant Extract for 6 more months and then re-test the mercury again. (Posted on 7/26/2011)
4.0 Detox smart by HS
Smart detox product. No side effects. (Posted on 7/24/2011)
5.0 Wonderful Product by Susan
I've known for years the benefits of ocean foods but never had an easy and effective way of consuming them till now! (Posted on 7/17/2011)
5.0 Wouldn't be without it by SADonna
I love vegetables but not from the sea. This product is a staple for me. (Posted on 7/13/2011)
5.0 Convenient by Leah
My naturopath recommended this to me to help keep my thyroids and adrenals in balance. It's also a great way to get lots of sea veggies without all the work. (Posted on 7/13/2011)
5.0 Excellent Source by BJ
Ocean Plant Extract is a very important addition to my nutrition. One, in fact, that everyone should include for its many benefits. (Posted on 7/12/2011)
5.0 Great product by Kelly
One of my few supplements I take daily. I feel it's an inportant one. (Posted on 7/12/2011)
5.0 Good health in a capsule by Sally
I am not fond of sea vegetables, and appreciate being able to benefit from them in concentrated capsule form. All someone needs to do is read the label to be convinced of the many benefits. I encourage everyone to do that. Ocean Plant Extract is part of my healthy eating plan. Antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agents, along with the purging of metals, minerals, including iodine, are some of the reason that make it a definite choice for me. (Posted on 7/11/2011)

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