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Silent Toxins: How to Protect Your Health from WiFi, Cell Phone Towers and Electromagnetic Stress

Conveniences like cell phones and WiFi are here to stay, but did you know they can reduce your immunity? Find out how to protect yourself from these EMFs indoors and out.

In 1998, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), concluded that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are possible human carcinogens.1

Electromagnetic fields
come from our modern day electricity, which emits both electric and magnetic fields.

Exposure to EMFs can create symptoms ranging from insomnia, headaches, foggy thinking, infertility, chronic fatigue and depression. To learn more, read: There's Something in the Air (and What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You).

While we can’t see EMFs, they act like silent toxins, creating stress on your body and lowering your immunity.

Outdoor Toxins – EMFs Outside Your Home

While you can do many things inside your home to reduce your exposure to EMFs, there are still dangers of toxic exposure when you leave your home.

You’d think getting outside would give you a good dose of nature and it does...but did you know there are EMFs outdoors too?

Examples of EMF toxins outside your home:

  • WiFi – These days, everything is wireless from your favorite coffee shop to WiFi airplanes and even whole cities. While this may be a big convenience, it means that you are exposed to high EMFs from WiFi.
  • Power Lines and Transformers – Look up while you’re walking and you may see pole mounted power lines and gray cylinders that look like small trash cans. These power lines and transformers can put off high electromagnetic fields. The good news is that the further away they are, the less exposure you have.
  • Electric Substations - Substations are where electricity is generated, distributed and transformed form high to low or low to high voltage. They may be found outside enclosed in a cabinet, surrounded by a fence or up high on poles.
  • Cell Phone Towers – While cell phones make our lives more convenient, they also give off radiation. Choosing to reduce cell phone usage can help, but there is still the danger of EMFs from cell phone towers in your neighborhood.

It’s important to be aware that these outdoor EMFs can also affect you when you are indoors. Electromagnetic fields can travel through walls, windows and doors and since humans are the most conductive things in their house, the EMFs are attracted to you.

The good news is, you can protect yourself indoors and out!

Protecting Yourself from EMFs Indoors and Out

Be sure to read our interview with Geobiologist, Roy Riggs, to learn how to protect yourself from EMFs indoors.

But what do you do if you are outdoors or planning a trip on an airplane with WiFi?

We wondered the same thing ourselves and thankfully, EMF expert Roy Riggs shared some tips with us about EMF shielding fabrics and clothing. Roy recommended the EMF Safety Superstore because he has scientifically tested their fabrics and found them to be effective EMF blockers.

Silver Lining

No more EMF Worries! If you want to boost your immunity and protect yourself and your family from EMFs, you owe it to yourself to explore the EMF Safety Superstore. With options for hats, headbands, fabrics and underclothes, you can look good while blocking those toxic EMFs. Explore the EMF Safety Superstore for your personal EMF shielding solutions today!

If you want to protect yourself and your family from EMFs no matter where you are, here are some great options:

  • EMF shielding hats and clothing - Members of the Body Ecology team are currently experimenting with the hat, camisole and boxers for EMF protection from citywide WiFi, but there are many options to suit your personal needs. We love that you can wear the shielding clothing under your own clothes and that the hat looks like any other high quality baseball cap you might wear outside. This means you can protect yourself from toxic EMFs and still look fashionable!
  • EMF shielding fabricsyou can make your own sheets or EMF shielding clothing with special shielding fabrics in a variety of options. At Body Ecology, we are experimenting with ArgenMesh and Soft &Safe™ shielding fabrics. These fabrics can be just as useful indoors as out.

Reducing Toxins for Vibrant Health

Toxins are a part of our world and while they adversely affect our health, you can still be healthy, vibrant and strong!

Eating a healthy Body Ecology diet and doing your best to reduce your exposure to toxins and EMFs can keep you looking and feeling your best in a world that values convenience.

At the same time, the steps you take to protect your own health can have a positive effect on the planet as well.

Over time, we humans have learned a lot about health and while modern conveniences are here to stay, we think more and more health conscious people will take a stand. With greener products, greener building and eco-friendly practices, our world is already becoming a healthier place to be!

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