WATCH: Acid – Alkaline Balance For Optimum Health with Dr. Susan Brown

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Written by Body Ecology on December 5th, 2023

In staying healthy, there’s something important we might not think about much: the balance between acid and alkaline in our bodies. This balance, called pH balance, tells us how acidic or alkaline our body fluids and tissues are. It’s crucial for us to know and keep this balance right to feel our best.

If our pH balance gets out of whack because of what we eat, stress, or other reasons, it can cause problems. Too much acidity (acidosis) can lead to tiredness, swelling, a weaker immune system, and make us more likely to get diseases like diabetes or heart problems.

On the other hand, having too much alkalinity (alkalosis) isn’t common but can cause issues like muscle twitching or feeling sick.

Our diet is a big part of keeping this balance right. Some foods may seem acidic or alkaline at first, but it’s more about how they affect our body after we eat them.

To help keep our balance:

  1. Eat more foods that make our body more alkaline, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  2. Drink enough water every day to help remove bad stuff from our body and keep the right pH balance.
  3. Try not to have too many acidic foods like processed stuff, sugary foods, a lot of meat, coffee, or alcohol.
  4. Handle stress. Feeling stressed a lot can make our body more acidic. Doing things like yoga or meditation can help.
  5. Keep an eye on your pH levels using test strips you can get at home. It helps to know if your body is more acidic so you can make changes to your diet.

Remember, balance is key. Don’t make big changes suddenly. Try to eat more alkaline foods while cutting down on very acidic ones.

It’s not just about food. It’s about making good choices, reducing stress, and taking care of ourselves. By doing these things, we can keep our body’s acid-alkaline balance in check and feel better overall.

Join me and Dr. Susan Brown who, in a highly informative previous episode, shared her specialist knowledge of preventing and treating osteoporosis. This time, they discuss a topic that not a lot of people know about – maintaining the right acid-alkaline in your body. We discuss why this is so important and how to measure your PH. We explain how to use the foods you eat to help yourself to maintain the right balance, in particular, the importance of magnesium and potassium. As well as covering the role stress plays in producing too much acid. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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Maintaining the correct balance between acid and alkaline (PH) in our bodies is important for health.

Some areas of the body are meant to be more acidic than others e.g. the stomach is very acidic. But to be able to maintain the right balance in the right areas your body needs the right food, rest and lifestyle.

The first urine of the morning is a very good indicator of overall PH balance.

Try to stay very mineral rich during the day. You can do this using food.

Because of the hormones that are released when we are stressed we can easily become too acidic, which is why managing stress well is important.

Honey is a very powerful healing medicine.


‘I got interested in people who knew about how to regain that natural human potential for health. ´

‘Different compartments of the body have a different PH. ´

‘The best way to handle stress is to be absolutely grateful for everything. ´

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