Dire circumstances can often lead to happy outcomes, and that is the case with Oli Ullmann. She found Body Ecology when her son was diagnosed with ADHD, on the autism spectrum. 12 years later, she teaches Body Ecology principles to health seekers in Toronto.

Twelve years ago, Oli Ullmann needed a solution. Her son was diagnosed with ADHD and she was having digestive troubles herself.

Specialists told her they both had lots of food sensitivities and that her son might be learning disabled. His blood tests even showed remarkable similarities to those of children with autism.

But Oli was adamant that standard medical treatment would not be her family's solution.

As she sought alternative education and nutrition, she happened upon The Body Ecology Diet book, a resource that changed their lives.

"I just kept going back to The Body Ecology Diet. It is my nutritional Bible."

For over a decade Oli used the recipes and principles of Body Ecology to heal her son and her own health. And gradually, her enthusiasm for Body Ecology organically grew into something she shares with many more people in Toronto, the city she now calls home.

Oli Brings BED to The Village Market

Not long ago, Oli attended a Body Ecology Certification training with Body Ecology's founder, Donna Gates, and was ready to start her own seminars back in Toronto.

Starting out in her home kitchen, Oli taught eager students how to make Young Coconut Kefircultured vegetables and even tasty Body Ecology desserts.

Soon enough, she began to sell her fermented foods and drinks every Saturday at an organic market.

As her customer base grew, so did demand for her hands-on Body Ecology "cooking" classes.

Now Oli offers regular workshops on Body Ecology basics as well as more nuanced parts of the Body Ecology lifestyle. And no matter what, her participants leave with something delicious and healthy!

A menu from her Body Ecology "grains" (actually grain-like seeds) workshop includes Buckwheat Fall Soup, Oli's Millet Vegetable Terrine, Quinoa Lemon Pie, and Amaranth Crackers. Sounds so good, it might even be worth a trip to Toronto!

And for those in the area, The Village Market, where Oli has a booth, has become a resource for those living organic, wholesome lifestyles. Founded in 1991 as a fundraiser for the Toronto Waldorf School, The Village Market has fostered a close community of like-minded folks who want to experience vibrant health on a new level.

The Village Market in Toronto offers delicious fresh, organic produce, ready-made raw and gluten-free foods, Oli Ullmann's own cultured vegetables and Young Coconut Kefir . Visit their The Village Market online to learn more about this dynamic and healthy community venture. And start your own healthy eating by reading The Body Ecology Diet.

Body Ecology: Mind, Body & Spirit

Oli's experience with Body Ecology is truly holistic, and her vision is to help her community become healthier. She loves seeing people educating themselves and others and reports that many of her students get together for cultured vegetable-making parties.

She also believes that by following Body Ecology principles, you cleanse your body and open up your life to more happiness, more joy and more energy.

"I used to have food sensitivities and digestion problems. But now I feel energetic, more intuitive, and glowing."

She says her son, too, is very lucky. He's been on the diet, and at 17 years old, is an honors student…a far cry from the little boy with ADHD that he was when they first explored Body Ecology.

Oli, though, is always positive. "I'm grateful today for the difficulties we went through because I learned so much and now can teach others. This is a journey."

She has some advice for those who are on that journey and starting to make fermented foods and drinks:

"It is important to make them in an energetically clean environment. Listen to nice music, make sure you're in a good frame of mind. Envision the people who will benefit from it. It's not just another food, it's a beautiful and creative outlet."

It's no wonder, then, that Oli's cultured vegetables are particularly delicious; she makes hers with lots of love.

"Sometimes with Body Ecology, people are too hard on themselves. They have to do everything right away and become more stressed and more tense. Remember step-by-step. I would suggest that you just go with the flow and do what feels good for you. If it feels too stressful, your body won't benefit."

This is great advice for anyone, whether you've just started out with Body Ecology or even if you're a veteran.

Oli emphasizes that while restored health is ideal, the eventual goal is intuition and communication with your body so that your body becomes a true friend.

On a final note, she adds that our intestines are our "second brain" and these organs are to be appreciated.

Not just a means for getting rid of toxic waste, she points out that your intestines are a beautiful part of the system of your body. And as you appreciate your body and its wisdom, you will naturally achieve better health. Body Ecology will serve you on that path.

Oli Ullmann's Favorite Cultured Vegetable Combos

    INGREDIENTS: Carrots, Daikon Radish, Black Russian Radish, Cabbage, Ginger, Arame, Cardamom, BED Culture Starter, Ecobloom
    INGREDIENTS: Carrots, Red beets, Red and White cabbage, Arugula Seeds, Mustard seeds, Ontario Ginseng, Fennel Seeds, BED Culture starter, Ecobloom
    INGREDIENTS: Carrots, Daikon Radish, Black Russian Radish, Red Beets, Horse Radish, Red Cabbage, Fennel Seeds, BED Culture Starter, Ecobloom

For all of these combinations, Oli recommends playing with the seasonings to achieve the taste you want and experimenting until you find the right balance. Be creative and make your own version of healing cultured vegetables with these recipes and organic, locally grown ingredients.

Whether you end up teaching others to make these healing foods or using them to heal yourself and your family, it is truly a journey. And as they say, the key to happiness is to "enjoy the journey."

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