Which Type of Probiotic Drink Should You Choose? Is There a “Best” One for You?

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Which Type of Probiotic Drink Should You Choose? Is There a “Best” One for You?

Imagine replacing gut-damaging soda pop with delicious, healing probiotic drinks! With do-it-yourself and convenience options, there are a variety of choices to share health and longevity with your family.  Cocobiotic is actually a low-glycemic, digestion enhancing probiotic liquid that not only tastes great, but you can take it with you on the go!

Fermented foods and drinks are the mainstay of the Body Ecology system of health and healing because they populate your gut with the friendly bacteria (microflora) that keep you healthy and strong.

What makes the microflora special is that they go to work for you, protecting you from pathogens, aiding digestion and making sure you have the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Body Ecology offers many options for probiotic-rich fermented drinks with these overall benefits:

  • Slow down the signs of aging
  • Ease digestive distress
  • Absorb more nutrients from your food
  • Balance your hormones
  • Prevent colds and flu
  • Boost your energy and immunity

Emails and phone calls pour in daily with many testimonials telling us that the Body Ecology Diet and the fermented foods and beverages have helped greatly. Because fermented foods can be a hot topic when it comes to gut health, we also get lots of questions, so please remember, our weekly email newsletter is designed to educate and inform.

A frequent question we’ve been getting a lot of lately is “which probiotic drink should I have”?

We offer a range of solutions from do-it-yourself to on-the-go convenience. This article will outline a few of the key differences in the probiotic liquids, so you can make the choice that best supports your specific health needs.

If You Like to Do-it-Yourself

 1.  Young Coconut Kefir – You can make this fermented drink at home with the mineral-rich liquid from young green coconuts and Body Ecology’s Kefir Starter.   The coconut water can be purchased from ExoticSuperfoods.com, or a case of nine fresh young coconuts can often be purchased for as little as $15.00; check your local Asian market or health food store.  Nine small coconuts will make a half gallon of young coconut kefir, so this is an economical drink.  Young Coconut Kefir makes a great healing drink for children with autism and anyone with digestive distress.

In our BEDROK program, we recommend that our kids try to drink as much as one pint of young coconut kefir juice per day (divided throughout the day). They drink it plain with food to assist digestion and they also drink it as a “juice” combined with a sour juice concentrate like black currant juice, cranberry, pomegranate, or blueberry concentrates. It is then sweetened with Body Ecology Stevia.

  • To stop sugar cravings
  • To start the Body Ecology program to conquer candida
  • To improve your skin
  • To cleanse your liver and endocrine system
  • A flatter stomach – Young Coconut Kefir has a tonifying effect on your intestines
  • A hangover cure

Young Coconut Kefir is fun to make at home by following our easy directions.

2. Milk Kefir – Made from fermented milk (cow’s and goat milk both work well) and Body Ecology’s Kefir Starter, milk kefir is a wonderful alternative to other fermented beverages. It contains the same beneficial bacteria and yeast as homemade Young Coconut Kefir, and it brings a new flavor and rich texture into your Body Ecology diet.If you have an inflamed, open permeable gut lining, when you first begin following the Body Ecology program, we do not recommend drinking kefir made from milk. You do not want the casein (the predominant protein) in milk to leak through the permeable gut wall causing allergic type reactions. We recommend you wait to drink milk kefir until your gut is healed and your inner ecosystem is well established (after about 3 months on the Body Ecology program).But milk kefir is absolutely delicious for the millions who do thrive on it.At Body Ecology we prefer milk kefir to yogurt because it is more potent.

Kefir has more live microflora and unlike yogurt, kefir has beneficial yeast.

    • Smoothies – thick and rich, you can add stevia and sour fruits, like blueberries or cranberries for a delicious morning smoothie.
    • To boost your mood – milk kefir is the ‘feel good’ drink because it boosts serotonin levels in your brain, which in turn boosts your mood!
    • A good source of biotin, vitamin B12, thiamine (B1), folic acid, calcium and phosphorous.
    • A source of dairy that is easier to digest.
    • To coat your intestinal lining, making it easier for beneficial bacteria to thrive in your intestines.
    • To cool your body, especially if you have a fever or any condition resulting in body heat, like a herpes outbreak or AIDS.
    • Kefir is a very popular breakfast in Russia and Poland in the hot months of summer because it is a cooling beverage.  For more information, read Bagdhad’s Ancient Secret That Can Help Improve Your Health.  Kefir is very easy to make at home:
      1. Warm the milk to 90 degrees (slightly below skin temperature).
      2. Stir in the kefir starter.
      3. Pour this mixture into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and wait 24 hours while it ferments.
      4. When fermented, shake well and refrigerate until ready to drink.

NOTE: Instructions for milk kefir as well as instructions for making kefir cheese and kefir whey are included in our package of kefir starter.

If You Like Healthy Convenience

1. Cocobiotic – Over the years we’ve received thousands of e-mails from customers who either cannot find young green coconuts or want a more convenient solution to get the incredible health benefits of Young Coconut Kefir. To answer your need for convenience, Body Ecology’s Cocobiotic is our own fermented coconut liquid that arrives ready to drink!  While Cocobiotic is not exactly the same thing as young coconut kefir and not made in the same way, it DOES similarly embrace the Body Ecology emphasis on fermentation and provide you with amazing health benefits.  With Cocobiotic and young coconut kefir, we feel very fortunate to be able to offer you two ways to make coconut water even more beneficial.

Choose Cocobiotic if You Want:

  • The benefits of coconut water but don’t have time to crack those coconuts. Coco-Biotic has a delicious taste and a different blend of highly beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeast than young coconut kefir
  • superior alternative to probiotic supplements in capsule form.
  • Your newborn babies and young children to receive the wonderful taste and many health benefits of Coco-Biotic
  • To travel easily with a portable fermented probiotic liquid. Be sure to put your un-opened tightly sealed Cocobiotic in a plastic bag and place in your suitcase when you travel by plane. (check current TSA guidelines for size!)

2. InnergyBiotic – Innergybiotic is special because it was created by fermenting a blend of high protein, gluten free grains, grain-like seeds and beans…all sources of easily digested vegetarian proteins.  Our InnergyBiotic probiotic liquid not only provides you with beneficial microflora to improve digestion, but it also contains specific ingredients such as high performance peptides (easily digestible protein sources), antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients.

Choose Innergybiotic if You Want:

  • Maintain a healthy balance of microflora in the digestive tract – fermentation naturally breaks down protein into easily digestible amino acids that your body can more quickly utilize.
  • Boost your energy – helping maintain healthy digestion and immune function, Innergybiotic gives you a natural, lasting energy boost. When the foods you eat digest well, energy comes in!
  • Create healthy digestion – probiotics increase the bio-availability of each meal making digestion and assimilation easier. A healthy digestive tract can better absorb nutrients, helping to maintain proper levels of nutrition.

Use A Range of Probiotic Drinks for Maximum Benefits

There are many overall benefits to probiotic liquids, although each one can be used for specific health, taste or convenience goals.

It’s fun and beneficial to try a range of fermented drinks so that you can get a variety of healthy probiotic bacteria and yeast to populate your intestines and boost your immunity.

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