WATCH: The Power of Fermented Foods with Good Gut Expert Maria Hunt

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on August 15th, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of fermented foods and how they can impact your digestion and overall health?

Fermented foods undergo a process of bacterial and yeast digestion. This makes the nutrients easier for the gut to break down and absorb. Eating fermented vegetables with a meal helps with digestion of the entire meal. Friendly bacteria produce lactic acid as they consume the sugars that are naturally found in raw vegetables, fruits and dairy foods which contributes to the sour taste of fermented foods. Lactic acid released into the gut controls intestinal candida overgrowth. Research also shows that the lactic-acid bacteria in fermented foods stop intestinal inflammation and helps heal a permeable gut lining.

Fermented foods have a long list of benefits. They support healthy digestion, help balance your immune system and can play a very important role in detoxification. Fermented foods contribute to brain health and support positive mental and emotional wellbeing. For a long time, they have been recognized for helping those who eat them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

So please join me and my friend, Maria, a “good gut” expert as we talk about eating fermented foods and the impact on general health and well-being as well as ageing, and the impact of oxalates and yeast infections on children and most of the population. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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  • Maria was inspired by the Body Ecology ethos, particularly around creating the energy to get well. She took this to help families and people in her home country of Australia.
  • Maria frequently makes TV appearances to share the tremendous results she and her customers are getting from AGM Foods.
  • A lot of young people are starting to think ahead about ageing now, fermented foods is one of the secrets.
  • If we can reduce stress on our bodies including our gut that then impacts every part of us including our endocrine system.
  • Oxalates are in so many foods but also herbs and they can cause pain in many people.
  • Maria has seen countless clients with symptoms of oxalate sensitivity, from pseudo gout to eczema.


“Create energy, correct digestion, conquer infections and cleanse”

“You need to have that energy to cleanse out the toxins”

“Every child with autism has a yeast infection”

“That’s why I became so passionate, I know what it’s like to be ill”

“You’ve been so instrumental in spreading Body Ecology around the world”

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