LISTEN: Why We Need to Supplement Copper and Silver

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on July 18th, 2023

Why we all need the supplement copper and silver

Why We All Need to Supplement Copper and Silver with Expert Robert Scott Bell

Donna and Robert Scott Bell team up in this episode to clarify the confusing talk about using copper and silver supplements. Robert explains the benefits of these metals for our immune systems and gut health. He also gives tips on safe usage and incorporating them into our daily routines from a trusted source.

Donna and Robert also cover the microbiome and discuss overlooked minerals like silica. These minerals have unique benefits that are often downplayed. They share practical ways to maximize the advantages of these minerals.

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  • Silver can be a great accelerator in improving your gut health especially when taken in the right way and dosage alongside something like aloe.
  • Taking aloe alongside silver can help it more effective, by keeping the silver bioactive and bypassing the stomach and ensuring it gets into the gut
  • Robert has seen gut recovery from people taking silver and it almost always happens within 6 weeks!
  • We are beginning to see the impact of long covid on long-term health but there is some research that has seen the healing benefits of taking silver and copper supplement.
  • When encountering a virus in the body, natural silver prevents it from replicating.
  • Those with autism often test highly for copper but it’s important to understand the data and science behind this, usually they test highly because of the inflammation they are experiencing.
  • Copper has a big role to play when it comes to systemic inflammation reduction without damaging other parts of the body such as the immune system.
  • Copper with magnesium helps our cells regenerate, magnesium alone isn’t enough to have the desired effect, you need both to work together.
  • People are frequently misdiagnosed with iron deficiency when it’s actually copper that they need.
  • Having good copper stores allows you to be in the sun for longer, allowing you to take in more vitamin D.
  • Having strong connective tissues is protective if you become diagnosed with cancer, silica aids in building strong tissue.
  • When beginning to use homoeopathy, start with lower doses but with a higher frequency, this is where Robert has seen the best results.
  • Homoeopathy comes from the West, yet we are still very cautious and dismissive of it/
  • Silver and copper both have antimicrobial properties which means they can help with things like fungal infections and ear infections.


“I’ve not had to go beyond 6 to 8 weeks to see recovery”

“We don’t need to wait for a big pharma drug, we already have the tools rights now”

“The key to viral issues is viral replication, we stop that with silver”

“Zinc needs copper in order to do its job or regeneration, they’re both critical”

“Having adequate copper stores allows you to be in the sun for longer without getting burnt”

“Copper is one of the most anti-parasitic substance in creation”

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