The Importance of Detoxification for Health & Happiness: An Interview with Seane Corn

Everyone can benefit from detoxification, especially this time of the year when less sunlight and illness zap your energy.  There are many ways to detoxify, including Seane Corn’s popular Detox Flow® Yoga, designed to help you look and feel your best.  Learn why Seane created Detox Flow® Yoga and how it’s helping thousands improve their health.

If you’ve been following the Body Ecology lifestyle, you already know that detoxification leads to all kinds of benefits, from better health, better moods and more energy to beautiful skin and hair.

After all, toxins are everywhere, from processed foods to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to common plastics.

How do you know if you need to detoxify? Do you:

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, detoxification may be just the ticket for you to feel healthier and happier!

Whether you’re totally new to detoxification of have been trying different techniques, we suggest you learn about Body Ecology’s safe and effective ways to detoxify so that you can look and feel your best.

Yoga’s Power to Detoxify

Recently, some members of the Body Ecology team visited Omega Institute For Holistic Studies, a retreat center in Rhinebeck, NY to get a new twist on detoxification: yoga.

While a healthy Body Ecology diet and lifestyle that includes pure, filtered water and plenty of sleep goes a long way toward natural detoxification, we all know that exercise is a major key to helping your body detox.

Donna Gates

Do you want to know the best way to rid your body and mind of dangerous toxins? With Body Ecology’s Detox Training, you’ll learn how to minimize your expose to everyday toxins while getting rid of the unhealthy buildup in your body. Over 11 hours of classes will leave you well informed, so try the detoxification training program today!

And at Omega, we went to experience a special kind of exercise…yoga…and not just any yoga. We were going to take world-renowned yoga teacher, Seane Corn’s Detox Flow® Yoga workshop.

Detox Flow® Yoga is guaranteed to make you sweat out those toxins and according to Seane, it helps promote that all-important daily detox routine…pooping. Did we say that out loud?

And Seane wasn’t kidding! Her Detox Flow® Yoga program was challenging, fun, full of excellent twists and something else that we didn’t expect…it was chock full of information about toxins, where they come from and how we can make simple changes in our live to be toxin free.

During class, Seane’s talk about detoxificaiton, her gentle encouragement and her inspiring guidance made it surprisingly easy to breathe through the most challenging poses. And even though we were all graduates of Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Detoxification Training, we learned a few excellent new tips from taking Seane’s class.

Those of you who’ve seen the radiant Seane Corn gracing the covers of Yoga JournalBody + Soul and Natural Healthmagazines may have known of her fame as a yoga teacher, but did you know she’s also an impassioned activist for social and political change?

We met with Seane to learn more about why yoga is ideally suited for detoxification and why she created Detox Flow® Yoga.

Living Green and Clean With Detox Flow® Yoga

Seane Corn’s Detox Flow® Yoga is a vigorous style of yoga that centers your body and mind, so that your constant stream of thought dissipates.

So with a clear, focused mind, we found it easier to take in and remember what Seane was teaching about toxins, detoxification and green living.

We caught up with Seane after class to ask her more about the importance of yoga for detoxification.

An Interview With Seane Corn

Q. Why is detoxification important and how has it benefited you?

A. Back in the 50s and 60s, people didn’t understand toxicity. I didn’t “get” detox until I made the mind-body connection and realized that in order for it to be holistic, there had to be a physical and mental connection.

Focusing on detoxification gave me better skin and better hair. Being bloated was always an issue for me, and as I detoxified, I felt less bloated. Myimmune system was stronger, too. I used to get bronchitis often, but my body doesn’t produce mucus the same now. I feel cleaner.

And I’m not the only one. Thousands of people have learned how beneficial detoxification is, which is why my Detox Flow® Yoga classes are incredibly popular. And with demand for this important program increasing, I decided to create a Detox Flow® Yoga CD so that people at home could improve their health and reduce exposure to toxins as well.

Donna Gates

Better Together: Learn Everything You Want to Know About Detoxification for health, energy and beauty with Body Ecology’s Detoxification Training AND Seane Corn’s Detox Flow® Yoga. These two programs give you comprehensive answers on physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification so you can feel your best every day! Learn more about Body Ecology’s Detoxification Training. Learn more about Seane Corn’s Detox Flow® Yoga

Q. How did you get into yoga?

In 1994 I started teaching yoga, but I started doing yoga in 1987 when I worked at the Life Café in New York.

Many of the people around me were doing drugs, like cocaine. People around me were getting sick and addicted. I knew the only outcome was death. As an antidote to this lifestyle, my first impulse was to practice yoga with the Life Cafe owners, David Life and Sharon Gannon, because they were both devoted to yoga. This is when I learned the true value of yoga as a way to transform your life.

Q. You have a busy travel schedule. How do you stay healthy and happy when you’re traveling?

I’m committed to what I do because it feeds and nurtures me. It’s a healthy relationship that supports my interests and sense of stability.

My non-negotiables are yoga practice and being super-conscientious about diet. Being on the road is hardest. But if I don’t stay committed, I deplete myself. When I eat foods with refined sugar I feel the effects quickly.

I travel with foods and supplements. I find out where the vegan restaurants are by checking on Facebook. I consult a spiritual counselor for emotional balance, so I don’t allow the pressures and stress of life to affect my wellness.

Diet is a key component to maintaining balance. You are what you eat. Who I want to be is present, open, available, connected, and focused.

Q. Why is diet so important, and what are some of your favorite eating tips?

I encourage people to look at diet beyond how it serves and helps them, and how what they’re eating impacts the environment.

Eat seasonally, buy produce locally, and support farmers and farmers market. See how much water and how much energy is utilized for your food to travel across the country.

Learn more about factory farming and treatment of animals with chemicals. Use common sense, eat organic whole foods, proteins that are easily assimilated, and foods that bodies can digest in proper order.

Become educated about what will affect physiological health. When your body feels better, feel brighter and happier.

Q. Toxins aren’t just in the things we eat and the air we breathe. What else do we have to be conscious of?

Look to other places in life where there’s an embodiment of poisons and judgment, and move toward forgiveness so you can release toxins.

Emotions like anger, rage and unresolved grief are toxic to body. They impact immunity and hormones, leaving the body and cells vulnerable to disease.

Do deep emotional work so that you can live more joyfully.

Q. Tell us about your humanitarian work and how it affects you.

Now that I’m healthier and happier and have better tools to deal with conflict and stress, the next step was service.

Overseas, in places like Africa, India, Cambodia, I teach people how to find purpose and activate that in their local communities. I help people become leaders instead of waiting for leaders to show up. They take initiative. I stay committed to using my platform as a way to raise awareness about importance of outreach. The major crises that I’m working to change are human trafficking and HIV/AIDS.

A Real Leader In Yoga and In Life

Taking Seane Corn’s Detox Flow® Yoga workshop and meeting her in person was a transformational experience for us. Her down-to-earth style and her passion for positive change is inspiring.

In fact, we felt that Seane’s Detox Flow® program would be the perfect addition to the Body Ecology Detoxification Training for anyone who truly wants to take their health, energy and beauty to the next level.

We all deserve to feel healthier and happier…and Seane Corn reminds us that creating a lifestyle that honors your body, the planet and other people goes a long way toward minimizing toxins that are inherent in our world today.

To learn more about Seane Corn and to find out how you can take her workshops (which we highly recommend!), visit her website at
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