Proper exercise will help your body release toxins more efficiently. But, remember that just as you a have unique nutritional needs, you also have unique needs for exercise.  Choose exercises that suit your blood type and maximize your cleansing results this season.

Has springtime reached your part of the world yet?  If you live in a warmer climate, like I do, you may have been enjoying the gradual (step by step) coming of spring since February.  For many of us, this magnificent season of purification is now in full swing.

If you look to nature, you will notice that the spring brings rains and winds to clear the land and make room for new growth. What is happening in nature is symbolic of what is happening in your own body during this time of year. Nature is guiding us, showing us that you too, are cleansing now. The current spring cleansing can help you release toxins that have accumulated from everyday life since your last spring cleansing a whole year ago.

How Toxins Build Up

Toxins build up inside your body due to outside sources like chemical and metal exposure, from processed foods, but also from toxins created insideyour body. For example, poorly digested foodsstressnegative emotions (anxiety, anger) and viral and fungal (or yeast) infections all create serious inner toxins that prevent you from being healthy. We don’t hear much about these endogenous or inner toxins, but I consider them to be perhaps even more serious than many endogenous (outside) toxins.

As an old popular song goes “To everything ...there is a season...” Thankfully your body knows this too. It was created in such a way that it naturally knows how to cleanse, store nutrients and rest and recharge itself during different seasons of the year.

Couple Exercising

Gear up for your seasonal detox with this toolkit, and enjoy over 11 hours of essential information from some of the world’s leading nutritional amd detoxofication experts.

Nature Says Now is the time for Letting Go of this Toxicity

While you are detoxifying daily on a smaller scale, nature supports deeper cleansings during spring and summer, when the weather is warm. It’s important to look for signs of cleansing and learn how your body tells you…via it’s own unique signals…that it is ready to cleanse more than usual. You’ll want to help out when this time comes.

A Healthy Liver Means a Successful Detox

Spring is liver/gall bladder season, and as you know, your liver is your mainorgan for detoxification.  But did you know that the liver works hard to process the food you eat, the cosmetics you put on your skin, the air you breathe and even those angry emotions you sometimes feel?

Indeed, anger injures your liver, and when your liver begins cleansing in the spring, angry feelings may pop up. If you tune in to the source of this “cleansing” anger you most likely will find there is no real reason for your just feel mad. Unless it is truly justified, this unwarranted anger is just another clue that your liver is trying to heal itself.

The liver is quite an amazing organ, and one that we will probably never really fully appreciate.

Nourish Your Liver

  • Get adequate rest
  • Choose physical exercise that is right for your blood type
  • Consume plenty of fermented foods and probiotic liquids in order to build your inner ecosystem
  • Add liver support
  • Practice colon therapy with colonics or home enemas
  • Consume more Body Ecology style raw foods which are more cooling this season
  • Practice gratitude for your liver’s ability to help you cleanse and heal

Remember Your fermented Foods

Your liver gets taxed even more when other organs like your large and small intestines do not eliminate efficiently and are full of toxic materials. If you want your liver to do its job efficiently, keep these organs clean too. If you are following Body Ecology, you know by now, that the friendly microflora found in fermented foods and liquids play a key role in keeping your intestines clean.

In Chinese medicine, the liver rules the skin, the joints and the eyes. If you are experiencing skin rashes, eczema, acne, stiff or achy joints or sporadic changes in your vision – like floating black spots in front of your eyes, these are major signs that your liver is cleansing.

I like to stop at times, put my hand on my liver and tell it “thank you.”  I know it’s working hard for me. Practicing a true sense of gratitude for its ability to cleanse poisons out of my body is not a new idea. In Ancient Chinese medicine there is a healing technique where you imagine your liver “smiling.”

Become very grateful for cleansing because we do not live long if we lose this precious gift.

A Balanced Detox Includes Plenty of Rest and Proper Exercise

At Body Ecology, we are committed to providing you with tools to make your natural daily and seasonal detox run more smoothly. I hope that you will choose gentle and continual methods of cleansing that will allow you to really feel the lasting results of cleansing. If you do, the benefits are many! You will not only age more gracefully and slow down the ravages of “father time,” you will also experience heightened energy, clear mental focus, glowing skin, better digestion and an overall boost in immunity.

For now, be sure to create energy within your body with more of a raw and fermented foods diet. Get plenty of rest...especially stop when you are feeling tired, so that your body can gather energy to push out more of those toxins. Definitely start doing colonics or home enemas, if you are not doing them already.

And, as for exercising, yes, do it. But choose the exercises you love and that are right for your blood type.  Blood type O’s feel more alive with active forms of exercise. A’s and AB’s are happiest with walking and calmer exercises. B’s are somewhere in the middle and like a little of both. All exercise helps eliminate toxins, but check out rebounding on a mini trampoline. It is a must for everyone of all ages. It is great for toning every organ in your body, but, very importantly, for cleansing your lymph system.

Your spring cleansing goal is to help your organs of elimination quickly release more toxins than at any other time of the year...when it’s already in a “release-toxin mode.”  Even if you are feeling especially weak, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you, too, will be naturally cleansing right now.

No one escapes Spring Cleansing. So, I hope that you will embrace it with gratitude this spring!

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