A simple cleanse for parasites + a sugar-free detox lemonade recipe

Periodically cleansing your internal environment, especially for parasites, keeps your body functioning at optimal levels. The lack of an inner ecosystem — the lack of good bacteria inside of the gut — has a lot to do with why you may see many more people infected with parasites today.

Many people report feeling lighter and having more energy during the detox period.


Cleansing with the refreshing Body Ecology Lemonade, made with the zero-calorie natural sugar substitute stevia, provides a wonderful detoxifying effect on the liver. Lemons are alkalizing to the body and stimulate digestive enzymes to flush out damaging free radicals.

In 2017, University of Florida researchers discovered the rat lungworm, a potentially lethal parasite known to cause meningitis in animals and people, in five different counties in Florida.1 Researchers believe the parasite, responsible for deadly infection in more rare cases when it reaches the human brain, is more prevalent in the southeastern U.S. than their study was able to detect.

Parasites in the body can create a cascade of health problems, often attributed to other medical and psychological issues. A 2014 study from the University of Pennsylvania suggested that up to one-fifth of schizophrenia cases might stem from parasites; 2016 research from the University of Chicago Medical Center confirmed that people with rage disorder are more than twice as likely to have a common parasite infection.2,3

Some amount of parasites living in the body is considered normal, but most of us have far too many. These parasites can have an impact on our health, our mood, and our behavior. Because parasites are so common and naturally a part of a healthy environmental ecosystem, it is a good idea to go through a natural parasite cleanse at least twice a year.

The Body Ecology Cleanse Protocol:

  • Phase 1: Preparation, 1-2 weeks.
  • 2: Initial cleanse, 3 days.
  • 3: Deep cleanse, 3 days.
  • 4: Reintroduction, 1-2 weeks.

Phase 1: Preparing your body

To receive the most health and detoxification benefits, ease into the natural parasite cleanse with 1-2 weeks of starting The Body Ecology Diet, which includes unprocessed foods that are nutrient-rich, will not exacerbate an inflammatory condition, and are not commonly allergenic.

Phase 1 foods:

Foods to avoid throughout the natural parasite cleanse:

  • Any food to which you have a known allergy.
  • Alcohol and caffeine: This includes coffee and black tea.
  • All gluten-containing foods.
  • All sugars and high-glycemic fruits.
  • Dairy: Milk, cheeses, yogurt.
  • Lectins: Nuts, beans, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers.
  • Peanuts or peanut butter: Including peanut oil.
  • Processed foods and canned foods.
  • Soy or soy products: Soy milk, tofu, and soy oil.
  • Spices and dressing: Although spices make food more interesting, the bland taste actually leaches out toxicity from a Chinese medicine perspective. Clinically, bland is the least irritating to the digestive system.
  • Tomatoes, tomato sauces, and corn.
  • Also, many popular skin care products have hidden estrogens in them, which will dampen results, so be sure to read labels carefully.

Begin the Body Ecology Natural Parasite Cleanse Kit Regimen:

The Body Ecology Cleanse Kit includes:

With 200:1 Aloe Extract, fiber, beneficial microflora, and easily digestible and bio-available nutrients, this blend is fantastic as a cornerstone of the cleanse. Glutamine, in a peptide-bonded form called Glutimmune, is one of the principle elements and is the preferred fuel source for the small intestine. It has been shown to support the regeneration and repair of the intestinal lining. Research has also found that glutamine increases the number of cells in the small intestine, the number of villi on those cells, and the height of the villi.4

Therefore, it can help to heal permeability and reduce inflammation of the intestinal lining that has been linked with food sensitivity. Supplementing Vitality SuperGreen while restricting the diet or during a gentle, natural parasite cleanse is especially effective. This is because any foods that may cause irritation have been removed. All focus goes to healing the gastrointestinal tract and supporting the body’s ability to regenerate itself, while removing toxins that may slow the process down.

This formula is especially supportive to the liver and gallbladder, increasing detoxification and releasing some of the burden placed on these organs during a cleanse.5

Taking enzymes will help with the detoxification process by breaking apart cellular debris and cleansing the blood.6

Minerals are essential when going through a period of cleansing. They can literally carry toxins out of the system and neutralize toxicities that have built up over time. A full spectrum of minerals is essential for complete balance. Some minerals, like chromium, help balance blood sugar during the fast.7

A great source of potassium and naturally hydrating, this probiotic beverage is known for its kidney-cleansing properties. Friendly microflora will help to pull toxins out of the body and rebuild the inner ecosystem.8

This zero-calorie natural sugar substitute is known for its role in helping with fatigue, balancing blood sugar and blood pressure, regulating digestion, and assisting in weight loss.9 Use in greens drinks and Body Ecology Lemonade.

Phase 2: Initial cleanse

The beginning of the cleanse will reduce the burden on your digestive tract and gradually help the detoxification process. This phase is best for at least three days.

Phase 2 foods:

  • Fermented foods.
  • Land and sea veggies.
  • Herbal teas:
    • Pau d’ arco: This herbal tea is not stimulating and offers an excellent way to reduce inflammation. To boot, it is antifungal and antimicrobial.10
    • Tulsi: Also called holy basil, tulsi helps to regulate blood sugar. When mixed with peppermint, it can ease the detoxification process.11
    • Ujido Matcha Green Tea Concentrate: Green tea activates hormone-sensitive lipase, which in turn helps burn body fat.12

Phase 3: Deep cleanse

This is the three-day “fast” portion of the natural parasite cleanse. It will give you the highest level of cellular detoxification and allow your system to balance.

Phase 3 foods:

  • Body Ecology Lemonade (recipe below):
    • Sip every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. This is essential to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Enjoy herbal teas.
    • Drink as desired.

Body Ecology lemonade recipe: A healthy way to detox

In Chinese medicine, the taste of the liver is sour. Lemons are alkalizing, and due to their sour nature, they have a wonderful detoxifying effect on the liver.13 Lemons stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and are also full of vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to flush free radicals from the body.

Although similar to the Master Cleanse, Body Ecology Lemonade does not have any cayenne pepper because it can actually irritate the digestive tract.

In the morning, make 1-2 gallons. You will need:

Proportion of water to lemons is based on preference. When adding the juice of the lemon to water, be sure to include the pulp. Choose organic lemons. Add just enough Stevia to balance the tartness of the lemons.

*Rinse mouth after drinking the lemonade to protect the teeth.

Looking for helpful tips to naturally satisfy your sweet tooth? Read more on our Instagram feed.

Phase 4: Reintroduction

Now, it’s time to gradually incorporate foods back into your system. For three days, you will be on Phase 2 foods before moving back into Phase 1 foods. You can choose to stay on Body Ecology Diet Stage 1 for as long as necessary.

Phase 4 foods:

First 3 days after cleanse:

Days following:

REDUCE THE NUMBER OF VITALITY SUPERGREEN DRINKS TO 1 DRINK/DAY. With your enhanced immune system, your body will continue to detoxify at its own pace.

Ready to fight parasites? 3 bonus tips for a gentler cleanse

Cleansing works with your body’s natural processes and puts it on the fast track to healing. Not only is cleansing an ancient practice detailed in religious texts, but it’s a habit that gets easier with time.

Listen to your body as you cleanse and use these helpful tips to ease the transition:

1. Move, stretch, and breathe.

Movement can supplement the liver, unwind stagnant qi, and, because the skin is one major pathway of elimination, also help release toxins.

You may notice that cleansing often takes place in the springtime, though it’s a practice we can maintain year-round. In Chinese medicine, the element of spring is wood. Just like wood, we need the opportunity to grow and follow a natural progression of movement through emotions and experiences. If we deprive ourselves of this, we may become angry, depressed, or stressed. These emotions can affect the liver. A natural parasite cleanse is the perfect time to begin learning meditation or practicing deep breathing.

2. Use colonics.

Whether administered by a professional or self-administered, this natural tool offers the best way to open the elimination channels and release toxins.

A home enema is an easy option that can be used at home to flush the detoxification pathways, addressing symptoms like allergies, anxiety and depression, headaches, fatigue, and indigestion.

3. Balance blood sugar.

When deciding to do any kind of cleanse, it is important to pay attention to blood sugar levels. Rollercoaster blood sugar levels can stress the adrenals. If you are hypoglycemic, you will want to simplify your diet, although not cut out food completely as this can cause more harm than good.

If you get sleepy after eating, chances are that you have some degree of insulin resistance. A short three-day fast is one step that can help with insulin resistance.14 Doing several installments of a detoxifying diet, sometimes several weeks long, is the best way to approach healing insulin resistance; it’s critical to remember that removing sugary, high-carbohydrate foods is more of a lifestyle change than a diet.

Many people report feeling lighter and having more energy during the detox period. Modern diet and food that is overly processed and inundated with sweeteners, as well as sporadic, on-the-go eating habits that are typically in large portions, are factors that are responsible for insulin-resistant cells.

A gentle fast can rebalance how your body handles sugar. When doing such a fast, it is absolutely necessary to keep blood sugar stable by sipping on Body Ecology Lemonade.

And please, always check with your health practitioner to determine if a cleanse is right for you.


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