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Maximize Your Food’s Potential to Nourish, Energize, and Heal!

Unable to fully digest your food? Add more wood to the fire.

Assist SI bolsters your digestion by delivering more enzymes to where you need them most—in your small intestine. This is where tiny finger-like villi reach out and seize nutrients, pulling them into your bloodstream.

But if you don’t have enough enzymes to break apart large molecules of food, the villi can’t do their job. And unabsorbed food ferments in the small intestine, creating painful gas and irregular bowel movements.

Assist SI delivers the same enzymes that your pancreas releases into the opening of the small intestine, ensuring your villi have something to grab on to and that you get the nutrition you need.

Suggestions For Use
Take 1 - 3 capsules with each meal. Combine with Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes and Assist Dairy & Protein for greater results.

  • Contains all the enzymes that your small intestine requires
  • Provides maximum absorption
  • Breaks down hard-to-digest dairy
  • Helps tone the intestinal wall
  • Helps eliminate bloating and gas
  • Helps get rid of bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Supports regular, healthy bowel movements
  • Non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free
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  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
5.0 Great product by Vero
I love legumes but was never able to digest them properly. After using Assist SI for a couple of months, I realized by chance that now I can eat lentils, beans and garbanzo beans¡ What a blessing¡
(Posted on 9/2/2014)
5.0 I am never without it! by Lauren S
Assist SI is a fantastic supplement. I have had to modify my diet significantly because of IBS/food sensitivies. Using Assist SI makes digestion so much easier on me and I'm able to digest things like greens (yes, GREENS are hard on me...sheesh) fully without stomach upset.
(Posted on 7/22/2014)

Want to get more out of your meals? Assist-SI™ is a dietary supplement that maximizes your food’s potential to nourish, energize, and heal!

Although your small intestine is something you may not give much thought to, it’s the place where most of the digestion and absorption of your food occurs.

Small Intestine Facts:

  • Between 13 and 20 feet long (if over 5 yrs of age)
  • Only about 1-1¼ inch in diameter
  • Surface area covers the size of a tennis court
  • Responsible for digesting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • Lengthens and loses muscle tone due to aging

If your small intestine isn't working, it really doesn't matter what you eat, since you won't be getting the nutrients you need. You're not getting the full value from your food; plain and simple.

For so many of us, this means that our commitment to a healthy diet isn't giving us any of the health and wellness payoffs we were hoping for simply because our small intestine isn't in balance. If the small intestine is not functioning optimally, precious nutrients from your food will leave your body in the form of waste.

Many digestive enzyme products only assist the digestive process as it occurs in the stomach. Because ph and acid levels in the stomach are different than those in the small intestine, these products essentially stop working when they enter the small intestine, where the ph level is much higher. Don't let your food go to waste!

Body Ecology has created a new digestive aid specifically designed to protect and enhance the function of your small intestine. ASSIST SI is a super pancreatic enzyme that turns your small intestine into a digestion powerhouse to quickly absorb proteins, fats, and carbohydrates while detoxifying and toning the small intestine, ensuring nutrient-rich blood and happy, healthy cells.

How do you know if you need Assist SI? You may have common symptoms like:

  • Abdominal bloating and discomfort an hour or more after a meal
  • Indigestion
  • Gas
  • Undigested food passed into your stool
  • Intestinal candida overgrowth

Why is it important to take a pancreatin supplement?
Healthy intestinal function and a balanced intestinal environment are essential to overall health and resistance to disease. But achieving this can be challenging. The pancreas, a small gland located near the stomach, is responsible for producing digestive enzymes and hormones that regulate blood sugar. Due to diets high in mineral depleted food, cooked food, and sugar and stressful living, the pancreas becomes overtaxed and unable to complete its function.

Assist SI is a pancreatin - a booster blend of naturally occurring pancreatic enzymes. This will provide natural enzymes that your pancreas already produces, which many people are unknowingly deficient in. Taken with food, pancreatin acts as a digestive enzyme. Taken on an empty stomach, it becomes what is known as a SYSTEMIC ENZYME, working throughout your body and affecting every organ.

What Assist SI will do for you

  • Helps digest vital nutrients in your small intestine
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the small intestine
  • Assists with digestion of milk proteins in dairy foods
  • Promotes regular bowel function and elimination of toxins
  • Maintains a healthy balance of intestinal microflora (beneficial bacteria)
  • Used as an effective systemic enzyme

Assist SI fits perfectly into our full line of digestive enzymes, which work hand-in-hand to create a healthy and robust digestive system:

Take 1 -3 Assist SI with every meal, combining with Assist and Assist Dairy and Protein as follows:

Pancreatic enzymes in Assist SI that help facilitate digestion and cleansing:

  • Pancreatin - contains the digestive enzymes trypsin, amylase, and lipase
  • Protease - an enzyme that helps break down proteins
  • Amylase - an enzyme that breaks starch down into sugar
  • Lipase - an enzyme that breaks apart fat molecules
  • Papain - an enzyme found naturally in unripe papayas which assists in the breakdown of food
  • Bromelain - a mixture of enzymes found in the juice and stems of pineapples, it assists in the digestion of protein
  • Lipase (alkaline) - an enzyme with an alkaline base that breaks down fats in foods
  • Lipase (acid) - an enzyme with an acid base that breaks down fats in foods
  • Trypsin & Chymotrypsin - these proteases break down proteins into basic amino acids
  • Alpha Galactosidase - an enzyme that helps to break down complex or branching sugars (polysaccharides and oligosaccharides) in foods such as legumes and cruciferous vegetables

Recommended Serving Size and Instructions
Take 1 - 3 capsules with each meal. Combine with Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes and Assist Dairy & Protein for greater results.

  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
Assist SI Nutritional Information

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This enzyme doesn't irritate my stomach (Posted on 6/22/2017)
5.0 Very strong by Rebecca
Can tell it works because my stomach is feeling it. Had to start slow to get used to it. (Posted on 6/18/2017)
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This is the best probiotics I have taken for two years. (Posted on 6/13/2017)
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This product continues to amaze me by the number of people it helps. Thank you for such a wonderful product. (Posted on 5/24/2017)
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I had a small intestin re-section several years ago. I took this formula for awhile and since I was feeling quite well, I stopped taking them for several years. Recently, I started taking them again and I notice a marked improvement in my digestion. I am going to stay on these indefinitely. Excellent product! (Posted on 5/21/2017)
3.0 Unsure by Alex
This is my third bottle and I take 1-2 capsules per meal. Honestly, I don't know if it helps. However, I don't have a reaction when I take it, either. I took Assist Full spectrum a few times and I did have a bd reaction—made me more bloated and have pain.

In that sense this is good because I haven't gotten any reaction. I'll continue to re-order and hope that it is helping. (Posted on 5/12/2017)
5.0 Amazing by Araceli
A few months ago I had a very large colon surgery and from that moment began to look for enzymes to help me and finally I found them. This product is incredible along with probiotics. Thanks donna (Posted on 5/11/2017)
5.0 The very best by Tosin
This has really helped me digest food when all other digestive enzymes failed. (Posted on 4/14/2017)
4.0 not able to review by Laura
I need more time with this product to be able to review it properly. So far it does not seem to make much of a difference but I have not been using it very long. I love your kefir starter so if you would like a review of that, i would happily submit one. (Posted on 4/5/2017)
5.0 Wonderful! by Stephanie
My mother has struggled with digestive issues, and I decided that she needed some enzymes, but there are so many out there. I am a physician trained in conventional and functional medicine, so I have knowledge about many things, and this product is excellent! I recommend it to my patients on a daily basis. (Posted on 3/28/2017)
5.0 Pancreatin is what works so well for me! by cathy
Assist SI keeps my tummy flat, and in addition to it having a whole host of good digest enzymes in it, the pancreatic may be the most beneficial to me as I seem to have read that it is very helpful in metabolizingng sugars! (Posted on 3/24/2017)
5.0 Excellent! by Andrea
As my detox journey continues I have experimented with various protocols and I am beginning to get feeling back in my GI tract (in a positive way). Assist SI is a big part of the healing process. This becomes very clear when I stop for thirty-forty five days and then add it back in. Love this stuff!! Thank you BE for supporting me the heal my gut! (Posted on 3/19/2017)
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Thank God for Assist si. I've been able to handle indigestion in pregnancy. It's the best I've seen. (Posted on 3/13/2017)
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I was having a lot of problems with digestion and now I feel much better. (Posted on 3/11/2017)
5.0 On my trip by susan
This product is important to me, especially since I was traveling to NZ and Australia. I wasn't concerned about going out of the country since I took Assist SI with me. I rely on ASSI for my digestive issues. (Posted on 3/10/2017)
5.0 The extra piece I didnt know I needed by Cara
This enzyme helped me so much! This in addition to the full spectrum enzymes really gave me the boost I needed to get my digestion under control. I'm very grateful to have found this supplement! (Posted on 3/8/2017)
5.0 Great product by Rhonda
I highly recommend this digestive aid. (Posted on 2/26/2017)
5.0 Assist SI by MARIA
again excellent product - Thank you (Posted on 2/23/2017)
5.0 Pancake flat belly by cathy
I have noticed that after my evening meal my tummy is quite bloted but by the next M after taking the Assist SI my tummy is pancake flat again! I feel much better and look much better in my clothes. (Posted on 2/17/2017)
5.0 very good by Lisa
I need all assistance in digestion and this is an excellent start (Posted on 2/3/2017)
5.0 Awesome by Nancy
Great product feel so great taking it! (Posted on 1/25/2017)
5.0 Sleep better by Jolene
I often end up eating dinner late and must go to sleep with food still digesting. When I take this before bed I sleep better. I also take it in the day if I eat a complex or larger meal. It is a gem. (Posted on 1/25/2017)
4.0 Good product by too soon to tell by Millie
I have only been using for 2 weeks now. I think I am seeing some improvement but I have alot of health issues (Lyme disease, hypothyroid, Crohn's etc) Too early to tell. (Posted on 1/23/2017)
4.0 Great Product by April
I really like that this product is Non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. (Posted on 1/21/2017)
5.0 Can't live without this product! by Sy
I recently added this product to my full spectrum enzymes and the combination is magic! I love this product and will continue to purchase it for years to come! (Posted on 1/18/2017)
5.0 Good Solid Product by Creative Crafter
It helps a lot with digestive issues. Combined with the other products it helps even more.

(Posted on 1/10/2017)
5.0 Best probiotics by Tosin
It's the best I've taken so far. Safe in pregnancy. (Posted on 12/22/2016)
5.0 Can't be without my ASSIST SI by susan
Wherever I go, my Assist SI is with me. I have told so many friends about Assist SI. I take 2-3 capsules and know my meal is covered with the best enzymes. (Posted on 12/18/2016)
3.0 Good Product by Nekia
I will definitely continue to use. (Posted on 12/13/2016)
5.0 Good solid product by Mame
I notice the difference when I don't take it.

Helps me digest food a lot more efficiently. (Posted on 12/10/2016)
5.0 Assist SI improve my bowel elimination by eva
I had IBS , Assist SI help relief my Gas and help my bowel elimination . I'm very happy with this product . (Posted on 12/7/2016)
5.0 Oh how this product has helped. by Tosin
Thanks to Donna for this product. It had helped a lot with indigestion and mineral absorption. (Posted on 11/30/2016)
5.0 Huge Help! by Holly
This product is great if you suffer from leaky gut or digestive issues. I don't know of any other product that specifically addresses the small intestine. Love this product. (Posted on 11/30/2016)
5.0 I love this product. by Brittanie
It has been the most powerful enzymes I have ever tried. I am amazed and so thankful. (Posted on 11/21/2016)
5.0 Pancake flat tummy by cathy
Assit SI takes care of my bloating so that I get a pancake fat belly when taken with meals following a body ecology diet! (Posted on 11/21/2016)
5.0 Great Enzyme! by kathleen s
Results! I have never had more confidence in the quality of enzymes as those of BE! (Posted on 11/15/2016)
5.0 So helpful! by Jess
For years I've struggled with IBS and this product really helps curb my stomach issues. (Posted on 11/12/2016)
5.0 The BEST disgestive enzyme by susan
I have tried many digestive enzymes Assist beats all of them. So comforting to know where to buy excellent products. (Posted on 11/6/2016)
5.0 amazing! by TJ
I use to have undigested food in stool but this product has helped that significantly. The best digestive aid I have found. (Posted on 11/4/2016)
5.0 This has helped with pregnancy costipation. by Tosin
I've had indigestion before pregnancy but this has really helped me pull through. (Posted on 11/1/2016)
5.0 Excellent!! by Andrea
I have been detoxing and working to restore my digestion for several years...mercury, mold, infected root canal, glyphosate, etc. Assist SI is the absolutely the best digestive enzyme I have ever taken. Thank you Body Ecology! (Posted on 10/30/2016)
5.0 Works by Melody
I use this with Full Spectrum digestive enzyme and it works. (Posted on 10/19/2016)
5.0 Great Product by Linda
I've found the Assist SI to be very beneficial to my digestion. They've helped to regulate my digestion. I'll continue to order these. (Posted on 10/16/2016)
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When taken with every meal, I have had none of the usual digestive issues. I'm amazed. Nothing has ever worked before and I've been searching for years. Highly recommend this product. (Posted on 10/7/2016)
3.0 Good product by Mirene
This was recommended by my health coach. Taken with food it helps digestion in the small intestine. Without food, it functions as a systemic enzyme including pancreatic. (Posted on 10/5/2016)
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I added this to the full spectrum enzymes and have never felt so great after eating! (Posted on 9/29/2016)
5.0 Count on Assist SI by Rose
Assist SI is a product you can count on to benefit your digestion from a name you can trust. (Posted on 9/11/2016)
5.0 works great! by KATHY
Love how this works on bloating in upper belly (Posted on 9/8/2016)
5.0 Favorite BE product by Carol
I use with regular digestive enzymes. Together they really calm my entire digestive system. I also take 2 in the morning on an empty stomach as recommended by Donna to get even more digestion help. (Posted on 9/6/2016)
5.0 Great product! by Laura
Assist SI has been great for alleviating the full feeling I was getting after even small meals. My food is being digested better than before and there are no unpleasant side effects. (Posted on 9/5/2016)
5.0 happier tummy by beth
I have suffered intestinal trouble many years. This product helps me. When flairs are at their worst, this is where I turn. (Posted on 9/5/2016)
5.0 Wonderful product by Barbara H.
This and the other 2 enzymes, plus body ecology diet and probiotics are re-setting my digestive system, prone to AM diarrhea 8 years. many thanks. (Posted on 9/4/2016)
4.0 Great Product by PAIGE
I've been using this product for about 2 months now and have become more regular. Almost out and need to order more! (Posted on 9/4/2016)
5.0 Digestion improved by Dee
IBS has improved since I have been taking the Assist SI and the Bifidus blend! (Posted on 8/26/2016)
5.0 5 stars!!! by Shelbye
Don't go without this!!! This and Livamend are saviors in my supplement routine! Thank you Donna and your BE lifestyle! (Posted on 8/23/2016)
5.0 Great product! by Holly
We love this! It helps us with SIBO. Great product. (Posted on 8/23/2016)
4.0 Awesom by Leticia
this product consistently helps for digestion, limiting gas and bloating for me. (Posted on 8/8/2016)
4.0 So far so good! by PAIGE
So far I have noticed a difference when taking these along side of the Assist enzymes. I am not as bloated. I'll continue to use them along side the Assist to see if my bloat goes away completely! (Posted on 8/1/2016)
5.0 Nothing works better by Tosin
I tried so many digestive enzymes due to indigestion but none seems to work like assist SI. (Posted on 7/17/2016)
5.0 great product by Sophia
My daughter could stop chewing on antacids all day long after starting this product. (Posted on 6/20/2016)
5.0 Thankful by Nicole
I truly am thankful that my Mom recommended that I try this product. I feel like it took for me to get into my second bottle for it to really start working but, I happened to tell my husband that I am finally feeling better. Years of bloating, gas, tummy aches after I eat have seem to subsided. (Posted on 6/19/2016)
5.0 Excellent Product by Lisa
I have tried all of the BE digestive enzymes and I believe this one is my favorite. It must have just what I need because my digestion is improving, and I feel like I'm absorbing nutrients better. (Posted on 6/19/2016)
5.0 Never without it! by LS
I have IBS and I never let myself run out of this. (Posted on 6/18/2016)
1.0 Save your money by Suzanne
Again, another product that did absolutely nothing for me. I won't be purchasing again. (Posted on 6/16/2016)
3.0 Not sure by Cmccartney
I'm not sure about this supplement. I have had SIBO and it struck me as something that would really help me but honestly I haven't noticed much of an immediate change. I'm going to keep taking it though and I will reorder just incase it has more of a long term effect. I did have high expectations. (Posted on 6/11/2016)
5.0 Part of my diet regiment by Sandra
I recently ran out of this product and could feel the difference when I was not taking it. I started feeling bloated again and will begin a regiment to help with the bloating which will include the Assist SI. (Posted on 6/10/2016)
5.0 Helped so much with indigestion and bloating by Englishrose
Prior to taking Assist SI it used to feel like food would just sit in my stomach and I would 'burp' up the taste of my food for hours afterwards. I also had such bad bloating that I looked heavily pregnant most of the time. Assist SI has helped hugely with my symptoms. (Posted on 6/9/2016)
5.0 I love this product. It helps me with bloated and gas. by Elayne
Love this product helps with bloating and gas. (Posted on 6/7/2016)
5.0 Great product by Kathy
I just started taking these and had immediate results when added it to the enzymes I've been taking. It helps to diffuse stomach discomfort after eating. (Posted on 6/5/2016)
5.0 good product by Louise Rose
I like this product.It's helping me get healthier. (Posted on 5/25/2016)
5.0 tummy help by SRF
my digestion issues are solved with Assist SI! take 1 every meal!
(Posted on 5/22/2016)
5.0 Really works! by Tiffany
I take the Assist SI with Assist Dairy & Protein and I'm not longer getting constant bloating like I do in the past. I don't take these with every meal but with the largest meals which has protein or diary. (Posted on 5/17/2016)
5.0 Excellent! by Cara
This product is amazing. Seriously. This plus the Digestive Care Multi completes my digestive routine. I love it! I feel so much better! (Posted on 5/15/2016)
5.0 Great support, simple formula by B Jo
This product has been really helpful as I heal from SIBO . (Posted on 5/4/2016)
4.0 Add periodically by Mary
I have this one also, I take this every once in a while in addition to the dairy and protein enzyme. (Posted on 4/24/2016)
5.0 works wonders! by Shelbye
Can't be without it!! (Posted on 4/18/2016)
5.0 Solid support by Ginger
When I take Assist SI, I feel that food moves more smoothly through my intestines and it gives me a solid, reliable support feeling! (Posted on 4/15/2016)
5.0 Don't go without it by Lauren
Managing IBS as long as I have, I've learned not to go without this. (Posted on 4/10/2016)
5.0 5 by Walter
very good for small intestine (Posted on 4/7/2016)
5.0 This is for more than food digestion! by Tosha
I have been learning more about pancreatic enzymes, so I have been using this product in the mornings on an empty stomach while also taking in plenty of water & minerals (which is a tip that has been clarified the most to me by Donna). I don't do this everyday, but quite often, especially when I am menstruating. I am finding this very beneficial, so I thought I would share. And of course I use this product with meals! (Posted on 3/23/2016)
5.0 These so WORK! by Kim Rena
I've only been taking these daily with the other 2 products. I see a world if difference. I can feel the difference and no much bloating anymore. I'm ordering my second month now of all three products so I don't run out. Before these brand of products, everything but wAter hurt my stomach and I stayed sick to my stomach. Love this. (Posted on 3/22/2016)
4.0 Great by Trudy
Love this product - it really helps w digestion when I eat and has helped my stomach feel better!! (Posted on 3/22/2016)
4.0 Great product by Megan del Corral
Easily tolerated with no side effects. Didn't improve elimination habits, however, noticed skin & energy improvements (Posted on 3/22/2016)
3.0 Not sure by Rachel
Haven't been taking long enough to know if it works. I will be giving it more time. (Posted on 3/20/2016)
5.0 LOVE! by Eric
This product has helped me beyond what I ever imagined it would ! Thank you ! (Posted on 3/19/2016)
5.0 Fantastic!! by KATHY
This digestive enzyme completely eliminates all of my bloating! Thank you Donna!! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
5.0 Digestive bloating by Dawn
Having a lot of bloating after meals and this seems to have helped immensely !! (Posted on 3/14/2016)
5.0 wonderful by Eric
I would be lost without this product . After taking Assist SI I have started to feel much more like myself again ,Love Love !!! (Posted on 3/6/2016)
5.0 real help by Anne Marie
I start taking this product after few weeks I started to use body ecology products and even I saw an improvment în my digestive problems, my SI didn t work better still. Now I can feel the differnce.
Many thanks (Posted on 3/3/2016)
4.0 Good digestive aid, helping with normal stools by Sam
I would recommend this product. I feel this is helping straighten out my bowel habits. I'm going to continue taking it. (Posted on 1/6/2016)
5.0 YES by Cara
This product has saved my life. I was taking the Digestive Care Multi before which was so helpful, but this supplement made me so much better! No more bloating! (Posted on 1/1/2016)
5.0 The best by PVMV
I follow the BED diet which helps me with better digestion and overall health. I use the Assist SI and think that these enzymes help me the best compared to others that I have tried. (Posted on 12/27/2015)
5.0 Decreased gas & bloating by missprettyMJ
I noticed soon after using Assisst SI that I experienced less gas & bloating after eating dairy products. I use it in combination with Liv Amend & Assisst. The gas & bloating comes back when I run out. I will definitely try to avoid any lapses in usage going forward. (Posted on 12/27/2015)
5.0 Great product by Kimberly
Helps with digestion (Posted on 12/24/2015)
5.0 Great stuff by Dulcce
One of the only supplements that has helped me at all! thank you (Posted on 12/9/2015)
5.0 Assist SI by Cathy
So glad I discovered This product. I am using this at a peach meal and notice a difference. Thank you Donna. (Posted on 11/24/2015)
5.0 Best enzyme I've ever used by Liz
I've used enzymes for years - Gold Standard brand, etc. I like this one better than all the others I've used. (Posted on 11/22/2015)
5.0 Noticable differences by Debbie
Not even half way through the my first bottle and I notice some big difference and some suttle. Things are moving better and it seems it is in the process of improving other my system even more. Realy looking forward to the other benefits this provides. I will also be looking at the other Assist to add to my program. Love this! (Posted on 11/21/2015)
4.0 Seemed to Really Help My Digestion by Dan
I really liked this product. It seemed to really help my digestion. My energy levels went up when I was taking it. (Posted on 11/19/2015)
5.0 Very grateful by Robyn
I tried this product and to start with and had such great results that I also ordered the Dairy and Protein. I am so thankful for the podcasts and all the information on the website. (Posted on 11/12/2015)
5.0 Works for me by Jenny
I get acid reflux from poor breakdown of protein and was already supplementing with digestive enzymes when I tried SI Assist. When I added the SI, I noticed a definite improvement of my symptoms. (Posted on 11/9/2015)
5.0 Sounds great by BB
I am waiting to see if this works (Posted on 10/29/2015)
5.0 Helps breakdown food by Hatelovesugar
This supplement has helped me greatly in breaking certain foods down better with all my gut and digestion issues. Thankful for it! (Posted on 10/29/2015)
5.0 Effective by J
help my digestion...highly recommend (Posted on 10/28/2015)
5.0 Great product by Cathy
I highly recommend. Has changed my life discovering these enzymes. (Posted on 10/25/2015)
4.0 Gluten exposure impaired my intestines by KC
I have low stomach acid & I'm gluten intolerant with a few other food intolerances, & had been glutened twice within a week. I've been taking other supplements to heal my intestines from gluten, & I wasn't noticing a marked improvement until I added this product. Within 3 weeks of taking this, my intestines functioned a lot better. (Posted on 10/25/2015)
5.0 Best enzymes I've found by mzy
I had very loose bowel movements for years despite multiple changes in diet and trying numerous brands of enzymes. I believe that I had what is called "dumping syndrome" where the small intestine can't do the initial work of breaking down the food. Assist SI solved that problem and now I can absorb the high quality nutrients I eat.
Thanks Body Ecology! (Posted on 10/23/2015)
5.0 Si enzymes benefits by Patches
All products have helped me but since taking the SI enzymes I have unlimited energy and regularity is coming back. Someone suggested taking at bedtime and this really works great for me. I take this with your regular enzymes at bedtime and feel great in the morning. (Posted on 10/13/2015)
5.0 Great product by adillon
Will order again. (Posted on 10/8/2015)
5.0 Excellent Digestive aid by CSmith
This is an amazing product. It has completely calmed my intestines better than anything else I have found. I use it in conjunction with Assist, digestive enzymes. (Posted on 10/7/2015)
5.0 Great Product! by Happy SI
I eat really healthy, staying close to the Body Ecology Diet. But after 10 years my practitioner said I still have inflammation in SI. Then I started using Assist SI and things have been getting much better. My gut seems to be much happier!! (Posted on 10/2/2015)
5.0 Great for bloating! by HealthNut
These enzymes have helped me tremendously with bloating. I used to have so much bloating after every meal. Now that I take 2-3 these with meals, the bloating has gone away, and my stomach feels much better! (Posted on 9/25/2015)
5.0 Excellent Product by SunnyDay
This has far more enzymes than the other top brand I was using, so is less expensive since 1 capsule equaled 3- 4 of my other brand. My GI issues have really improved with it as well. Thank you! (Posted on 9/23/2015)
5.0 Amazing Product by Carol
I take 2 of these every morning on an empty stomach and then 1-2 with meals along with 1-2 Body Ecology's Assist digestive enzymes and ProBiotic drink. I have almost completely eliminated my digestive issues. Love this product. (Posted on 9/16/2015)
4.0 Effective by yank
This enzyme does help my digestion. I would recommend it. (Posted on 9/12/2015)
5.0 Great product by Jersin
Assist SI has truly transformed by gut into a digestive engine. I am no longer bloated after eating meals. And, I'm having regular bowel movements now. I have to say that it took patience, perseverance, and discipline to get these results. But, it was worth the effort. (Posted on 9/7/2015)
5.0 5 star in my book by Liz
I've tried many enzymes and I have to say that I like this one A LOT. (Posted on 9/1/2015)
5.0 Back For More! by Sibegirl
Assist SI really agrees with me, where other products do not. Also, my nutritionist says this is a good for me! (Posted on 8/30/2015)
5.0 Great Product by Abby
Assist SI has improved my overall digestion, including increasing my bowel regularity. (Posted on 8/28/2015)
5.0 Fabulous by Pam
This product has really helped me with my leaky gut and hashimoto's--I highly recommend it for anyone with thyroid issues! (Posted on 8/25/2015)
4.0 Helps digestion by Blake
Seems to work good from what I can tell on helping me break down fats and proteins a little better (Posted on 8/21/2015)
5.0 Best Digestive Enzyme by BeWell
I love this enzyme especially when taken with the Assist Dairy and Protein. Together I have no troubles with beans and legumes. I also have less bloating. :-) (Posted on 8/13/2015)
4.0 Yes to this by Susie
Yes, again and again to Donna's putting together these fine digestive enzymes. All part of the great string quartet that I so like and never want to be without. (Posted on 8/12/2015)
5.0 eliminates abdomenal bloating fast by wendy
Four years I've had abdominal pain & bloating. I get shortness of breathe where it feels like a rock in my gut, non-passable gas retention that even my ears hiss & it causes headaches. I take the Assist SI & I can start to breath normal again, it breaks up the gas & the normal stomach gurgling happens & the gas pain diminishes (Posted on 8/10/2015)
5.0 essential elements by Kay
Very happy with both of the Assist & Assist SI Enzyme. I had never taken enzymes as A regular part of my diet, but when Donna mentioned that if you were to only take one supplement the enzymes were the most important, I became intrigued. As I have coverted to the Body Ecology diet the enzymes have really smoothed & supported the changes. I feel the wisdom of her advice, thank you! (Posted on 8/9/2015)
5.0 Assist SI by Renee
Works great. Especially paired with Assist Enzymes. I have very little stomach distress even after the occasional heavy meal. (Posted on 8/8/2015)
5.0 Added this and feeling much better by Sher
Very good product (Posted on 8/5/2015)
5.0 very helpful for digestion by Bev
Helps with digestion without irritating my stomach like the high protease enzymes do. (Posted on 8/2/2015)
5.0 Deferring use for a bit by Deborah
Truly expect this will be immensely beneficial once I mitigate SIBO better. (Posted on 8/2/2015)
5.0 Excellent results with this product by KB
This is a good product for small intestine digestive improvement (Posted on 7/31/2015)
4.0 Great digestive enzymes by Tabo
Assist SI has helped greatly with my digestion and with its use I have regular bowel movements and hardly any bloating and gas. (Posted on 7/31/2015)
5.0 Outstanding! by Los Angelena
This product has been a life saver. When used in addition to the digestive care multi packs, its a winning combination. Love it! (Posted on 7/16/2015)
5.0 Excellent Product by Al
I tried the Assist SI first time and I loved the product. Very high quality, very effective. I finished the one bottle and ordered two more bottle. I am feeling very energetic, no blotting after heavy meal. Thanks BED for great product. (Posted on 7/15/2015)
1.0 one star by Wanda
This didn't do anything for me. :( (Posted on 7/9/2015)
5.0 Good product by Maureen
I believe is one of the best enzyme products in the market. (Posted on 7/4/2015)
5.0 excellent! by k
Been using for some time and getting good resulys (Posted on 7/1/2015)
5.0 Finally Relief!!! by Kristen
I've experienced terrible gas after eating basically anything and have tried SO many things including other digestive enzymes and nothing has worked until I tried this! So incredibly grateful for relief!!! (Posted on 6/26/2015)
5.0 I have only used a few capsules by wwskvsgd
It seems to help in my digestion. (Posted on 6/14/2015)
3.0 Starting to improve by Nanny
Have been having digestive problems for two and a half years and tried all kinds of prescription meds. This is the first thing that I have taken that has given me a glance of hope. IF it keeps improving, next time my review will be better. (Posted on 6/13/2015)
3.0 Product for Digestion by John
This product worked okay. I didn't note a major difference in my digestion ability. The other products for BE are exceptional. (Posted on 6/7/2015)
5.0 Quality Product by KB
Been using this product for some time and am getting good results with overall GI health... (Posted on 5/31/2015)
5.0 Great enzymes by Rocio
Very much needed in my system, they are soft and work wonders withing minutes. (Posted on 5/29/2015)
5.0 Wonderful Product! by Lisa C
I have just added the Assist SI to go along with the Assist and Livemend more indigestion; no more bloating. This product has been a lifesaver for me. (Posted on 5/29/2015)
4.0 Helps with my digestion. by Teres
Very good! (Posted on 5/25/2015)
5.0 Great! by LF20
This is a product that I never go without! (Posted on 5/11/2015)
5.0 Works great! by Joan
Assist SI really helps. It's a great product! (Posted on 5/6/2015)
5.0 Great Digenstive Enzyme by Karen
Love this product after a meal to help my body digest. (Posted on 5/3/2015)
5.0 Amazing Product! by JOY
I absolutely believe in all of the products Body Ecology has to offer! I received Assist SI in my cleanse kit and I also ordered it separately another time, each time noticing a difference in my digestive progress. Thanks Body Ecology! (Posted on 5/2/2015)
5.0 Excellent by J
Excellent product...just placed my orde (Posted on 4/19/2015)
5.0 BUY THIS by Cara
This is such an amazing product. Food no longer gets "stuck" in the small intestine when I eat. These enzymes cut right through it. I love this stuff!! (Posted on 4/10/2015)
5.0 Love by Shelle
I use this and the full spectrum Assist. I have been trying so many different enzymes with heightened issues the past 9 months and these are really GREAT! (Posted on 4/2/2015)
5.0 excellent by Kelly
excellent product (Posted on 1/8/2015)
5.0 Awesome product by Kimberly M.
I have been struggling to heal a SIBO infection. Assist SI has been a crucial part of my get well protocol and has tipped me over into healing. Thanks!! (Posted on 1/5/2015)
5.0 Great for cleansing by Jersin
Great product for cleansing your SI. My digestion has greatly improved. (Posted on 1/4/2015)
5.0 It works! by Mellie
Really helps with digestion! (Posted on 1/1/2015)
5.0 Assist SI by Tina
Key component to my "digestive" health plan...wish this was part of the Affordable Health Care Plan. (Posted on 12/31/2014)
5.0 Has really helped me with my digestive problems and gas. by Elayne
Has really halped with the gas problem. (Posted on 12/30/2014)
4.0 Good by Tish
This product has continued to help with digestive sluggishness. Thank you! (Posted on 12/10/2014)
5.0 Good Product by Shannon
I have been using this supplement at every meal and it has helped to reduce side effects (like bloating) that I would feel after eating. Good product and I plan to re-order. (Posted on 11/3/2014)
5.0 So pleased by LFS
I am so very pleased with how SI Assist helps me digest. As one who struggles with food sensitivities, this is a lifesaver! (Posted on 10/30/2014)
5.0 Awesome Digestive Enzymes by Cheryl
So glad I use these enzymes. They help with bloating and I always feel remarkable after I take these before meals! (Posted on 10/23/2014)
5.0 Helps Digestion by Phillip
I like Assist SI for digestion. (Posted on 10/2/2014)
4.0 Total help with bm's! by Pat
Very good quality (Posted on 9/10/2014)
4.0 very good by k love
SI is more necessary than I previously thought. Made a big difference when I finally started using it in conjunction with the other two enzyme formulas. Thanks BED! (Posted on 9/8/2014)
5.0 Great product by Vero
I love legumes but was never able to digest them properly. After using Assist SI for a couple of months, I realized by chance that now I can eat lentils, beans and garbanzo beans¡ What a blessing¡ (Posted on 9/2/2014)
4.0 Good! by Laura Bee
Very good at helping me digest raw, leafy greens! (Posted on 8/20/2014)
5.0 Super product by Chrssy
I have been taking enzymes for 5 years now . This has kicked my health into high gear. I have been using for about a month and have had super results. Better digestion, more energy and great skin. Thank you Donna !! (Posted on 8/11/2014)
5.0 great by Jill
great to find proteolytic enzymes. I take these on an empty stomach at bedtime to boost my immune system. (Posted on 8/10/2014)
4.0 Very good product by Tracy
This is a very good product helping me to normalize after a pancreatic attack. Absolutely recommend for anyone with enzyme issues. (Posted on 8/7/2014)
5.0 Love assist di by Barb
I love all the body ecology products. I dont eat a meal without them. (Posted on 8/4/2014)
5.0 Help digest by MVT
This really help digest food properly. I usually take it 15 min before meals and I notice a difference. (Posted on 8/3/2014)
5.0 I am never without it! by Lauren S
Assist SI is a fantastic supplement. I have had to modify my diet significantly because of IBS/food sensitivies. Using Assist SI makes digestion so much easier on me and I'm able to digest things like greens (yes, GREENS are hard on me...sheesh) fully without stomach upset. (Posted on 7/22/2014)
5.0 Reduces bloating by Elizabeth
Whenever I eat a meal that's larger or has more protein in it, I use Assist SI and I notice that I have an easier time with digestion. It definitely decreases bloating. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
5.0 Excellent Product by Eliza
Definitely works for both compromised digestion and inflammation/pain. Work extremely well! (Posted on 7/6/2014)
5.0 Decreases Bloating by Elizabeth
Taking Assist SI has helped to decrease severe bloating after meals. Eating correct combinations and proper portions was the first step and Assist SI made a huge additional difference toward improving digestion. (Posted on 6/21/2014)
4.0 A good product. by Kathy
This combination of enzymes works quite well for me! (Posted on 6/19/2014)
5.0 Good for YOU by greens lover
Only Donna Gates takes care of your Small Intestine. Most companies sell digestive enzymes to help your stomach and large intestine, but overlook the valuable small intestine. This gives me the support I need to cover ALL my digestive tract! I dont' like to be without it! (Posted on 6/13/2014)
3.0 I didn't really notice a difference by Jennifer
I felt better after the very first pill I took and surprisingly could take animal protein again for a few days, but it's done nothing for my digestion since that first dose. Either I don't have the condition it is meant to support, or it doesn't work and I'm not sure which. I was pretty disappointed in the product though. (Posted on 6/13/2014)
5.0 Assist SI by Alicia
This is my first purchase after reading here what the product does. I like that it singles out the small intestine. Excellent results and believe it really works the longer you are on it. (Posted on 6/11/2014)
5.0 Great! by Tish
Important to great digestive health. (Posted on 5/30/2014)
4.0 very helpful by simplify
Very helpful in keeping a calm stomach. (Posted on 5/7/2014)
5.0 Excellent by Natalie
My digestion is so much better (Posted on 5/6/2014)
5.0 helps bloating by Lynne
Assist SI seems to help my full feeling and bloating after eating. I feel as though I am now experiencing better digestion. (Posted on 4/19/2014)
5.0 Love this product by Greg T
No more bloating and problems with digestion. Love this product! (Posted on 4/18/2014)
5.0 Excellent by Kelly
Love all the BE digestive enzymes...wouldn't eat a meal without them!!!!! (Posted on 4/18/2014)
5.0 Digestion you don't even notice by Brandon
I've been taking this enzyme with my meals for a couple years now and I hardly ever even notice my digestion--no discomfort, no gurgling stomach, nothing. (Posted on 4/10/2014)
5.0 Assist SI by AloraCleanse
Great enzyme for the SI, my clients love it! (Posted on 4/8/2014)
5.0 I never go without it! by LFS
I love Assist SI. I always have it around the house and absolutely never go out to eat without it! (Posted on 4/6/2014)
5.0 Good product by tifhill
Really helps to reduce the noise and bloating during digestion! (Posted on 4/5/2014)
5.0 Love this product by Laura
Can't live without this product, I take it before each meal! (Posted on 4/3/2014)
4.0 Very good product by Constance
A very good product. More effective than other digestive enzymes I've used. (Posted on 3/24/2014)
5.0 Assist SI by Carrie
Great product! (Posted on 3/22/2014)
5.0 Very good product by Connie
Great product. Has helped me with protein digestion. (Posted on 1/23/2014)
4.0 love BE products but..... by Id
I really like all the Body Ecology products I have ordered, but shipping seems to be a big problem, at least for me. It does not matter who I order from, there is always a long wait to get them, so I would say plan accordingly. (Posted on 1/21/2014)
5.0 irving by elsa
God help me to find the right enzymes .i suffered a lot in the gut iswsues .and skin conditions.i am getting healed after taking this.. (Posted on 1/3/2014)
4.0 Very good product by Connie
I get good results with this product. (Posted on 12/30/2013)
5.0 Fine product by Dawna
A very fine product. It's helping me with protein digestion. (Posted on 12/2/2013)
5.0 great product by velvet
My acupuncturist did a test on me and told me that my body likes the assist SI and
Liv Amend. So I try to never go without either
product. (Posted on 12/2/2013)
5.0 Keeps everything in check by Spacey
I find that when I take this enzyme first thing in the AM on an empty stomach my digestion is much stronger for the rest of the day. I also find that taken regularly with some of the other BED products (vitality super greens, and the other enzyme blends) it really helps me keep my ulcerative colitis symptoms in check. Its been a great help! (Posted on 11/30/2013)
4.0 decent enzyme by Harreson
I like the SI enzyme product but I seem to get a better response from another enzyme product, not sure why, but I do. I love the super-food product though! (Posted on 11/7/2013)
5.0 Love this stuff! by Lauren
This product has helped me tremendously! It keeps the symptoms of my IBS at bay! I take it multiple times each day for maintenance of good digestion. (Posted on 11/6/2013)
5.0 Great by Connie
Excellent product. I'm digesting protein much better than with other digestive enzyme products I've tried. (Posted on 10/27/2013)
5.0 Love this product by Dawn
Love this product. My digestion works much better since I've begun taking it with each meal. Thank you! (Posted on 10/11/2013)
5.0 Digestive boost by Tammy
Great digestive enzymes to support your intestines, stomach from bloating, gas and discomfort. Couldn't live without Assist SI! (Posted on 10/2/2013)
5.0 Ashland by Rebecca
Assist SI is a great digestive aid to take with meals. It helps with bloating and gas.
I highly recommend it!! (Posted on 10/2/2013)
4.0 Haven't noticed a difference yet. by Suzy
I've only been taking the Assist SI for a few weeks and haven't noticed any improvements, but I'm confident that I will soon! (Posted on 9/30/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Connie
A very effective digestive aid. Thank you. (Posted on 9/23/2013)
4.0 Helps.....but gut still has a ways to go by Richelle
The product works and on average I'm taking 2-3 with each meal and might buy an additional enzyme, but I can tell my gut still has a lot of healing to do. (Posted on 9/21/2013)
4.0 works great by alamama
This product works really well. Gets everything going so good that I had to take less then recommended. (Posted on 9/9/2013)
5.0 Great product by Connie
No doubt it is helping me with my digestion of protein. Thank you. (Posted on 8/30/2013)
5.0 The best by Rickie
I have tried several different enzymes and fhink Assist SI helps my digestion the best.

It is in capsule form which makes it more user friendly vs. a hard tablet. (Posted on 8/27/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Connie
This is a great product. Far better than other digestive enzymes I've used. Digestion is more complete. (Posted on 8/15/2013)
5.0 Love this product by Marguerite
Have been using this product since March 2013 :-) (Posted on 8/12/2013)
4.0 works really well by alamama
SI works really good. Without sounding rude, it really gets things going. I take it more as needed then how much that is recommended. (Posted on 7/30/2013)
5.0 Wonderful product by Connie
Wonderful product. Very effective and simple to use. (Posted on 7/29/2013)
5.0 Love it by Connie
Love this product. It tastes great. I like knowing I'm boosting the protein in my veggies. (Posted on 7/18/2013)
5.0 Great product by CG
I'm glad I finally purchased the Assist SI product. It helps me digest foods much better than the enzymes I used to buy from the health food store. I try to take at least one or two Assist SI capsules and one regular Assist Full Spectrum Enzyme capsule with each meal. (Posted on 7/10/2013)
5.0 great product by velvet
I have recently seen a acupuncturist, who had me bring in all the supplements I have been taking. He did a test on me, that said my body
liked the Assist SI, and Liv Amend the best. (Posted on 7/8/2013)
5.0 great by nico
Definitely assists with digestion -- less issues with bloating & discomfort : ) Thank You!! (Posted on 7/6/2013)
5.0 Love it by Connie
Great, effective product. (Posted on 7/3/2013)
2.0 Can't tell the difference by isabelle
Taking one with each meal, may be should increase amount taken. Just received test results and no improvement in fat or protein digestion. (Posted on 6/29/2013)
5.0 Couldn't do without this! by Marcie
What a difference taking these enzymes do to my digestion!! Along with following the body ecology diet and probiotic drinks, I feel amazing! (Posted on 6/23/2013)
2.0 Can't tell a difference by Kathy
Can't tell a difference, but may try 1 more month. (Posted on 6/22/2013)
5.0 Supportive product by Michael
Product helps support digestion and reduce inflammation in my gut. Highly recommended, I've been taking it for sometime now. (Posted on 6/16/2013)
5.0 Supportive product by Mike
This product is a great addition when needing to heal my digestive tract. Breaks down foods and helps reduce inflammation on my gut. Definitely recommend, as I have taken this supplement sometime no. (Posted on 6/16/2013)
5.0 Great digestion! by Brandon
These enzymes seem to make digestion so easy I barely notice it! No stomach aches, feeling super full, or tiredness after meals! It's great! (Posted on 6/11/2013)
5.0 The Assist SI has helped me be nore regular. by Donna
I have constipated lately, and the Assist SI has helped me have more regular bowel movements. (Posted on 6/9/2013)
5.0 Great by P
I love all of Dona's products (Posted on 6/2/2013)
5.0 excellent by velvet
These products have made a big difference in my life. I was having terrible heartburn, burping....making my life very miserable. After finding these products and taking them faithfully and changing my diet to body ecology diet, I no longer have heartburn. I still burp occasionally, and after years of being constipated, I now have a regular normal bowel movement. I have kind of fallen off the diet, which I am sure is the reason for the occasional burping problem. But now I know what to do to fix it. Thank you! (Posted on 5/22/2013)
4.0 Good product by Lisa
Overall good. I've never found anything perfect but it does work most of the time for me (Posted on 5/21/2013)
5.0 Excellent product! by Bonnie
I am noticing a huge difference in my whole overall health since starting on the BED protocol. I know this product certainly adds much to the mix. (Posted on 5/21/2013)
5.0 Excellent for Bouncing back from Gut Inflammation by Kern
I find this product to be excellent and essential in helping me bounce back from gut inflammation due to my food allergies. I notice better absorption, as it calls my small intestine and breaks down food. (Posted on 5/17/2013)
5.0 Extremely helpful by Connie
I've used other brands of digestive enzymes and found them to be just okay. I feel so much better since starting on Assist SI. (Posted on 5/9/2013)
5.0 Excellent for Inflammation and Digestion by Michael
This product has greatly improved massive inflammation i experience from food allergies, and helps keep my daily movements on track. I highly recommend this for anyone with food sensitivities or inflammation of the GI track. (Posted on 4/14/2013)
5.0 Superb results with digestion And inflammation by Michael
I've been experiencing a roller coaster of physical and mental fatigue since being diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance about 18 months ago. I'm a extremely dedicated athlete and clean, nutritious eater. The eating of of course has taken strides over these 18 months. Only when I eat very clean and allow inflammation to lower, and gastro healing to happen do I turn the corner. Every time I have needed to turn a corner this product has allowed me to do so rapidly by improving the consistency of my bathroom visits as well as lower inflammation and clearing up my eyes. I know the inflammation piece is critical and it assists in the small intestine absorbing better, helping to end the vicious cycle. I've seen great results. I may have to make this product a regular part of my nutrition going forward based on my healthy sensitivities. (Posted on 4/4/2013)
5.0 Digestion worry GONE! by Becky
This product has really helped with my digestion and the worry of bloating and feeling uncomfortable. Really works! (Posted on 3/29/2013)
5.0 Great by Ruth
I take 3 every night and I seem to sleep better, digests whatever has remained undigested. (Posted on 3/22/2013)
5.0 Amazing! by Brea
I couldn't live without Assist SI while on the Body Ecology Diet. It's imperative for proper function and I can actually feel it working.
I had to go a few days without it and I missed it terribly.
Excellent, excellent product and does exactly what it says! (Posted on 3/21/2013)
4.0 still evaluating by katie
I am trying to be consistent with using it with every meal, so far haven't noticed much difference in digestion. The directions said to take with meals, but I noticed that she recommended taking on empty stomach as part of the cleanse program. So may try that next. (Posted on 3/14/2013)
4.0 Lots of intestine issues . by Meg
Experiencing intestinal issues and started taking . It seems to be helping. (Posted on 3/13/2013)
4.0 Great enzyme! by robin
This is a great enzyme if you have small intestine issues.
(Posted on 3/11/2013)
5.0 Excellent product by Patricia
I feel so much better since taking this product..
It has helped with the bloating. (Posted on 3/10/2013)
5.0 excellent product! by ozzy
i love taking this product before meals, especially when combined with the assist dairy and protein.. it helped my digestion tremendously (Posted on 3/2/2013)
5.0 excellent product by susant
great product, get no gas when use it! (Posted on 2/28/2013)
5.0 Assist SI by Mike G
Assist SI has dramatically helped my digestion. Gas and bloating are a thing of the past!!! (Posted on 2/27/2013)
4.0 Assist SI by Susie
This product seems to work very well. (Posted on 2/22/2013)
4.0 great enzyme by robin
This is a great enzyme, especially if you have small intestine issues. (Posted on 2/21/2013)
5.0 Perfect for those belly aches by Lisa
My entire family takes these whenever we have a belly ache. Works like a charm and it's great to know it's healthy. (Posted on 2/21/2013)
5.0 I feel better by MG
I feel so much better since I've started using this product! (Posted on 2/15/2013)
5.0 What a team! by sunny
Ancient Earth Minerals and OceanPlant Extract come in first thing every morning before meals along with my probiotic. SI and Full Spectrum make up my daily lunch and supper team along with 2 LivAmends with breakfast and supper and Assist Dairy & Protein with meals containing protein. CVs with all meals. The colonics are showing great success now that I've finally kicked the sugar habit. I'm working through the cleansings and looking forward to Stage 2 of the B.E.D. These supplements, along with Donna's Principles, are finally conquering my gut issues and even working to better my brain! The Potent Proteins are wonderful sprinkled on grains, salads and veggies. And the probiotic drinks are tops. I've spent years trying to figure out how to help myself and now that I have discovered B.E.D. I am "home!" The whole package works. (Posted on 2/4/2013)
5.0 support and strengthen by alma
I rely on this product to support and strengthen my system. (Posted on 2/3/2013)
5.0 awesome product by alsaluna
I have had serious digestive issues for several years after taking unnecessary antibiotics. When I take Assist SI, everything works great down there! I truly love it. (Posted on 1/19/2013)
5.0 Flattened stomach dramatically in 1 daily dose! by Cathy
I have been suffering form leaky gut for approximately a yr. now due to an OD of anti-biotic which totally wrecked my immune system and all the "good" body flora and fauna. I have tired many quality digest enzymes but none had such a dramatic effect on my bloated belly as the SI formula! One daily dose (1 tablet with 3 meals) and the next morning my belly was totally flat and I had dropped about 5 pounds! It was just unbelievable! I not only look better, but feel so much better too! (Posted on 1/5/2013)
5.0 Excellent Enzymes by Candace
Assist SI Enzymes are the best!!! I have used this product for a couple of years now and have seen great improvement in my digestion. No more bloating. I stopped taking them during a cleanse and could really tell the difference. Thanks BED!!! (Posted on 1/2/2013)
5.0 Assist SI by Mike
Thank you for providing this amazing product. I have tried so many digestive enzymes, but NONE of them come close to Assist SI. No more bloating after my meals. (Posted on 12/30/2012)
5.0 Really calms my digestion by Kena
When we are going out and I am not sure what will be served I always take the Assist SI, before and after. I have noticed fewer digestion issues. (Posted on 12/27/2012)
5.0 Fixed my intestinal wind by Jo
After being on a detox for 10 days I was getting a lot of wind, the enzymes cleared it up straight away. (Posted on 12/22/2012)
5.0 Assist SI by Mariah
I've been using the BE digestive enzymes for over a year now and because I am using nearly all of their products at the same time its hard for me to isolate the success of a single product but I can say that my health has recovered in ways I had only dreamed and I have to attribute a good deal of my success to the BE supplements. (Posted on 12/20/2012)
5.0 Trust it's quality and care for my SI. by Kaye
I love knowing that my SI is being cared for with the quality of body ecology. (Posted on 12/19/2012)
5.0 Great by AFP
has really helped with the bloating (Posted on 12/3/2012)
5.0 Love it! by Maya
I have irritable bowel syndrome and other gut issues. I can have diarrhea for months at a time. When I take Assist SI, it has an amazing positive digestive issues at all. Love it, love it, love it. (Posted on 12/3/2012)
4.0 Great product by rose
I really like this product. My digestion is better. I am going to continue taking them. (Posted on 11/24/2012)
5.0 Excellent Product by Kathy
I have used digestive enzymes in the past but none have provided the support that Assist SI has. These were recommended by my nutritionist and I'm so glad. (Posted on 11/24/2012)
5.0 great by jill
Great for taking any bloating away (Posted on 11/17/2012)
5.0 Assist SI to the rescue with antibiotic treatment ! by maggie
There are times when antibiotics are the only solution to a pressing health concern. I just realized that I needed to up the dose of the regular Assist SI supplementation I take as maintenance... because of antibiotic emergency treatment. I am happy to know exactly what to do, and where to get the perfect solution to returning candida, resulting from these antibiotics.
Thank you Body Ecology! (Posted on 10/15/2012)
5.0 Really helpful digestive enzyme by Nicole
I've tried many different digestive enzymes. Intuitively, some just feel better to take than others, in that, bring so sensitive to food I eat, it also appears that sometimes I react to some digestive enzymes, depending on the various additives in them. This product is pure in that it doesn't contain those "other ingredients" that are often added to supplements and enzymes that really aren't necessary. I appreciate the commitment to provide good quality supplements and enzymes that Body Ecology offers. I keep getting more! (Posted on 10/10/2012)
5.0 Awesome product!! Helps my digestion immensly! by AEL
Awesome product!!It has helped SO much with my digestion!!
(Posted on 10/7/2012)
5.0 it's helping her Crohn's by Melody
I started taking this for myself.... and my daughter saw my improvements and started taking it for her Crohn's. So far, so good! She's doing better!
(Posted on 10/4/2012)
5.0 Assist SI by Mike
I experienced less gas and bloating after each meal when taking Assist SI. Great Product!!! (Posted on 10/1/2012)
4.0 good by mommyofthree
These worked fine--but I think I need the full enzyme for a more complete package. (Posted on 9/30/2012)
5.0 excellent product by Susan
the Assist SI and the Assist for protein and dairy are the best enzymes I've taken. They are very effective and I have really noticed a big difference with my food digesting. I have been following the Body Ecology program for over 6 yrs. It has changes my life. (Posted on 9/28/2012)
4.0 Assist SI by Caly
I take all of the body ecology products and think they all are helping me. I have had severe digestive tract problems and this is a way back to health. (Posted on 9/27/2012)
4.0 Good by Claudia
very satisfying! (Posted on 9/24/2012)
5.0 Smooth! by Ginger Metraux PhD
Assist SI helps me where my digestion has been its weakest, helping me experience a more smooth digestive process. All of Donna's products are great and really help us all stay on top of those rabble rousing "baddies" in our gut. Thanks, Donna! (Posted on 9/17/2012)
LOVE this product, can eat a tire and digest it with this:) ! (Posted on 9/4/2012)
5.0 the bloat is gone! by ML
I was constipated and I knew my small intestine was clogged. I was going for a series of colonics and the colon hydrotherapist recommended this product. It didn't take long to work, and I've easily lost weight and that bloated feeling is GONE! (Posted on 9/4/2012)
5.0 Thumbs up! by Laura-loo
Assist SI aids my health and digestion greatly! I definitely notice an overall better, general comfort in my digestion, I pass more gas (rather than keeping it trapped within me) and have a much easier time passing stool :-) Overall, this is an amazing product, and I am SO happy and grateful that I came across the Body Ecology diet, and learned about this product! Thank you so much! (Posted on 9/3/2012)
5.0 Assist SI by Erin
LOVE this product! I was a little skeptical at first but when I ran out - I could tell my system was not pleased with me. I rushed another order and was sure to sign up for auto ship so it will never happen again. Thank you Donna! (Posted on 9/3/2012)
5.0 Can't live without it! by Jill
When out of town, you can't always eat the BED way, so Assist SI is a must, it keeps my digestion system where it should be. (Posted on 8/27/2012)
5.0 The Best by Pat
I have been using this product for about a year and recently tried another digestive enzyme. No comparison, so I'm sticking with SI! (Posted on 8/16/2012)
5.0 Digestive Enzymes, celiac disease help by Skylasnow
All of your enzymes compliment eachother very well. Trading off between these and your other enzymes I no longer have any issue digesting my food. (Posted on 8/15/2012)
5.0 beautiful performance by Liz
Works so well for me together with
the Assist. They have made such a difference (Posted on 8/10/2012)
4.0 Seems to be working by NatM
I having been using Assist SI for the past two months when I eat grains and it seems to be working so far. (Posted on 8/8/2012)
5.0 Improves Digestion! by Amg
These digestive enzymes work better than any other ones I have taken! (Posted on 8/4/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Sophia
My husband is taking it and doesn't burp any more. (Posted on 8/3/2012)
5.0 The ABSOLUTE best digestive enzyme ever by Stormie
I love this product and never want to be without it. There are times when I get the "girgles" and I know trouble is coming. This eases all of that. I digest better, feel better, eliminate better. (Posted on 8/3/2012)
4.0 good by tiger
Since I have been using this product, I haven't had stomach issues(gas and bloating) (Posted on 7/31/2012)
5.0 phenomenal product by lucas
can eat anything(don't tell the body ecology purists, ha ha) and feel well w/these!:) (Posted on 7/30/2012)
5.0 Noticable! by Steph
with Assist SI, I can avoid that overfull feeling. I know I should take it before each meal for best results but I am able to a couple of these in the morning with the rest of my supplements and it seems to help with my whole digestion throughout the day. I notice more when I run out! (Posted on 7/28/2012)
4.0 A Lot of Help by Patricia
The Assist SI has helped a great deal with digestion. I'm looking forward to further progress. (Posted on 7/27/2012)
5.0 New London by Bernice
I also love this product along with the Assist dairy and protein. I have used many digestive enzymes in the past and these two really work together and surpass all others, at least for me. (Posted on 7/25/2012)
5.0 Assist SI Digestive Enzymes by Mimi
As always, your products never seem to fail. The Assist SI enzymes compliment the other enzymes I have been getting very well. The combination of alternating them seems to be working perfect for my system. Thank you for the excellent product. (Posted on 7/11/2012)
5.0 wonderful product by LC
This is a great product we use every day. (Posted on 7/9/2012)
5.0 Helpful, missed it when I ran out of it. by Carolani
I found this to be helpful and I missed it when I ran out. (Posted on 6/29/2012)
5.0 Excellent by alisa
I rarely have dairy and always have a bloated reaction. I noticed immediate helpful results in my digestion. Thank you. (Posted on 6/20/2012)
4.0 Good product by Jyneen
This is pretty good product. (Posted on 6/12/2012)
5.0 I like it by Nancy Herron
It agrees with me well. (Posted on 6/11/2012)
Excellent, can eat anything and no gas, no issues! (Posted on 6/8/2012)
5.0 good by EDP
Very good product. (Posted on 5/31/2012)
5.0 Good Product by JS
I am very happy and impressed with this product! (Posted on 5/30/2012)
5.0 excellent product by Kathy
I have used Body Ecology digestive products for years and find them to be excellent. I added Assist SI when it first come out and have been very pleased. I have to use enzymes to digest anything, so I'm very happy to have a product I can rely on. Thanks (Posted on 5/24/2012)
5.0 ASSIST SI by alla
This product is very helpful.
I take with every food and it takes with the digetion
thanks (Posted on 5/22/2012)
5.0 very good product by William
would recommend (Posted on 5/21/2012)
5.0 Assist S I by Dee
Thank you for providing this amazing product. I have tried so many digestive enzymes, but NONE of them come close to Assist SI. No more bloating or gas after a meal.......aaahh! (Posted on 5/9/2012)
5.0 works beautifully by Janet
I need digestive enzymes and these work beautifully for me. I tried others but they don't work as well. I have confidence in Body Ecology products and use several of them. I would recommend these to anyone who needs digestive help. (Posted on 5/6/2012)
5.0 Love this miracle enzyme by Erin
My nutritionist highly recommended this and it has improved my overall health and I feel amamazing! (Posted on 4/20/2012)
5.0 Gets rid of bloating!!!! by Alexandra
BEST ENZYME EVER!! I have tried a bunch of different ones -- this is the best! (Posted on 4/17/2012)
5.0 Love it by steph
I love this and never want to be with out it. I feel my digestion is in balance and I feel healthier and more energized. (Posted on 4/14/2012)
2.0 Sorry this product was a miss for me! by meg
I had great hopes for this produce, but it was a miss for me. just gave me B.O. thought my skin would be over the top radiant with clearing the small intestine.. HOpe you have better luck! (Posted on 4/11/2012)
5.0 Great product by Jill
This product is so great, it gives you the sense of deeper eliminations, which in turn brings smiles on my face! (Posted on 4/11/2012)
5.0 I really like it by rose
I take this with Assist Dairy and Protein and they work very well together. I am now able to digest better so I am sure I am getting the nutrients from the food I eat. (Posted on 4/6/2012)
5.0 Fantastic by tao12
I have tried others before that gave me indigestion, but this formula really works. (Posted on 4/6/2012)
5.0 S.I. by Dee Dee
How I ever "found" S.I. was truly miraculous. It's hard to believe every claim that is out there, BUT your product actually works. Thank you, thank you!!!! (Posted on 4/2/2012)
5.0 Best I've found by Mare
I have tried numerous other Enzymes but these are by far the best. Love Body Ecology products! (Posted on 3/29/2012)
5.0 Great Product by Bleu
Assist SI has helped me keep my stomach and digestion problems under control and I am grateful for that! (Posted on 3/23/2012)
5.0 excellent by Michelle
I love the cocobiotics I feel so much better when I take them. I dont crave sugar anymore. I crave cocobiotics! (Posted on 3/20/2012)
5.0 Getting Better by MVT
I've been using these products for about 2 months now and my digestion is getting better. I usually take 1 (up to 4) of the Assist D&P depending, 1 Assist, and 1 Assist SI for each meal and it has really been helping. Will keep updating progress. (Posted on 3/13/2012)
5.0 Best enzyme by Lue
Assist SI is the enzyme I use with breakfast and dinner--my higher protein meals. I have tried several other products, but this is my pick for continued use. (Posted on 3/11/2012)
4.0 Helpful by Paul
Upon taking it, along with Assist Dairy, I have found both to be helpful in terms of less gas. So I would assume it is doing something positive in the digestive process. Having researched other enzymes this covers all that is needed, along with the HCL in the Dairy Assist. (Posted on 2/25/2012)
5.0 candida help by Maggie
i suddenly found myself in the midst of a sugar induced candida attack (too many travel meal bars on flights, etc).. The Assist SI had just arrived, as a new product for me, so i gave it center stage as the only supplement i added for the candida. i experienced rapid reduction in the outer aspects of the difficulty.. and in several days felt it was perfectly in control and waning. i continue to take this excellent product. (Posted on 2/23/2012)
5.0 Excellent product by Lynn
Assist Si...can't live without it. Helps my digestion trememdously. (Posted on 2/19/2012)
4.0 Very Good by ATH
I have been using the Assist SI for about a month and found it is helpful in food digestion and has helped alleviate my digestive issues (Posted on 2/19/2012)
4.0 Glad I got it. by scmatt
Glad I got it. (Posted on 2/16/2012)
5.0 Will continue to use by MVT
So far this product has been doing what it says, helping with digestion etc. I've only been using it for about month and will continue. Thanks! (Posted on 2/14/2012)
5.0 Excellent product by J
I've noticed a big difference in my digestion. I've been taking a quality digestive enzyme but Assist SI has done something my regular enzyme does not. This product will definitely be a regular part of my daily (enzyme) supplements!!! (Posted on 1/24/2012)
5.0 Just what I needed! by Beth
These were the first digestive aids that really made a difference in my health. I feel that I am finally getting absorption from my diet. (Posted on 1/23/2012)
5.0 Excellent product - great for SI digestion by Patricia
I have been taking Assist SI and I noticed I am digesting my food much more easily now...I see now the importance of Digestive Enzymes in my diet! (Posted on 1/20/2012)
good for elimination by sbrady
More frequent and complete elimination with this product. (Posted on 1/16/2012)
5.0 Great by Leisa
When I first started taking this product, I noticed that it helped with digestion. I wasn't sure if it was just a coincidence, but after I ran out and had a lag-time where I wasn't able to take it, I DEFINITELY noticed. (Posted on 1/16/2012)
5.0 Assist SI by SLG
This product is excellent!! My digestive issues are a thing of the past with the addition of Assist SI, and I am thrilled with the results! It has made such a difference in my life. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 1/16/2012)
4.0 Love it.. by C John
This Item has been assisting with my slow moving Small Intestine a must have for true healing (Posted on 1/13/2012)
4.0 Good so far. by Lora
I've only been using the Assist SI for a few weeks, but I feel it's helping my digestion problem. I am anxious to try some more products. (Posted on 1/1/2012)
5.0 Right Choice by Lisa P
After carefully reading about the benefits of using this product, I knew it was the right choice for my problem. My internal system feels as if it's digesting and eliminating efficiently for the first time in a very long spell. The terms cleanse and rejuvenate seems appropriate to this product.
Thanks Body Ecology.
Lisa Providence (Posted on 12/29/2011)
5.0 I keep going back for more of this product by Pat
I love this product. I've decided to stay on it indefinitely because it has helped my digestion so much! (Posted on 12/22/2011)
5.0 great product by borealis
Not sure if its the SI or Full Spectrum or the combo but I've had improvement from the first dose on. I've taken quality enzyme supplements for many years but still had digestive unease and lately some IBS-y symptoms to boot. Those resolved promptly with these products-- yay. These products seem superior, and better digestion and elimination definitely improve quality of life! Thanks! I look forward to continued healing! (Posted on 12/21/2011)
5.0 the BEST Digestive enzymes by Sue
SI is the BEST digestive enzymes. I started the BED diet about 1 month ago, I feel great....though I have a long way to go for better health. SI eliminated all my digestive problems. I wouldn't go anywhere without this product. (Posted on 12/17/2011)
4.0 Assit SI by Bet
This product has helped some but I still have stomach pains, maybe it is just too soon to tell. (Posted on 12/10/2011)
5.0 Good Product by beeknee4lk9
Used this product for 1 month and it seems to help. I take it at night also with a sip of Coco biotic and it helps with indigestion. (Posted on 12/7/2011)
5.0 best enzymes I've ever used by HD
these are the best enzymes I've found yet to help my small intestines. (Posted on 11/27/2011)
5.0 great product by lyna
wish I knew about these enzymes sooner---a great way to help digest foof... (Posted on 11/23/2011)
4.0 Too soon to tell by Steph
I think this is a product that I will keep using, but has just been a few days. I will know more in a couple of weeks.
Thank you (Posted on 11/22/2011)
5.0 Good product by Lu
SI works well for me. I use it with two meals per day and another enzyme for one meal. (Posted on 11/21/2011)
5.0 Digestion Assistance by Marta
Great assistance for digestion. I use it at every meal, sometimes in combo with Assist Protein and Dairy. (Posted on 11/17/2011)
5.0 Very helpful by Bea U. T. Full
Had problems with digestion for years and this Assist SI has helped me to FULLY digest what I eat and improved elimination makes all the difference. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing this kind of product as well as others listed on this site. (Posted on 11/15/2011)
5.0 Results by Jill
Great results with Assist SI. More frequent and complete elimination with this product. Of course it is in confunction with many of the BED products offered. Love it. (Posted on 11/12/2011)
5.0 Assist SI by Sally
This is a wonderfu product. It is helping me very much! (Posted on 11/10/2011)
5.0 assist SI by susan
great product. actually, I take all the enzyme products from Body Ecology and i am more than leased. this has made a hugh difference in my digestion. Really amazing! (Posted on 11/2/2011)
4.0 good but not sure if it's great by krisy
this is very expensive and I am not sure if it is helping all THAT much (Posted on 11/1/2011)
4.0 Another helpful product by Gastro-girl
If you want to improve your digestion, I recommend these enzymes. (Posted on 10/17/2011)
5.0 No More Excessive Hunger by Barbara
I have many low level food allegies and an insatiable hunger. Even after eating a full meal I would feel hungry 20 minutes later. After reading about the Assist SI and how it helps with food allergies I thought I would give it a try. Three weeks of taking the SI along with Assist, the hunger is normal. I feel satisfied after eating even a small meal and I feel satisfied longer. I have taken HCL and Bromelain in the past but never felt completely satisfied. So far this is working great! (Posted on 10/8/2011)
4.0 using the Assist SI enzymes helped me realize that my issues are in my small intestines. These are the best enzymes I have tried. They really help. HD, CA by HD
I've had pretty severe indigestion, gut issues and inflammation for at least 20 years and I've tried the best enzymes. Assist SI has helped me so much. I now realize that so many of my issues are in the small intestine and this product really addresses this kind of difficulty! I only need to use one per meal instead of 3 other types that don't even seem to work as well. Thanks so much!! (Posted on 10/7/2011)
5.0 Excellent by Martin
I have been taking these about 2 weeks and find that my digestion has improved. (Posted on 10/3/2011)
5.0 Big Help by Patrice
Assist SI has helped me enormously following emergency bowel obstruction surgery. The obstruction was in my small intestines, and since taking this product, my digestion has improved and I feel better overall! (Posted on 9/26/2011)
4.0 good product by DD
I have not been totally diligent about taking the enzymes with every meal, but do feel they have improved my digestion. Would recommend... (Posted on 9/23/2011)
4.0 workd great with the dairy and gluten enzyme by ka
work great. (Posted on 9/23/2011)
5.0 AMAZING! by caroline
i really think this product helps absorb nutrients to the fullest!. I have a terrible digestive system and after taking these i feel a satisfaction that i don't when i don't take them. I don't have to eat all the time now, because my food is being more properly absorbed. i feel much healthier taking these! (Posted on 9/21/2011)
5.0 Very pleased by Mare
So far I am very pleased with these enzymes.
Just trying them for the first time and they seem to be working very well. (Posted on 9/5/2011)
4.0 good stuff by Jan
So far this has assisted with digestive issues. (Posted on 9/5/2011)
5.0 deep elimination by Jill
Assist SI is excellent, I experience deeper elimination and feel great. Takes care of bloating and gas if I've eaten wrong foods. A great addition to BED products. (Posted on 8/30/2011)
4.0 Good by Rita
I am recently purchased the Gold package, which includes one of each digestive aid. I am so glad I did because I have found through muscle testing that I don't always need the same digestive aid with each meal. It depends on what I eat. So far so good. (Posted on 8/20/2011)
5.0 Must Have by Holland
I love the Body Ecology enzymes. I ran out of these and boy did I notice the differnece. These really work! (Posted on 8/18/2011)
5.0 Great product by DonnaSA
I always take this after lunch and never have digestive problems. (Posted on 8/15/2011)
5.0 Helps a lot with bloating. by Adri
Wow, finally something that gets rid of the bloating and gas after eating a meal. Now I realize I have been lacking these enzymes all along, it is going to the source of the problem.
I feel confident that my food is now being absorbed. (Posted on 8/12/2011)
5.0 excellent by laney
this has helped my upper stomach pain more than anything I have ever used (Posted on 8/10/2011)
4.0 Helps my digestion by Patrice
I recently had a small intestine obstruction, so I'm really happy to have found this product, So far, I think it is helping my digestion and well being. (Posted on 8/9/2011)
2.0 Unsure by Megan
I have been taking this product for 2 weeks and have not noticed any changes. Not sure if it takes awhile to begin to work? My digestion has been worse since starting. Maybe it is one of those things that gets worse before it gets better? (Posted on 8/9/2011)
5.0 Sense of deep cleansing by Jill
Been on BED for eight years now, with great results. Assist Si really does assist in the elimination process! Taken between meals I experience a difference in my cleansings, taken with a meal, there's no bloating or gas if I've eaten a wrong food. People have been saying they see something different in me....and I think it's been Assist SI cleaning on a deeper level. You can't beat that! Looking and feeling Fantastic. Bravo BED! (Posted on 8/8/2011)
4.0 Good by Cosmos
I have been using this product since it came out and since then it is the only enzymes I use. (Posted on 8/5/2011)
5.0 Great aid! by Sonja
I've compared this products ingredients (and price) to many other digestive products and this is the best I've experienced so far!
Thanks BED! (Posted on 8/4/2011)
5.0 Excellent by Mary
This product works great. It improved my digestion wonderfully. (Posted on 7/27/2011)
5.0 This product really works! by Lynn
I have had trouble with bloting for years no matter what I would eat. This works. I take 1 capsul with each meal. I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend Assist SI. (Posted on 7/26/2011)
5.0 better digestion by SS
I like that this is helping my small intestine so my body absorbs more nutrients. (Posted on 7/16/2011)
5.0 Really helps! by SADonna
After drinking a contaminated beverage at a local restaurant and then an ER visit, my digestive system wasn't right. I started taking this supplement and have recovered nicely with little to no problems. (Posted on 7/13/2011)
4.0 helps with digestion by alla
I take with every food to help digestion
Thanks (Posted on 7/12/2011)
5.0 good results, it works by bettye
of all the digestive aids we have tried Assist SI works , you can really feel the difference after a meal and the hours after. i started with one capsule and then went to two capsules after a meal which really made the difference, it has made the difference in how well my "whole body system" works . (Posted on 7/12/2011)
5.0 Great small intestine support! by Ang
Fantastic product. Helps digestion so much along with the other assist products. I've noticed quite an improvement since taking it. Only recently realized in The Body Ecology Diet just how much we neglect out small intestine. It's about time we all support it. This is a good place to start. (Posted on 7/11/2011)
5.0 Essential by AV
If I'm experiencing digestive problems, eating away from home or late in the evening, taking SI gives me reassurance that I won't experience too many adverse symptoms. I sometimes take it on an empty stomach too for general detox although I'm not sure if I really feel a difference. Definitely helps though with food. (Posted on 7/11/2011)
5.0 Assist SI by D
After suffering from chronic digestive issues my whole entire life (including Celiac Disease), I am now happy to report that I am enjoying improved digestion thanks to SI Assist! Many thanks to Donna Gates for making this incredible product!!! (Posted on 7/11/2011)
2.0 Questionable by aj
I've been taking it with meals for a few weeks. Can't tell if its really doing anything. (Posted on 7/11/2011)

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