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How Probiotics Can Help You Prevent and Fight Allergies According to New Research


Everyone should be able to play outside, but sometimes allergies can make even opening a window completely unbearable. In the past you might turn to anti-histamines or other drugs, but now research shows this natural remedy can treat and prevent allergies.

Runny nose, dry skin, difficulty breathing, rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose, hives, coughing.

These are just SOME of the allergy symptoms an estimated 50 million people experience when they come into contact with triggering allergens.1

Allergens are the foreign substances that cause allergies.

Some examples of allergens are:dust, pet dander, foods (like wheat, soy and dairy products), and pollen.

Allergies are misguided reactions by your immune system in response to contact with allergens. We say "misguided" because the allergens themselves are actually harmless.

Some people experience allergies year round while other types of allergies are seasonal.

Still, if you or someone you love suffers from allergies, new research may help!

Where Do Allergies Come From?

Scientists agree that there is a genetic component to allergies.

Kids born to parents with allergies are more likely to develop allergies than children whose parents do not have them.

But in order to develop allergies, there must be an environmental trigger.

Unfortunately, our hyper-vigilance about germs and bacteria may actually cause more allergies to develop.

Researchers hypothesize that reduced family size, improved hygiene, vaccinations, use of antimicrobial medications, and the consumption of near sterile food have all decreased or altered our exposure to microbes.

As a result, our bodies do not always develop natural resistance (antibodies) to common allergens and we suffer from allergies that can range from mild nuisances to severe chronic conditions.

While these findings make sense, there is another missing piece that Body Ecology founder, Donna Gates, wants you to know about allergies...your inner ecosystem.

In a perfect world, everyone would have a healthy inner ecosystem that keeps us in balance, just as the Earth's ecosystems keep it in balance. In humans, however, this inner ecosystem is the health of your intestines and in essence, your digestive tract.

When your inner ecosystem is in balance, your intestines are teeming with the beneficial bacteria and yeast (microflora) that keep your immune system strong.

With the right balance of beneficial microflora, you can fight off allergens and infections (including viral, fungal and bacterial infections).

Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet of processed foods, an overload of environmental toxins and chronic stress - harbingers of the modern world - have created an epidemic of unhealthy inner ecosystems. You can see it in the rise of allergies and childhood disease and disorders, like autism.

The Body Ecology program was created to combat allergies and pathogens that impair your immunity. And one of the key players in the Body Ecology system is probiotics.

Probiotics To Treat And Prevent Allergies

Fortunately, cutting-edge research reveals that probiotics may be a new way to prevent and treat allergies. Probiotics is a term often used interchangeably with microflora, except that often, probiotics implies the microflora we can consume (in supplements, foods, liquids). Consuming probiotics (especially those that are native to the human digestive tract) can help boost your inner ecosystem and your immunity.

Researchers believe that in our sterile modern world, probiotics can encourage the production of antibodies in babies and children that can protect them from allergies later in life.

Probiotics play a substantial role in preventing allergies according to these studies2:

This is great information for those who may become pregnant in the near future. Allergies do not have to be passed down from generation to generation and can be prevented.

But for those who are already suffering from allergies, probiotics can provide much-needed relief.

Probiotics have been proven effective in the treatment of these allergies:

And these are just the specific allergies that have been studied.

Allergic children actually have different bacteria in their intestines than non-allergic children. AND those differences existed even before the onset of the allergies!

But populating your gut with the right probiotics could be the key to easing those allergy symptoms.

For nearly all allergies, especially those to food, probiotics have these positive effects on your body:

If you are plagued by allergies, then these exclusive probiotic liquids can help. Benefit from the latest research that shows probiotics can treat and prevent allergies in children and adults. Get your daily dose of the right probiotics for your inner ecosystem today!

Probiotics and You

If you're ready to get rid of your allergies or prevent them from developing, then Body Ecology's probiotic liquids can help.

We've created these delicious drinks to help you get plenty of the right probiotics easily. Whether you make these fermented foods and drinks yourself or purchase them for convenience, all Body Ecology products have a potent mix of probiotics that are native to the human intestines: designed to boost your inner ecosystem and immunity.

Here's a rundown of our top probiotic drinks and what makes them so great.

Probiotic Foods and Drinks You Can Make At Home:

Probiotic Liquids For On-the-Go Convenience:

Probiotics are truly a miracle treatment, and not just for allergies! Populating your gut with beneficial microflora improves your skin, helps you maintain a healthy weight, gives you energy and improves your overall well-being.

They are Nature's (and our ancestors') best-kept secret. Rediscover the benefits for your health, today!


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