Why Proper Bile Flow in Your Body is Essential for Getting Rid of Toxins

Feeling sluggish? Could be sluggish bile.  Boost your bile flow to boost your energy, and the rest of your body will thank you. Just follow Body Ecology’s Bile Basics and you’ll cleanse your liver, nourish your gall bladder and enjoy better digestion.

You may not hear much about bile, but did you know that it helps you detoxify?

Secreted by your liver and stored in your gall bladder between meals, bile is a complex fluid that :1

  1. Contains bile acids that are essential for your digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins, as well as aiding your digestion of proteins and starches.
  2. Regulates your intestines’ level of friendly bacteria and yeast, the good microflora that keep you healthy and strong.
  3. Destroys unwanted and dangerous organisms as they invade your body.
  4. Encourages peristaltic action in your intestines to help fecal matter move through and out of your body.
  5. Is a critical part of your body’s detoxification process. Your liver uses bile as a way to get rid of all kinds of waste products through the secretion of bile. Your body then eliminates both bile and waste products, helping your liver cleanse.

When these processes function appropriately, you feel great!

But if your bile just isn’t flowing like it should, then you could experience a whole host of symptoms, from mild to severe like:

That’s right, healthy bile is essential for a healthy body, so here are Body Ecology’s 5 Bile Basics to encourage healthy bile flow through your bile ducts, helping you digest your food better and naturally enhancing the detoxification of your body.

Body Ecology’s 7 Bile Basics

Bring on the bile!

Healthy bile is intricately connected to a healthy liver and a healthy gall bladder. Support the function of those organs, and you will enjoy healthier bile flow.

    1. When you wake up, drink 6 oz of warm water with the juice of one lemon. This antiseptic drink supports a natural, daily liver cleanse.
    2. Eliminate even good fats and oils from your diet for a period of time. Instead, flavor your food with herbed salts and spices. Be creative! Giving your bile a break from having to break down fats at every meal helps your liver and gall bladder rest too.
    3. Avoid sugar and processed foods. High dietary intake of sugar and processed foods is linked to gall bladder disease. Create options for yourself that satisfy your sweet craving without the empty calories and sugar.
    4. Eat cultured vegetables. Packed with probiotics (good bacteria and yeast), cultured vegetables are a mainstay of the Body Ecology system and heal your body with every bite. Try some of our delicious recipes for Korean Kim Chi or make up your own!
    5. Take LivAmend. Donna Gates, the creator of the Body Ecology system for health and healing, has formulated an amazing liver, bile, gall bladder support called LivAmend. LivAmend contain the top three natural ingredients you need to improve bile flow.

Want to get your bile flowing, support liver function and help your body heal? Then you need LivAmend. This amazing all natural formula has three important ingredients that help your liver cleanse your blood and tissues from toxins AND boosts bile flow.Try LivAmend today and feel the difference!

  1. Start drinking probiotic liquids. Probiotics contain healthy microflora that support your digestive health.Probiotic liquids are a great way to add probiotics to your system, boost your energy and your immunity. One of the best probiotic liquids for liver health is CocoBiotic.
  2. Try these foods specifically to improve your bile flow:
    • Grated radish (daikon) takes oil and fats from your body
    • Leeks are antiseptic and help bile keep your intestines clean
    • Asparagus and celery are good liver cleansers
    • Carrots build your blood and encourage the secretion of bile

Bring on the Bile

When you focus on your bile flow, your liver, gall bladder and digestion will automatically improve.  Chances are, you’ll experience better health in the rest of your body as well. Remember, your body is a finely tuned and complex system that needs every little organ and function to work properly.

So get the bile out, and enjoy your newfound health and vitality!

If you suspect that your liver is sluggish, even if you are not an alcoholic, read about Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Get The Bile Out! Why the Growing Disease Called NAFLD May Be Harming You


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