WATCH: The Connection Between Health and Protein Folding

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on October 18th, 2023

Proteins are the building blocks of life, essential for the proper functioning of all living organisms. They play diverse roles in the human body, serving as enzymes, structural components, and regulators of numerous biological processes. A fundamental aspect of a protein’s functionality lies in its unique three-dimensional structure, or conformation, which is determined by a process known as protein folding. This intricate process of folding is not only vital for the biological function of proteins but also has a profound impact on human health.

Protein folding is like a secret code for our health. When proteins fold right, we stay healthy, but when they fold wrong, it can lead to diseases. Learning more about protein folding and proteostasis can help us find better ways to treat these diseases and keep people healthy. So, as we keep exploring protein folding, we get closer to solving some tough health problems.

Join me and Rowena Gates, the co-founder of Eng3.  as we discuss Health and Protein Folding. Rowena also explains how the Nano-Vi device can aid protein folding. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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  • To work properly proteins, need to fold into 3D shapes. As we age, they do this less.

  • Protein misfolding is believed to be one of the causes of several serious diseases including Alzheimer’s and plays a role in the aging process.

  • Proteins are immersed in water. The Nano-Vi changes the energy state of that water, providing the environment protein needs to work properly.

  • No device is going to solve the issues caused by a poor diet.


‘It’s going to support the immune system. ´

‘It´s actually working on all of the proteins in the cell.’

‘It’s an upfront investment, but over time, it becomes very inexpensive to use.’

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