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Detoxing can be easy and delicious. A green supplement, like Vitality SuperGreen, may help heal your digestive tract, create energy without the need for caffeine, and replenish your body with valuable nutrients as it cleanses.

Purge your pantry of unhealthy flours and sugars, and replace them with nutrition-packed superfoods that last!  During a time where it’s often difficult to get everything on your healthy shopping list, you can still maintain your good nutrition with versatile tips and key tools.

The Body Ecology Diet mimics Nature’s Laws while it’s a gluten-free, sugar-free, and casein-free cleansing diet. Just as the sun rises and sets in increments, healing happens step by step with each meal and with every bite you take!  It can be as simple as eating healthier foods and beverages each day to help support your body to naturally rid itself of toxins. And the fun part?  You can get creative in the kitchen, improve your meals and add your greens to almost anything!

You’ll find your Body Ecology pantry favorites useful when you need a more aggressive cleanse too!  Cleansing is the cornerstone of our Body Ecology Antiviral Protocol. Find out more here.

Remember, this is what your body was designed to do. And with delicious and healing homemade recipes like our smoothies and even our stage 2 treats like sugar-free, gluten-free mint ice cream, you’re helping provide that extra nutrition, which provides your body what it needs to function optimally.

We have plenty more healthy and flavorful recipes where this came from. Check out our full recipe collection here.

Recipes for Detoxing, Gut Health + Immunity:  Featuring Vitality SuperGreen

We love Vitality SuperGreen not only for its unique focus on nourishing the inner ecosystem, but it’s also so incredibly versatile as it alkalizes the body and soothes and helps rebuild the lining of your intestines.

A generous amount of nutrient-rich elements like L-glutamine, FOS from chicory inulin, GMO-free Sunflower Lecithin, and aloe vera extract help establish and maintain a healthy mucosal lining. As the leader in fermented food and nutrition we know how important it is to establish and nourish an inner ecosystem. This civilization of beneficial micro flora need healthy food just like you do; and they love algae. So, we’ve spared no cost in blending together an extraordinary spectrum (or life force) of fermented algae and cereal grasses, fermented green veggies, enzymes, probiotics and food-based supplements providing you the highest quality green powder to rebuild and strengthen your immunity and to create new vitality!

Add it to smoothies, kefir, dairy-free, sugar-free ice-cream, shakes, appetizers, salads or anything that your heart desires.

Even kids love it!

Donna’s Morning Green Smoothie Recipe [WATCH]

SuperFood, SuperGreen Smoothie Recipe [WATCH]

[Featured Recipe] Sugar-Free Mint Chip Ice Cream Recipe for Detox

Recipe by Truth Calkins, herbalist and founder of Erewhon’s tonic bar.  You can modify this recipe to your liking and taste.  *If you’d like a treat, and you’re on the Body Ecology Diet (Stage 2), this is a great Summer dessert.  Also be careful if you have a sensitivity to oxalates.


Cooking for your health is easy when you stock your kitchen the Body Ecology way. You can see all of Donna’s recommended products here.


Get Started

Step 1: Add 12-16 ounces of filtered ice.


Step 2: Now add 5 heaping tablespoons non-denatured, raw whey protein to thicken. (Use Body Ecology Fermented Pea Protein if you are a vegan; or, skip and double tocotrienols and maca instead.)


Step 3: Scoop in 2 tablespoons Vitality SuperGreen for color and chlorophyll.


Step 4: Add 1 tablespoon of maca for energy, endurance, and vitality.


Step 5: Scoop in ½ teaspoon Super Spirulina Plus for dense nutrition.


Step 6: Add 2 tablespoons tocotrienols, or vitamin E, for a light, creamy texture.


Step 7: Sprinkle in 2 scoops EcoBloom, a chicory root inulin FOS, to feed the good bacteria in your gut.


Step 8: Break open and add 2 capsules of LivAmend, providing herbal digestive support and antioxidant protection for the liver.


Step 9: Pour in 1 packet of Kefir Starter (without making kefir) as an extra probiotic to eat up toxins and pathogens.


Step 10: Pick fresh, organic mint leaves to add to the top of the mixture in the blender, or add 1/2 teaspoon mint extract or 1 drop of mint essential oil if fresh mint is unavailable.


Step 11: Add 1 dropperful of Body Ecology unfiltered Stevia for natural sweetness, without an artificial taste.


Step 12: Add 1 tablespoon fresh, hand-pressed, organic flaxseed oil for a final touch of creaminess (balancing out the powders in the recipe).


Step 13: Blend on high, checking often to avoid over-blending, until mixture reaches ice cream texture. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of cacao nibs on top and mix by hand. (Optional once on Stage 2 of the Body Ecology Diet.)


Step 14: Serve and enjoy this creamy treat that benefits your gut, vitality, and overall health! This detox-friendly dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth and build your body up as you cleanse.

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