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Kefir Recipes: A Delicious Introduction to Fermented Dairy

This traditionally fermented food has gone mainstream. In the health world, and even in the commercial food market, tart and...

All Roads Lead to Probiotics

Beneficial microflora inhabiting our intestines have played a very crucial role in human health for thousands of years. You could...

The Six Essentials to Perfect Digestion

Proper digestion is one of the key elements to feeling good, maintaining a youthful look and preventing disease. The negative...

Planning for a Baby and Concerned About His/Her Health?

Planning for a Baby and Concerned About His/Her Health? Fetal nutrition is the key factor in determining both the length...

Nature’s Oldest Organisms are Today’s New Fast Food

Three wonderful new beverages that come all the way from Australia have earned the Body Ecology stamp of approval. You...

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