Want to Increase Fitness, Endurance & Reduce Cramping? Think Glutamine

This secret of bodybuilders is a substance already present in your body. It can heal your digestion, boost your immunity, repair your leaky gut, generate growth hormone, and speed cellular regeneration!

Think this is a miracle? It’s actually GLUTAMINE.

Bodybuilders use glutamine to boost cellular regeneration and immunity. You can too!

Glutamine: What Bodybuilders Know That You Don’t

Glutamine itself is an amino acid and an important building block for proteins in your body. After really tough workouts, athletes use glutamine to repair their bodies and keep their muscles and immune systems strong.


  • Keeps cells hydrated and boosts cell recovery and regeneration.
  • Is linked to protein synthesis and can keep your body from breaking down its own cells to provide glutamine for other parts of the body.
  • Increases levels of growth hormone (consisting of 191 amino acids, growth hormone has benefits for your memory, lean body mass, mood and alertness).
  • Provides vital energy for your immune system.

Glutamine has been shown to help those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and can repair the lining of your gut. (See this week’s article ‘Why We are ALL Born with a Leaky Gut‘ to find out more.)

When You Need More Glutamine

  • You may need to add more high glutamine foods if you:
  • Are an athlete or participate in high-intensity exercise
  • Have gut dysbiosis like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Experience frequent colds and flu
  • Lack muscle mass or experience muscle wasting

How to Get More Glutamine in Your Diet

Foods that contain glutamine include dairy, beans, fish, chicken, beef, beets and cabbage. If you have gut dysbiosis or weakened immunity however, you may not be digesting and assimilating all the nutrients of these foods, including the glutamine.

Healing your inner ecosystem with the Body Ecology diet can help you get the most from these glutamine-containing foods. While your inner ecosystem is healing, GlutImmune™ is a great way to get the benefits of glutamine and heal your gut.

Glutamine vs. GlutImmune™


The GlutImmune™ in Vitality SuperGreen can heal IBS and leaky gut!Learn more about leaky gut symptoms and solutions.

The quality and stability of glutamine varies throughout the market, so Body Ecology uses only the most potent form of glutamine (called GlutImmune™ ) and makes it available in our Vitality SuperGreen. To learn more, read: Give Your Body The Gift of Vitality!.

The GlutImmune™ in our Vitality SuperGreen is a natural source of covalent bonded glutamine. It is more easily absorbed than any other glutamine on the market and is also stable, no matter what kind of food or drink you put it in.

While most other glutamines are synthesized and become unstable in the digestive tract, covalent bonded glutamine delivers up to 10 times more glutamine to the blood stream than L-glutamine.

GlutImmune™ in Your Diet

Many people — those with immune deficiencies, athletes, people with cancer, even those just looking to feel their best — are already supplementing their diets with GlutImmune™.

You can benefit from the effects of GlutImmune™ too! It’s as easy as adding a scoop of Vitality SuperGreen to your favorite beverage, because it is one of the key ingredients in Vitality. You can even add Vitality to your Young Coconut Kefir for a doubly healthy treat!

Start incorporating more GlutImmune™ into your diet and you’ll soon see why this amino acid is so prized by bodybuilders and athletes, along with a growing population of people seeking healthy lifestyles.

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