Why We are ALL Born with a Leaky Gut (But is Your Gut Lining Causing You Problems?)

Are you tired after you eat? Do you have allergies that might be food related? Do you experience migraines or chronic fatigue?

If you have migraines and are frequently tired after you eat, you could have leaky gut.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might have a leaking and damaged gut lining.

Is Leaky Gut All That Bad?

The term “leaky gut” is often used to describe a condition that occurs when the lining of your intestines becomes inflamed and porous.

If you were to rub a leaf of poison ivy on your arm, your externalskin would soon become inflamed and irritated. The internal skin of your intestines can indeed become quite inflamed and irritated as well. At Body Ecology we intentionally avoid the term “leaky gut” and prefer to say “inflamed” or “wounded” gut instead.

While adults who have an inflamed or wounded gut experience discomfort and health issues, a “leaky,” permeable gut is a good thing early in life. Each of us was born with a leaky gut as we entered this world and Mother Nature has very good reasons for this.

It is true that whenever your gut lining is permeable and inflamed, bacteria, toxins and food can leak through your gut wall into the blood. Your body must then deal with these foreign invaders, and reacts to them by creating antibodies against the food, leading to food allergies, fatigue, aching and other symptoms of ill health. We will get to how you can help this shortly, but first it pays to know…

When and Why a PERMEABLE Gut is GOOD

All babies are born with a leaking or permeable gut lining so that they can fully benefit from the nourishment of their mother’s colostrum. This “first milk” from the mother delivers powerful nutrients and immune boosting substances like lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, sugars and antibodies to the fragile newborn infant.

These must be absorbed thru the gut lining quickly because the baby has moved from the fairly protected environment of the womb into a world literally covered with bacteria…some good and some potentially bad. At this time a porous gut wall is critical for the baby’s survival.

Find out if your fatigue and abdominal distress are caused by leaky gut. Donna Gates’ CD details more about the condition and how Body Ecology can help!

The permeable lining in the intestines of each newborn baby allows them to absorb nutrients quickly and boosts immunity until a vibrant inner ecosystem can be established that help provide the immunity we all need to live safely and happily upon this earth. A healthy inner ecosystem is made up of the friendly microflora (good bacteria) that reside in our intestines and keep us healthy and strong.

Soon after birth the gut lining begins to form a barrier and in approximately three days the colostrum is replaced by milk. Both colostrum and mother’s milk are important for feeding the beneficial bacteria and good yeast to help them grow and multiply. This process can’t be replicated from baby formula.

If a baby’s mother doesn’t have plenty of microflora in her digestive system, she won’t be able to pass on healthy bacteria to her baby. Also, if a mother gives her baby formula instead of her own milk, then her baby misses out on all the healthy bacteria and antibodies of breast milk.

Is Your Grownup Gut Inflamed?

There are many reasons why you might be suffering from an inflamed and leaking gut. Perhaps you were not “inoculated” with a vibrant inner ecosystem at birth to protect you throughout your life.

Or maybe you weren’t breastfed as a child and the beneficial microflora weren’t fed the sugars found in breast milk that allowed them to grow and form a civilization of beneficial microflora inside you to protect your gut lining. Even if you did develop a healthy inner ecosystem at birth, years of stress and the Standard American Diet could have depleted your microflora.

Stress alone kills microflora and is a major cause of inflammation in your gut. Alcohol, wine and coffee contribute to gut inflammation. Autistic children who have been vaccinated with the MMR (the three live viruses, Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine are often diagnosed with a seriously inflamed gut lining caused by one or more of the viruses. Most of our mothers in our BEDROK program tell us their children have suffered from constipation, diarrhea and even severe gut inflammation since birth.

There is a solution to heal your inflamed and leaky gut:

The Body Ecology Solution

The Body Ecology diet addresses your problems where they start: in your digestive system. By repopulating your intestines with plenty of beneficialmicroflora (bacteria), you create a healthy inner ecosystem where proper digestion can take place. But you must start by resting your intestinal lining and giving it a break from eating certain foods while still nourishing the rest of your body.

Heal Your Gut

Every 5 days, the lining in your gut turns over, giving your body the chance to create a new and healthy environment full of microflora.


Vitality SuperGreen is packed with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and special ingredients to heal your digestive tract. It’s a great way to get nutrients into your body quickly and help heal leaky gut.

When you first start to heal your leaky gut, avoid ‘scratchy’ foods like seeds and nuts, animal protein and even the Body Ecology grain-like seeds. Like raw vegetables they are tough to digest. Instead, follow a liquid protocol, including Vitality SuperGreen, Young Coconut Kefir, soups, broths and teas. These easy-to-digest liquids give your gut a break and a chance to heal. No you won’t starve because every hour you will be taking in wonderfully nutritious, easily-digested nutrients. Soon, eating will give you energy instead of making you tired. In fact, your energy should increase day by day as your gut lining heals.

  • Young Coconut Kefir provides a wonderful source of easily assimilated nutrients and is full of beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and build immunity.
  • A daily dose of Vitality SuperGreen, our proprietary blend of fermented greens, fermented green veggies, probiotics, and antioxidants makes a great morning and afternoon pick-me-up and blends with any beverage! Vitality was especially formulated to help heal your inflamed gut lining and to keep it healthy each day. Each scoop contains 2000 mgs of GlutImmune made from the amino acid glutamine. Glutamine is an essential “must” for repairing your gut wall. Read about all the benefits in the article, Are You at Peak Vitality?Answer These Three Key Questions.

Please share this information with your health care professional as you work together and begin the process of healing your intestinal inflammation

For in-depth information and guidance on leaky gut, listen to the audio CD, Understanding the Leaky Gut, where Donna Gates sheds light on this all-too-common condition and shows how the Body Ecology system of health and healing can help you correct your digestion and increase your body’s immunity. Armed with this information, you’ll be on your way to restoring your digestive system and recovering your health!

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