Watch: Donna Gates & Dr. Leo Galland talk the ‘hidden’ pandemic

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Written by Body Ecology on January 17th, 2022

This exciting conversation is one that everyone will want to hear. If you too have been wondering about the puzzling new long hauler condition, or if you’re a sufferer yourself: Tune into this brand-new episode of The Body Ecology Living Podcast, where Donna and Dr. Galland explore long haul COVID, what they consider to be another pandemic.

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Dr. Galland agrees: Fermented vegetables can be especially useful in helping to ward off viruses.

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Recovery hinges on amplifying ACE2 activity.

What the media doesn’t tell you: Dr. Galland shares insider COVID insight

Here are some highlights of the episode:

  • COVID, and long haul COVID, are complicated conditions. The immune response to the virus, in particular, is highly complex, says Dr. Galland based on his 19 months of study. Like COVID, the long COVID syndrome is turning out to be equally as intricate. These conditions involve multiple factors, and addressing them is like peeling the layers away on an onion.
  • Your diet matters. Dr. Galland cites a fascinating study conducted in six countries, where researchers examined health professionals and their COVID severity. They also looked at their diet, finding that, basically, a 40-percent increase in the consumption of vegetables produced a 70-percent decrease in the likelihood that someone would have severe, as opposed to mild, COVID.
  • Vegetables deserve all the credit. It’s common to hear the recommendation to eat more fruits and veggies to help boost immunity. But in the aforementioned Hopkins study, Dr. Galland points out, it wasn’t the fruits — it was the vegetables that made the difference. When a drug comes out with statistics like that, he says, headlines about it will be everywhere. And yet, this study from top researchers has been mostly buried.
  • Recovery hinges on amplifying ACE2 activity. Dr. Galland advises that his long COVID patients use a safe, well-tested probiotic for several weeks to establish a healthy foundation. The other aspect of the foundation, he says, is supplements that increase activity of ACE2, a vital enzyme and receptor for the virus. Dr. Galland’s top two supplements are vitamin D and curcumin, which he says has shown significant effects in hospitalized patients as strong as any drug.
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Are you or a loved one still struggling with long haul COVID?

Then please watch Donna and Dr. Galland’s full interview above or listen in to the episode. You can also consult Dr. Galland’s Coronavirus Guide to continue the conversation, where he discusses both understanding and healing long haul COVID. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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