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Watch: Donna Gates & Dr. David Rabin talk wearable wellness

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on March 1st, 2021

Could stress relief be as simple as wearing an intuitive wellness device? To find out, tune into one of the best podcasts from Body Ecology Living. In this brand-new episode, Donna chats with Dr. David Rabin, a board-certified psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and inventor of the first wearable stress resilience device.

Apollo may work just as well, if not better, for kids.

Dr. Rabin shares the science behind soothing stress

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These are some of the highlights:

  • Dr. Rabin invented Apollo Neuro based on his work as a psychiatrist. While frequently seeing patients suffering from issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia, Dr. Rabin wanted to help them feel safe inside and outside his office. Apollo came out of his idea to make something wearable that could help people struggling with stress, anger, worry, sleep, and more.
  • Apollo, worn on the arm or leg, works by the sense of touch. When you’re in a situation where you perceive an environmental threat, your body doesn’t know the difference between running from a lion and having too many emails. Similar to practicing deep breathing, when you turn on Apollo and draw your attention to its gentle vibration, it provides a soothing stimulus to the safety center of your brain.
  • Apollo has seven different settings. These levels range from most energizing to most sleepy. “Wake up” can work like a shot of espresso when you need a boost — when you’re falling asleep in a meeting, for example. “Clear and focused” is the next level down, popular among kids and adults with ADHD. Going down, the more calming modes are especially helpful for meditation and mindfulness, as well as easing aches and pains.
  • Apollo may work just as well, if not better, for kids. Dr. Rabin says plenty of kids are using Apollo, with incredible results seen in clinical trials. Kids respond extremely well — likely because they’re more sensitive to stimulation. Kids also like to feel in control of their feelings, which is rare and more difficult in this day and age. So, offering something a child can activate with the press of a button that helps them feel a little calmer or more focused without having to take a drug is truly powerful for children.
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It’s hard to get well if you don’t address your stress

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Dr. Rabin is also giving our readers a 10% off savings on the Apollo Neuro. Click here to learn more!


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