Is Wine and/or Other Alcohol Good for You or Not?

Beer and wine do have antioxidants, but find out why the wild fermentation process used to make them is NOT so great for your health.

You’ve probably heard friends tout the benefits of wine and beer, perhaps as they pour another glass. After all, moderate wine consumption has been shown to have health benefits like reducing the risk for heart disease and cancer. 1

But here at Body Ecology, we don’t recommend drinking alcohol to improve your health. Here’s why…

Alcohol: Is It Worth It?

It is true that both beer and wine do have some amount of antioxidants, substances that can protect your cells from the free radical damage that leads to disease.

But beer and wine are made using a process called wild fermentation. Wild fermentation uses wild, airborne strains of yeast and bacteria to ferment grains or fruits into alcoholic beverages.

Many people are sensitive to airborne bacteria and yeast.

In fact, wine and beer are not recommended if you have:

  • A compromised immune system with viral or fungal infections (like the 70% of Americans who struggle with candida)
  • Digestive distress
  • Chronic illness or disease
  • Low energy
  • Issues with weight gain
  • Aging related concerns

Wine and beer made with wild fermentation can cause a yeast infection to become more acute. There are many unpleasant symptoms if you have candida or a sensitivity to yeast and one of them is to create more gas, bloating and flatulence.

Alcohol is dehydrating: Very important to know is that even one glass of alcohol can also dehydrate your system, depriving you of much needed fluid to help your body function optimally. This dehydration from the alcohol is chiefly responsible for the hangover often experienced alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol makes your blood more acidic: The sugar content in alcohol allows organisms, like candida more food to grow, wreaking havoc in your body. They leech minerals from your body. They also cause cravings for more sugary food or alcohol.

But, you may be happy to know that not all fermented beverages are bad.

Health-Enhancing Fermentation

Whether you are new to Body Ecology or a long-term follower of our system of health and healing, you can benefit from fermented foods and drinks. The key is to know which fermented foods and drinks have health-giving benefits and which ones to totally avoid.

The fermentation process we recommend actually uses pro-biotics (beneficial bacteria and yeast) that should be a natural part of your intestines and that work in harmony with one another to boost your immunity. The best probiotics actually improve your digestion, make the vitamins and minerals your body needs and even have beauty and anti-aging benefits!
Here are some examples of healthy fermented foods and drinks you can make yourself:

While it may seem strange to make your own fermented foods and drinks with probiotic rich starters, it is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to enhance your health.
Our ancestors used fermentation procedures to store food and stay healthy in cultures all around the world. They fermented animal foods (e.g. sausage), milk (e.g. kefir and yogurt), vegetables (e.g. kim chi and sauerkraut) grains (e.g. beer), beans (e.g. natto, tempeh, miso) and fruit (e.g. wine).

With the onset of industrialization, we abandoned the healthy fermented foods and drinks of our ancestors and now, for many of us, our fermented drinks are beer and wine…containing the wild guys. Since we now eat mostly processed foods consume lots of environmental toxins and most likely face more chronic stress than our ancestors, we need the many wonderful benefits of the good fermented foods and drinks as much as our ancestors did. It is no surprise that many of us suffer from digestive distress, infections, and chronic illnesses due to lacking beneficial the healthy, beneficial bacteria and yeast in our intestines.

The probiotic foods and drinks we recommend help build your immune system and fight candida.

Now you can make the probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks that kept your ancestors healthy, hardy and strong. With our Starters, you’ll have the RIGHT probiotics for immune-boosting energy AND easy directions to make them at home.Order all three Body Ecology Starters and save 20%!

Whether you make probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks at home or buy our convenient ready-made probiotic liquids, you can be sure to avoid the pitfalls of wild fermentation and capitalize on the RIGHT probiotics for your energy, beauty and health.

The Hangover Cure

It is true that Body Ecology fermented foods and drinks build your health while alcoholic drinks deplete your vitality.

Think of the last time you overindulged in alcohol… did you feel happy and full of energy the next day? Perhaps you woke up kind of depressed and tired, with a headache, dry mouth or queasy stomach?

Hardly the properties of a health-building beverage.

Still, every once in a while you may choose to indulge in a glass of wine or champagne, or enjoy a glass of beer with friends. But if you do you need an antidote. We recommend that you have some fermented foods and drinks before and after the alcohol. Some of us have even “cut” our wine with Young Coconut Kefir. Our new drink still tastes like wine but this amazing fermented coconut water is great for dehydration.

Also, probiotic liquids like Young Coconut Kefir help remove toxins that cause those aggravating hangover symptoms by supporting the cleansing of your kidneys and your liver. Fermented foods and drinks also replenish your body with essential minerals and populate your gut with probiotics.

While it’s best to avoid alcohol, especially if you have a compromised immune system, you can recover more quickly with fermented foods and drinks.

A Better Fermented Beverage

While you may love to go “wild” on weekends, it’s best for your health to avoid products made with wild fermentation, like alcohol and beer. And if you do indulge, the beneficial probiotics in fermented foods and drinks can help you get back on track with your health.


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