Red lights, piles of laundry, crashing computers, and over-scheduled days … Modern life is full of stressors, and the Centers for Disease Control even estimate that stress causes 80% of illness! Did you ever wonder why?

In your gut are thousands of good bacteria like lactobacillus that literally act as agents for your health - they digest food, create needed enzymes and support your immune system. When stressed, your body's pH becomes more acidic, providing an environment where bad bacteria can flourish, compromising immunity and leading to disease.

According to research, chronic stress can kill the populations of good bacteria in your gut. The good news is that recent findings show supplementing with probiotics encourages the population of the stomach lining with good bacteria.

These good bacteria can correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fight fungal infections like candida and boost immunity.

The Body Ecology Diet (BED) provides many ways to incorporate stress-fighting healthy bacteria into your daily life with probiotic-rich fermented foods. The use of fermented foods is unique to the BED and sets it apart from other systems of healing.

Two of the best examples of fermented foods are cultured vegetables and young coconut kefir.

Both provide an inexpensive way to consume beneficial probiotics -- and they are easy to make at home. Following the simple recipes on our website and using Body Ecology Culture Starter or Body Ecology Kefir Starter allows you to add the best probiotics into your diet.

Meanwhile, our Essential Duo can also be added when making cultured veggies or when fermenting coconut water or milk. It allows you to add two more essential microflora, acidophilus and Bifidus Longum. So any of the three - Essential Duo, Kefir Starter, and Culture - are excellent for adding probiotics (and you are urged to read about each to try whichever you prefer!)

Stress is rampant in today's society - and while decreasing it would be ideal, it's almost a given that some level of stress is here to stay. And while that stress is destroying the beneficial bacteria in your gut, a probiotic-rich fermented foods diet will constantly ensure that you have an abundant amount of friendly flora being constantly replenished each day. The Body Ecology Diet can be your greatest ally in rebuilding these "good guys" in your gut - and maintaining your health.

Learn more about the extreme importance of a probiotic diet in the acclaimed Benefits of a Probiotic Diet CD presented by Donna Gates, founder of the Body Ecology program.
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