A Strong Immune System is Your Best Defender

Hi friends,

Have you ever used an infrared sauna? Maybe at the gym or a local spa.

The heat is relaxing and refreshing, without being too hot. It’s an escape from stress and distractions. Any muscle pain begins to disappear. 

Many people love these incredible benefits.  According to research, you can passively lose weight (one study shows that 25 minutes in a sauna is calorically equivalent to 25 mins on a stationary bike!), burn up to 600 calories in one 30-minute session, and get the cardio benefits of exercise and BURN as many calories as running 2-3 miles—while RELAXING in your sauna. (Biohacking at its finest!)

And when you have an infrared sauna in your home…

It’s your own personal health and wellness RETREAT that you can enjoy whenever you want.  

Whenever you want to boost your immune system, you can.  

Whenever you want to detoxify your body, you can.  

Reduce inflammation?  Yes – you can!

Research shows short-term heat shock may even activate the amazing heat shock proteins that function as chaperones to protect cells against multiple stresses, like viruses.

It also causes you to mass-produce endorphins—those feel-good brain chemicals.

Doesn’t that sound incredible?

It is. It totally is. 

I LOVE my infrared sauna…and I love doing things that make you happy and healthier, too.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to my upcoming online Sauna Class. 

My colleague Robyn Openshaw (the “GreenSmoothieGirl”) and I are teaching an online web class about all the benefits of frequent infrared sauna use.

You can discover just how fantastic all the health benefits of infrared saunas are—and you’ll see how you can OWN an infrared sauna for a spectacular price and some fantastic freebies (over $1,000 worth!). 

>> Join me Tuesday, March 17th at Noon or at 6 pm Pacific Time.

Owning a sauna may sound like a luxury. But with wholesale prices, it’s surprisingly affordable.

And it’s one decision you won’t regret. (Like that treadmill or bike sitting in the corner collecting dust.)

And here’s the thing.

Most saunas on the market are emitting EMF (electromagnetic radiation) and are off-gassing chemicals from treated wood.

PLUS, most infrared saunas on the market aren’t reaching the temperatures proven by 50+ studies to be therapeutic.  We’ll tell you all about it in the class

I’ve encouraged many people to get a sauna, and everyone tells me that it’s the BEST purchase they’ve made for their health—and their happiness.

My infrared sauna is truly heaven on Earth!  I’m in my seventies and feel at least 20 years younger.  And my co-host, Robyn, has had one for 12 years and it has helped her to detoxify from the toxic world we live in.

The impressive health benefits and exciting research are too much to list, so I hope you attend the class…you won’t be sorry, I can tell you that!   

–>> Attend my FREE class to discover everything you need to know about infrared saunas—and to find out how you can own one for an unheard of price.

We only have 1,000 seats for each class, and these are the only 2 classes I’ll do this year— this Tuesday at noon and at 6 pm Pacific Time—and the low pricing won’t last long! 

To your health! 




P.S. The GREAT thing about having a healing infrared sauna in your home (or in your garage or patio or wherever you want) is how EASY it is: simply turn it on, and about 40 minutes later, get in and enjoy it. Now excuse me, I’m going to go jump in mine!

> Now’s the time before the 1,000 seats for each class fill up.

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