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As of February 4, 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) weekly U.S. Influenza report, there have been atleast 15 million people in the U.S that have gotten the flu this season, and there have been 8,200 deaths from flu.  They estimate from 2010 to the 2018/2019 season there have been between 12,000-61,000 deaths from flu per year. The World Health Organization (WHO) even lists global influenza virus pandemic as one of the ten threats to global health.  

With the growth of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are doing what they can to stay healthy, so let’s look at how you can best prepare your body to ward off a virus. 

Boosting the Immune System to Ward off Viruses

Before we get into preventative measures, it’s also important to note some daily tips that can help.  The World Health Organization put together a list of basic protective measures against COVID-19 (and here is a Coronavirus Q&A from them as well). 

Prevention is just as important as taking daily measures. Sometimes it’s easier to start out by making small changes, and then grow from there. The Antiviral Protocol enables you to make some small tweaks to your diet that may have some major benefits to your immunity.   Knowing about the myths and truths behind viral infections is a must as well – knowledge certainly is power.

Given that antibiotics don’t kill viruses, Donna made it her mission 20+ years ago to figure out alternate means when it came to being prepared for and preventing a virus.  She created an immune-boosting antiviral diet protocol, and has been teaching it successfully for years.  Multiple studies show that strengthening the immune system can significantly improve one’s chances of attracting viruses, and even keeping certain viruses dormant.  

This is why she also recommends that people get genetic testing to reveal what would work best for them in regards to food and lifestyle choices so the wrong genes don’t get expressed, causing what could be a virus or particular disease.

Antiviral Diet Protocol

Donna’s antiviral diet protocol has been hailed by thousands, and includes fortifying the immune system by introducing some or all of the following for prevention or at onset of a virus:

  • Add the right cultured foods and or probiotic drinks with the proper balance of bacteria and yeast to a diet 
  • Restrict all acidic foods for a short period of time including animal protein, grains, sugar (including fruit), flour products, nuts + seeds
  • Good sources of protein to include would be miso soup, lentil soup, raw sashimi. Proteins like lentils,  beans, all animal protein cannot be eaten if you’ve  been exposed to or have contracted a virus.  The protein that is safe is yogurt kefir and miso soup.
  • Make homemade kefir (young coconut kefir as a non-dairy alternative).  You can buy A2 milk and freeze it then use the kefir starter to make kefir.
  • Eat alot of raw, fresh and/or cultured vegetables.  Fermented beets are a great option since they’re high in nitric oxide which may kill pathogens.   For those with SIBO, make a vegetable smoothie for easier digestion (no onion or garlic), and cultured vegetables will not be good at this time.  Cultured vegetables are not good for those with histamine issues either – this is where genetic variation comes in.
  • Apple cider vinegar with water may quickly alkalize the body
  • Periods of fasting (aka time restricted fasting or intermittent fasting) may help keep viruses under control and resolve inflammation.  Autophagy occurs during this which is the body’s way of recycling the good and getting rid of the bad. 
  • Try an enema.  What you’re eliminating is toxic and toxins may affect the body.  See a well trained colon therapist if you don’t want to do this at home on your own. 
  • Introduce fulvic/humic minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids since they are burned up very fast in the gut. 

The idea is to get the body into an alkaline, mineral rich state so that the virus may become dormant fast. 

Again, this is why Donna recommends learning more about your genetic makeup in order to match your genes with your food and lifestyle choices to create optimal health.  

Why Get Genetic Testing?

Nutritional genomics can be an insightful tool to target exactly what type of nutritional and lifestyle intervention you need. 

Research continues to show that what you eat rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome—so what you eat today alters the gut microbiome for tomorrow.  Nutrigenomics and genetics are shown to be keys to longevity and helping prevent disease.

For viruses like flu or the latest COVID-19 that originated in China, there are no antibiotics that can help them.  Some can subside and stay dormant, and some could be deadly. The best defense against any virus is attempting prevention by creating a robust immune system.  This is where diet comes into play.

70% of the immune system is housed in the gut. Logic tells us the gut would be a good place to strengthen. Logic also tells us that there is priceless information hidden in our DNA.  Genomics and nutritional genomics are developing at lightning speed, and truly bring a new level of understanding to who we really are and what we need to do to improve our longevity.

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