How Genetic Testing Can Improve Health + Longevity [Donna Gates Interview]

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For over 20 years, I’ve said there is a Universal Law—The Principle of Uniqueness—that states that you are one of a kind. Well, now I have proof!

The exciting new fields of Genomics and Nutritional Genomics bring a new level of understanding to who we really are.  There’s priceless information hidden in your DNA!

If you’re wondering why you can’t seem to get well even though you’ve tried everything…the answers are in your DNA.

If you’re totally confused about diet and lifestyle changes that are right for you…the answers are in your DNA.

If you’re one of the many millions who have ordered a DNA test, but still have no idea of what to do with the report, need help interpreting it or don’t know which company is the best to get tested through, I review that here [WATCH BELOW].

Many people are terrified to get genetic testing not knowing that there are “work-arounds” in the event your genetics show some risk factors. Everyone has risk factors!  And your genes do not control you.

It’s how we deal with those risk factors by turning off the bad genes, and turning on the good genes, that can make all the difference in our health!

Remember the 3 P’s: Testing allows you to PREDICT the problem, PREVENT it from happening and PERSONALIZE your diet. This is the future my friends -there’s no guess work.

I recently held a Summit, The Genius of Your Genes,  along with 30 other experts in the field of genomics, that showed just how powerful genetic testing can be.  That power can change the course of your life.

And shortly, I’ll be coming out with a genomics software called Butterfly which will allow practitioners that you’re working with to determine the “work-arounds” YOU NEED to personalize your health plan based upon the results of your genetics reporting.  I can’t wait to introduce that to you too.  

If you haven’t gotten bit by the gene bug yet, I hope you do!




(PS:  We Can Help You Every Step of the Way.  Discover the Priceless Information Hidden in Your DNA  –>> Click to Learn More about The Genius of Your Genes)

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