3 steps to keep your immune system strong and prevent the common cold, stomach flu

While getting a cold or a stomach flu is typically more of an annoyance than anything, for some of us, an infection can be devastating to our health.

If the body is weak or if an infection is not quickly dealt with, it can linger for weeks or even months. For some of us, a bacterial or viral infection can cause our bodies to swing into an autoimmune flare-up. For others, it can put the body into a vulnerable state, making it more susceptible to further infection.

What is our current health model to treat infection?

Most of us are taught to wait until an infection arrives before taking action. When we practice wellness and preventative medicine, we take steps to protect our health and honor our bodies so that an infection rarely arrives. And when it does, we are able to easily regain our health.

If you don’t want want to go down from a cold or stomach flu, learn how to balance your immune system and strengthen your inner ecology with nourishing foods like kefir, that provide the healthiest bacteria derived from Mother Nature.

Wellness and prevention does not mean constantly rubbing your hands with antibacterial wipes or avoiding public doorknobs or escalator rails. What it means is:

  • That the immune system is balanced and strong.
  • That your inner ecology is flourishing with healthy, happy microbes.

What can we do to prevent the common cold + stomach flu while making sure our bodies are in a total state of health?

1. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Eat foods that truly nourish the body. This means that you eat mostly vegetables, plenty of healthy fats and oils, good quality protein, and grains, if you can tolerate them. It also means that you eat fermented foods as much as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to eat a healthy diet while on the road or when traveling. Almost all store-bought snacks and restaurant foods are made with poor quality fats and sugars and contain pro-inflammatory proteins like gluten or casein.

This is one of the reasons that Body Ecology has specially formulated Vitality SuperGreen and Super Spirulina Plus. These nutrient-dense food powders are portable, nourishing, fermented, and made with the best ingredients available.

Next time you’re traveling, skip the airplane food or roadside snacks and try mixing a scoop of Vitality SuperGreen and Super Spirulina Plus in some water with a squirt of Stevia Concentrate.

2. The importance of 5 minutes. While it may not seem like much, try putting 5 minutes of your day toward inner awareness. This kind of inner focus can help you generate clarity and a feeling of calm.

Besides this, 5 minutes can also boost the strength of your immune system! This is because all forms of stress send pro-inflammatory signals throughout the body. If you are curious about what this stress signal is, it’s called IL-6.

Take five minutes right now. Close your eyes, sit straight with your shoulders back, and breathe.

What else strengthens the immune system on a cellular level? Laughter does. And so does the feeling of joy and love. After all, giving yourself time to digest life is as important as giving your stomach room to digest food!

3. Build up the inner ecology within your digestive tract. Good bacteria in your gut reduce inflammation, help to repair a leaky gut, fight infection, and make your food more nourishing!

The process of fermentation actually unlocks nutrients, making them more available. When you eat fermented foods, you also enhance your own digestive power. This means that you have the ability to absorb more vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from food.

Fermented foods, like sauerkraut or kefir, also help to create a healthy immune system! Beneficial microbes communicate with our immune cells in the same way that an infectious, pathogenic bug would. The only difference? Good bacteria can dampen an inflammatory response in the body.

With all these benefits, it is a wonder how these very special foods ever left our diet in the first place! If you would like to make your own cultured vegetables at home or your own fermented diary, Body Ecology has put together cultures to easily create high-quality fermented food.

What to Remember Most About This Article:

Most of us view a cold as an annoyance, but an infection can be devastating to your health. Preventing sickness begins with a balanced, strong immune system and a healthy inner ecology robust with friendly bacteria.

You can prevent the common cold this year by using the following steps:

  1. Eat foods that are truly nourishing to the body.
  2. Take 5 minutes to find inner awareness and reduce stress each day.
  3. Build up your inner ecology with good bacteria in your digestive tract.
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