Digestive health and amino acids for weight control, immune system health and fat-fighting supplement. Great for a low carb diet!

Probiotic culture starters give your body the beneficial bacteria that it needs to boost your immunity and even provide anti-aging benefits. Cultured foods are recommended as a staple of the healthiest diet and are truly the key to living a long and healthy life. These culture starters are easy to use at home and will provide benefits like resistance to infection, improved digestion, weight loss, and a robust inner ecosystem. Culture starters are also great health aids for pregnant women and children!

  • Veggie Culture Starter
  • Kefir Starter
  • EcoBloom

Resist Infections, Enhance Digestion

  • Ideal for appetite and weight control
  • Ideal for pregnant women
  • Ideal for children with Autism and ADD
  • Curbs cravings for bread, sweets and dairy

Veggie Culture Starter

Better Digestion, Prevent Aging

  • Digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates
  • Has anti-aging and immune-enhancing properties
  • Rich in amino acids, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins
  • An absolute must after antibiotic use

Kefir Starter

Feed Your Probiotics

  • Helps to enhance immune system
  • Food for the good bacteria in your gut
  • Fights constipation
  • Releases stress
  • Improves liver function