11 Things to Commit to NOT Doing in the New Year (if You Want to Be Healthy & Happy)

Are you ready to celebrate great health and happiness in the coming year? Before you finish your New Year’s resolutions, take a look at the 11 things to commit NOT to do in the new year!

As you welcome in 2009, you are probably like us…looking ahead with great optimism for the positive changes you’re ready to make.

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on our recent article, 29 Most Important Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health in 2009, but we know it’s also helpful to know the top habits to AVOID if you want to stay happy and healthy in the coming year.

So while you are setting your New Year’s resolutions, here are the top 11 things to commit NOT to do in the new year:

    1. Do NOT consume too much sugar. Better yet, eliminate sugar from your diet entirely! Sugar is more addictive, robs your body of energy and can pack on needless pounds. To avoid the harmful affects of sugar, but still satisfy your sweet tooth, use healthy sugar substitutes instead!Our favorite healthy sugar substitutes are Stevia and Lakanto. While Stevia has been a long-time favorite, Lakanto is quickly gaining popularity because it is a zero-calorie, zero glycemic index, one-to-one replacement for sugar. It looks, tastes and bakes like sugar, making it the number one way to kick your sugar habit! (Plus see the new hint we discovered at the bottom of the Lakanto page!!)
Resolve to Break Your Sugar Habit With Lakanto! Studies show that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, so it’s no surprise that it seems hard to do without. But now you don’t have to avoid sweets all together! Instead, use Lakanto, the all-natural, healthy sugar substitute that Japan’s Ministry of Health recommends for issues like obesity and diabetes. Body Ecology searched the world over for the best way to safely satisfy your sweet tooth and we are thrilled to bring you a solution with Lakanto. Try Lakanto today and break your sugar habit for good!

  1. Do NOT let negative emotions destroy your health and everything you’ve worked for! Did you know that negative emotions cause stress and poor health? In fact, they can sabotage all of your best intentions. One of our all-time favorite solutions for shifting negative emotions is Darren Weissman’s The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude — to help you shed negativity and reclaim your true inner joy.
  2. Do NOT miss out on daily probiotics from REAL food. Making probiotics a part of every meal can boost your energy, your immunity and your digestion. If you get a lot of colds and flu during the winter or if you experience cravings or you are feeling depressed and fatigued, consider making probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks part of a balanced meal.While taking a probiotic supplement is great, it cannot compare to getting the right probiotics from fermented foods and drinks, like cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids.
  3. Do NOT use plastic, refined oils. The processed fats and oilsAmericans consume today is destroying our health! Most oils you see at the grocery store are refined, plastic oils devoid of much needed essential fatty acids. Including a range ofhealthy, organic, unrefined oils in your diet is better for your health, including your liver and brain health.
  4. Do NOT overlook grain-like seeds as an alternative to cereal.Cereals, even the so-called health food cereals are highly processed and devoid of important fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Instead, enjoy Body Ecology grain-like seeds, like amaranth, buckwheat, millet and quinoa. Protein-rich and full of B-vitamins and minerals, these are seeds that taste like grains, making a delicious, weight-optimizing and better alternative to processed cereals.Consider making buckwheat kasha with some cinnamon, ghee and Stevia or sprinkle on our delicious Lakanto for a healthier alternative to oatmeal for breakfast!
  5. Do NOT over schedule your days this winter. In Chinese medicine, winter is the season to rest and reflect. The days are shorter and the weather is cooler, making it ideal for slowing down. Consider taking things OFF your calendar and enjoying this respite from the 24/7 work schedules that seem so prevalent today. Your body will thank you!
  6. Do NOT miss out on refreshing sleep. Winter is the ideal time get plenty of sleep to nourish your adrenals. Read: 10 Resolutions to Commit to Better Sleep to find out how you can catch your zzz’s!
  7. Do NOT withdraw from making connections with others. Many people get the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder in the fall and winter months. Feelings of depression often characterize Seasonal Affective Disorder, making people withdraw from social interaction.Instead, force yourself to reach out. Quite time with a dear friend, a gentle yoga class or even meeting others at a book club can be truly nourishing to your soul. For many, it’s enough to move those winter blues aside. So even if you feel a bit reluctant, reach out to others and see if it makes a difference in your outlook on life.
  8. Do NOT use coffee and energy drinks for your morning pick me up. Read Energy Drink Nutrition: The Dangers You Need to Know and the Best Choices Instead to find out better solutions for creating energy for the long term.
  9. Do NOT ignore the symptoms of candida. If you are having cravings, fatigue, digestive problems or other symptoms that baffle your doctors, it could be candida. To find out more and how Body Ecology can help, read: The Largely Unknown Health Epidemic Affecting Almost ALL Americans.
  10. Do NOT put pressure on yourself. Life is not about being perfect! It’s about taking things one step at a time so that you can feel your best. You may find you take a couple steps forward and a couple steps back…that’s okay!Before you jump into your New Year’s resolutions, celebrate what you HAVE accomplished and love where you are now. From there, take each day one step at a time, with small adjustments toward the life and health you want to create.

Life is a beautiful journey and while there’s always a long list of things we COULD be doing, the way to truly be happy is to take today and every day,one step at a time.

Let’s all raise our champagne glass (filled with your favorite probiotic liquid) to an exciting, healthy new year, where we experience the joy and celebration of each and every day!

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