How to Lose Fat: Three Ways to Success

How to Lose Fat: Three Ways to Success

How to Lose Fat: Three Ways to Success

What can you do to lose weight? Once your inner ecology is out of whack, watch out! As bacterial metabolism is affected, it can impact satiety signals, which will cause you to eat more over the long run.

At the same time, it will also cause the gut lining to become inflamed, allowing bacteria to leak from the gut into the bloodstream. This will greatly increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

3 Ways to See Weight Loss Success

Clearly, dieting can cause a vicious cycle that will affect your overall health. Instead of trying to drastically cut calories or stick to an unrealistic diet to lose weight, there are three tips that you can use to benefit your digestive health and keep your weight in check:

  1. Use Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes to improve digestion. Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes are made up of brush border enzymes that will move food quickly through the small intestine to control bacterial overgrowth. Supporting your everyday digestion will ensure that your body gets the most out of the food that you eat to control hunger and make it easier to lose weight!
  2. Substitute sugar for Stevia Liquid Concentrate. One of the safest ways to add a sweet taste to your diet without using a chemical artificial sweetener is with the natural plant extract Stevia. Stevia won’t raise your blood sugar or damage your endocrine system; it will provide the sweetness you crave without the toxicity of sugar.
  3. Enjoy a few ounces of InnergyBiotic at each meal. Drinking a probiotic beverage will give your gut the beneficial microbes that it needs to heal inflammation, balance digestion, and even elevate your mood.

How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau

For most die-hard dieters, it’s hard to power through those last 5 pounds or that stubborn belly fat you can’t seem to shake. But even slender people can struggle with chronic belly fat that may lead to a serious risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer, and even dementia.

You may be surprised to find that visceral belly fat has been directly linked with a leaky gut. Studies indicate that women with a permeable gut lining are more likely to carry belly fat since one contributes to the other5. And even with the most rigorous calorie counting, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of stubborn belly fat for good!

Healing the gut is one effective way to lose belly fat. By eating fermented foods and drinking probiotic beverages frequently, you can heal your gut wall to create a robust, thriving inner ecology. This means that no matter what type of weight loss issues you struggle with, whether it’s a large goal or those last 5 pounds, you can trim down to a healthy weight to feel like your best self again.

A strong foundation of digestive health is the key to balanced, effective weight loss. Even better, supporting your gut health will improve your total wellness and reduce your risk of disease!

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