Why Your Body Needs to “Cleanse” (& the Surprising Signs that it is Cleansing): Part II: The 14 Key Steps to Cleansing Your Body

So, you’re tired of feeling lethargic and fuzzy-headed? You want to regain your health and are ready to make the changes to make it happen? Cleansing is your first step and will occur naturally when you change your diet and lifestyle to take in fewer toxins than you did previously.

Any time you take in healthy foods and beverages your body will become stronger. When it does, expect it to use some of the new-found energy to cleanse. In fact, cleansing is unavoidable. Expect it, and welcome it.

Whether you are already healthy and just want to live a longer, more vibrant life or if you are trying to heal a chronic condition, cleansing is essential to health and longevity. In fact, it is one of the most important of the 7 healing principles of the Body Ecology program.

Benefits of Cleansing

Focus on cleansing and you will be rewarded with many health rewards:

  • More energy!
  • Healthier hair, skin and nails.
  • Less frequent colds and flu.
  • Reduced risk for chronic disease.
  • Mental clarity and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Freedom from food cravings.
  • Freedom from joint and muscle pain, headaches, etc.
  • Sound and restful sleep.
  • No more digestive distress.
  • Enhanced libido.
  • A much younger and more energetic body

Cleansing is not just for those who are sick! Even when you consume the healthiest foods and make the best lifestyle choices possible, your body still needs to cleanse regularly.

Body Ecology’s Cleansing Guidelines

Start by incorporating the principles of the Body Ecology system for health and healing into your daily life. For an overview of the principles read An Overview of the 7 Key Healthy Eating Principles.

Body Ecology’s sugar-free, gluten-free and casein-free program for detoxification provides a roadmap of healing superfoods and principles that make cleansing a natural part of your life, rather than a once in awhile event.

On the Body Ecology program, you will realize that natural, wholesome food can be your best (and most satisfying) medicine.

Here are some key food and lifestyle recommendations for making cleansing a part of your life:

  • Clean your colon via home enemas or colon hydrotherapy in order to help your body eliminate toxins during your cleanse. (We will provide more information on the importance of colon cleansing in an upcoming article, so please watch the newsletter (and if you are not already, subscribe to the free Body Ecology health e-newsletter right now!)
  • Drink plenty of water! You want to move toxins through your body and out through the normal systems of elimination. Clean water is a must!
  • Include plenty of fermented foods and drinks. Fermented foods and drinks build a healthy inner ecosystem. The healthy microflora (also known as probiotics) in your intestines work hard to keep their environment clean. In other words, health begins with clean intestines. Disease begins in a toxic colon. It is essential that you eat fermented foods which provide you probiotics, and these are two of the BEST ways of adding them to your diet:
    • Cultured vegetables – full of vitamins and minerals, cultured vegetables are nutrient-dense, easily digested and are a great cleansing superfood.
    • Young Coconut Kefir can stop your sugar cravings and help cleanse your liver. As your liver becomes healthier you may soon notice an improvement in your eyes (vision), joints (arthiritis pain )and skin (prettier , finer pores and less wrinkles) Make your own Young Coconut Kefir at home or for delicious convenience, try Body Ecology’s delicious new Coco-Biotic probiotic drink!
  • Assist your Liver to Cleanse on an on-going basis. You can do this quite easily. LivAmend supports your main organs of elimination (liver and bowels) in toxin removal and is a great way to encourage your body to cleanse.
  • Eat alkaline foods during a cleanse. During a cleanse your body will naturally become more acidic. So avoid acidic foods at this time and eat alkaline-forming foods instead (Be sure to read How this All-Too-Common Habit is Making Your Blood Dangerously Acidic.)
  • Choose warming foods like broths and soups that are easy for the body to digest.
  • Do not overeat at mealtime. You want to leave room in your stomach and intestines for proper digestion. Follow the 80/20 Rule. Eat until your stomach is 80% full but leave 20% empty so there is room for digestion. Overeating suppresses immunity. Once your body is well-nourished you’ll find the desire to overeat disappearing. (Be sure to read How the 80/20 Rule is Essential to Your Diet Too.)
  • Eat leafy greens like turnip greens, kale, collards, and beet greens that are rich in chlorophyll because chlorophyll is a excellent cleanser. Read Why You Need to Cook These Vegetables for Maximum Nutrition.
  • Drink at least one glass of water that has a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to it. You can also add a few drops of stevia to this mixture if you dislike the sour taste of vinegar. This will help stimulate peristaltic action and is very alkalizing.
  • Eliminate sugar and use stevia instead of sugar if you crave sweets. Your cravings for sweet should go away if you follow the diet and eat and drink fermented beverages and foods.
  • Rest. Cleansing takes energy, and you might be more tired in the first few days.
  • Get encouragement from others who also understand the Principle of Cleansing. Sharing your experience with someone who understands can keep you from going back to toxic habits.
  • Be patient. Cleansing takes time, and you’ll be cleansing for the rest of your life! Take it step by step.
  • Avoid stress and negative emotions. Pent up emotions are just as toxic as processed foods and pollutants. Let go of anger, guilt and shame to cleanse thoroughly. Read Want to Clean Yourself Emotionally? Start With This Crucial Step.

Extreme Clean!

When you first start to cleanse, you might feel like you have a cold or the flu… or the symptoms you are trying to eliminate may become more severe. This is temporary, but follow the recommendations above. They will assist your body to cleanse more efficiently.

livamendYour major organs of detoxification are your liver and bowels. Support them in your cleanse by using LivAmend, made with a blend of three plants that have been historically used as liver regenerative, detoxifying and blood-purifying agents. Read More About LivAmend Now.

Be grateful that your body still has the vitality to eliminate the toxins built up over your lifetime. Hang in there! These symptoms are normal. Remember millions of people have chronic, systemic yeast and viral infections. As you starve out these pathogenic organisms in your body, they and the toxic waste they secrete must exit somehow. Your body will try to get them out as quickly as possible, often in the form of diarrhea, blemishes, or mucous.

Celebrate Your Cleanse

So the next time you feel a little sluggish, feel a cold coming on, or perhaps you feel especially tired yet you know you’ve been eating well, getting plenty of sleep and have minimized stress, you just may be starting to cleanse. Your body may simply be telling you that it’s time to slow down and give it time to cleanse.

After your cleanse, you’ll have more energy, have fewer toxins and will enjoy an enhanced immune system. Isn’t that reason to celebrate? Perhaps you will even begin to welcome cleansing as your body’s way of protecting your health.

Remember, even when you consume the healthiest foods and make the best lifestyle choices possible, your body still needs to cleanse regularly. And it will whether you want it to or not! So accept and be grateful for the ability to push out those dangerous toxins. Body Ecology can jumpstart your new lifestyle, helping you build your immunity and support your body’s natural cycle of cleansing…for life!

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