Why Do Women “Take Control of Their Health” Far More Than Men? Some Interesting Statistics, Insights and Suggestions

Men are more likely to try out risky and stressful activities and eat unhealthy processed foods. These behaviors can be the cause of high blood pressure, increased risk for heart disease and a decreased life expectancy!

Did you know that men have 5 times the risk for heart disease as women?1

Men are also more likely to:2

  • Have high blood pressure
  • Die of lung cancer
  • Be overweight

In general, women outlive men by an average of about 5 years, and by the age of 70, the average man’s heart has lost a full 25% of its pumping power!3

Risky Business

Women are typically healthier than men, but they also seek health care more than males, for a variety of reasons.

Physiologically, being a woman has health advantages because female hormones actually protect women from heart disease. When it comes to health care, women will often see health professionals at least for childbirth and reproductive care.

Men, on the other hand, have greater health risks and go to the doctor less frequently.

One study showed that men take part in risky behaviors that increase their chances for premature death. Men are also more likely than women to be involved in high stress jobs and to make poor food choices. When health problems do show up, men are more likely to avoid going to the doctor.

In fact, some researchers think that certain attitudes about health may be cultural.4

Men are taught to deny and ignore pain, so they may not seek out help even if they feel that something is wrong. They also might try risky activities or stay in a high stress environment in order to attract a potential mate. In the end, these behaviors are the causes of high blood pressure, increased risk for heart disease, and a lower life expectancy.

Regardless of the reasons, our men need a wakeup call at least when it comes to their health!

Improving Men’s Health

Easy lifestyle changes can make a significant difference for a man both in longevity and quality of life.

Men can start improving their health by:

  • Removing major causes of stress from daily life.
  • Practicing some form of stress-relieving exercise like meditation, yoga, or tai chi.
  • Making healthier food choices: Start by avoiding processed foods, sugar and caffeine. Use stevia and Lakanto (watch for it soon!!!) instead.
  • Adding a fermented food or beverage to your diet: Milk kefir is a popular choice for many men who love drinking it for breakfast. BE Wholegrain Liquid reminds many men of drinking beer yet it is a far superior, non-alcoholic choice.
  • Getting aerobic exercise on a regular basis.
  • Wearing a seatbelt and obeying posted the speed limits.

If you are a man, focusing on your health has never been so critical and so important. You CAN increase your life expectancy, remove the causes of high blood pressure and prevent heart disease. With simple changes, men can begin to take control of their health.

The Body Ecology Diet could be your handbook to men’s health. If you want to control your weight, prevent heart disease and improve your wellbeing, then take your health into your ownhands and try the Body Ecology program today.

The Body Ecology program is the perfect fit!

The healing foods and principles are ideal for boosting immunity, improving longevity and providing the energy men need to be physically active and mentally strong.

Whether it’s dropping weight, improving muscle tone, lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes, or just improving vitality so you can play sports like you did when you were younger, men’s health can flourish by making changes in diet and lifestyle, step by step.

Read The Body Ecology Diet to take charge of your health today!
With just a few changes to your diet and lifestyle, you may find that you feel the energy you had in your 20’s. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more appealing to both sexes than vitality and health!


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