Why Wait for the New Year for a New You? New Year’s Resolutions 101

In traditions worldwide, families celebrate the time around the winter solstice with holidays, such as Christmas and Chanukah. In one way or another, these holidays have come to mean the promise of light during the deepest, darkest, and coldest time of the year. In Chinese medicine too, the winter solstice is represented in a hexagram as a small ray of light beginning to rise through darkness.

It makes perfect sense and is even seasonally appropriate that we choose the New Year as a time to make changes if changes need to be made.
Will you be toasting to health and wellness this New Year? Make your health a priority to prevent aging, disease, and digestive problems in the year to come.

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions have to do with diet, health, and weight loss. Our body, for one reason or another, always seems to get put on the backburner. Media, fashion, advertisements, and personal success all pull us one direction while our couch, convenience foods, and stimulants like coffee, sugar, and cigarettes will pull us in another. What suffers most is our body.

The human body itself is extremely adaptable and resilient. This is why it can take years or even decades of repetitive small trauma or ongoing deficiency to eventually manifest as a diagnosable illness. And once cells are overburdened with toxins or programmed to function in a diseased state, this can take quite a lot of work to undo.

Health and wellness is one of the best gifts you can make for yourself or a loved one.

Wellness is the choice to live as optimally as possible in any given moment. Because diet and eating make up a large portion of our lives, choosing foods that nourish your cells, your energy level, and your emotional wellbeing is one of the most important choices that you can make.

When following through on your New Year’s resolution to live healthier and happier, sometimes figuring out where to begin is the toughest part.

Donna recommends a foundational approach to not only cleanse the toxins that have accumulated on a cellular level that lead to aging and illness but also to nourish and rebuild the digestive and immune systems.

A New You for the New Year can be easy with Donna’s Basic Core Program that has been designed to build energy, correct digestion, conquer infection, and cleanse toxins with:

  • Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes that help digest food and are formulated to include brush border enzymes, which keep food moving along in the small intestine while controlling bacterial overgrowth.
  • Vitality SuperGreen, which is one of the best green foods on the market because it is fermented, includes beneficial bacteria, and is formulated with GlutImmune. GlutImmune is a super-potent form of glutamine. Glutamine has been shown in several studies as key when healing the cells that line the wall of the small intestine.
  • Stevia Liquid Concentrate, a phenomenal way to add sweetness to your diet without raising your blood sugar or damaging your endocrine system. Sugar, as you may already know, is toxic in high amounts. And yet, sugar is a mainstay of the American Diet. Not only does excessive sugar add wrinkles to your skin, but also it deprives your cells of nutrients and nourishment.
  • InnergyBiotic, Body Ecology’s most popular fermented drink. InnergyBiotic is full of beneficial microbes that will promote the healing of the gut lining, keep your inner microbial community populated with friendly bacteria, and lift your mood.

Believe it or not, a good mood or a bad mood may depend on what type of bacteria your intestines harbor. Friendly microbes actually affect neurochemistry. Don’t believe it? Drink a glass of fermented coconut water, leftover cultured veggie juice, or InnergyBiotic and notice how good you feel!

The healing process and the road to a new you begin with wellness. There’s no time like the present to commit to changing your health and your happiness. Diet, exercise, and the right supplements to cleanse and rebuild are the most important steps to radiant health.

What to Remember Most About This Article:

For most of us, our bodies are put on the backburner all year long because of work, family, and everyday stress. The human body is resilient, but years and even decades of deficiency can result in long-term illness.

The New Year is the perfect time to create New Year’s resolutions focused on health and wellness to set the tone for the following year. When you make a New Year’s resolution to live healthier and happier, it will not only prevent aging and illness but will also heal and nourish your digestive and immune systems.

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