Want Baby Soft Skin? Detoxification is One Key to a Beautiful Complexion. Read On to Learn Two Other Dietary Tools!

Yes, you are what you eat! Find out how to protect your skin through these simple Body Ecology detoxification techniques.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?

Yes, it is true, and it serves a number of purposes other than just a canvas to apply your makeup to every day. Skin protects, moisturizes, regulates temperature, and even offers us the sensation of touch…so that we can enjoy a soft, cashmere sweater or slipping into silky sheets when we go to bed.

Still, men and women of all ages agree that skin can often be a problem. Do you struggle with a number of common skin conditions, like dryness, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, excess oil production, or an uneven skin tone?

Fortunately, top skin experts have confirmed that you are what you eat and that your diet directly affects the quality of your skin. Eating the right foods can dramatically impact the appearance and health of your skin, and even better, it can alleviate many or all of the skin conditions mentioned above. This is something that is true for all skin types, whether your skin is normal, oily, combination, or dry and sensitive. In fact, expert dermatologist from the American Academy of Dermatology’s SKIN Academy, Susan C. Taylor, M.D., confirmed that it is vital to eat nutritious foods if you want to have healthy skin. Additionally, certain foods can aggravate and even trigger common skin conditions and disorders.

If you want to have clear and beautiful skin and also have a healthier body, the first step is detoxification!

Toxins can easily enter your body through the outside environment and immediately start to affect your cells, muscles, tissues, and certainly your skin. These toxins can come from eating processed foods as well as foods that contain pesticides or chemicals. Over-the-counter skincare products are also loaded with toxins that are easily absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream where they circulate around your body and lodge in your cells. These toxins must be processed by your liver and here’s lies the source of many skin problems. In Chinese medicine it is well understood that your liver “rules” the health of your skin, your joints and your vision.

To protect your liver and your skin you’ll benefit from three simple dietary changes.

The Body Ecology Guidelines for Beautiful Skin

  1. Start with fermented foods and beverages. Body Ecology is built on 7 principles that center around eating a healthy and whole food diet. Unlike other diets around these days the Body Ecology Diet is rich in fermented foods and probiotic beverages. Fermented foods contain beneficial microflora that work diligently to keep your intestines clean. When your intestines are clean so is your liver. A cleaner inside shows up on the outside as beautiful, clear, glowing skin. In fact, we often receive reports on how our fermented drinks, especially Young Coconut Kefir, almost immediately start to reduce the pore size of your skin.
  2. Choose the RIGHT sugar-free sweetener. Eliminating sugar from your diet is essential for a healthy liver and for beautiful skin. Sugar actually harms the liver and depletes your body of vitamins and minerals that keep your body more alkaline. As you become more and more acidic your skin actually looks toxic. It becomes pale and dull-looking instead of glowing.

    Sugar also feeds yeast. Candida, a common yeast infection, is often the cause of acne. Mineral deficiencies are directly linked to premature aging and wrinkles.

    Cutting out processed sugars from your diet will prevent the negative effects of glycation, where simple sugars attach to proteins in your body advancing the process of aging in the skin. The bottom line? Eating less processed sugar means exceptional anti-aging results in younger and more radiant skin!

    Try our natural Stevia sweetener to satisfy sugar cravings without the damaging effect of processed sugar in your diet.

  3. Eat grain-like seeds. Grains with gluten (like wheat, rye, spelt, kamut and barley) feed yeast because they contain sugar. And flour products are like sticky glue after they are chewed and mixed with saliva. This sticky mixture coats the lining of your intestines. As a barrier forms and coats the walls of the intestine nutrients cannot get thru and into your cells.  Poorly nourished cells make dull skin that ages quickly. If you want beautiful skin eat a diet rich in healthy grain-like seeds. Millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth are high in protein, vitamins and minerals and fiber. Fiber is especially important for digestive health as they help stimulate peristaltic movement that helps move toxins out of you intestines.

    The secret to beautiful skin is to feed it well and allow it to repair itself from the inside out. The truth is that your diet really does matter if you want to protect your skin from damage, prevent premature aging, and alleviate countless common skin conditions.

    Are you ready to learn more on how to have beautiful skin and also turn back the hands of time?

Stay tuned for a special training with Donna Gates on Beauty & Anti-Aging Secrets that will be announced later this week!


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