Ulcers and Reflux: The Essentials Insights You NEED to Know About These Way-Too-Common Illnesses

Health and vitality is just around the corner. These healing tips from Body Ecology will ensure you build your immune system and fight the pathogens that cause stomach ulcers. You CAN heal your body AND experience renewed energy.

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with an ulcer (also called peptic ulcer)? Or perhaps you’ve been experiencing painful burning in your stomach after eating?

It was once a widely held belief that ulcers were caused by spicy food, anxiety and especially stress. However, research has shown that it is mainly the bacteria, H. Pylori that causes ulcers.

What Exactly Are Ulcers?

Ulcers are open sores that develop on the inside lining of your stomach (Gastric ulcer) or the upper part of your small intestine (duodenal ulcer). H.pylori bacteria (Helicobacter pylori), is believed to cause both types of ulcers.

Esophageal ulcers may also occur and are typically associated with the reflux of stomach acid.
Esophageal reflux, where stomach acid content refluxes backwards up into the esophagus, is medically termed gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). To find out more about this read GERD in Children and Adults, Part One: The symptoms and the TRUE causes.

Symptoms of Ulcers

People with ulcers experience a burning pain due to the ulcer being aggravated by stomach acid.

Ulcers may also cause severe symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Chest pain

Left untreated, ulcers can cause internal bleeding and can eat a hole through the wall of your stomach or small intestine, putting you at risk of serious infection of your abdominal cavity.1

Your “Second Brain”

While ulcers were once thought to be “all in your head” and stress-related, we now recognize that bacteria is the root cause of ulcers. And while we know it’s not in your head, studies are showing that your second brain, the one in your gut, usually is affected.

Recent research surrounding the Enteric Nervous System, also referred to as “the Second Brain”, has been found to have the same neurotransmitters as your brain. Therefore it can actually send pain messages to your brain, which can cause you to feel anxious and stressed out. Likewise, stress and or anxiety may cause feelings (like butterflies) in your gut.

So now that H. pylori is recognized as the cause of stomach ulcers, we know that the physical sensation of stomach pain associated with ulcers is generally responsible for anxiety, rather than the other way around.2

Just What is H. Pylori?

H. pylori bacteria lives and multiplies within the mucous layer that covers and protects tissues that line the stomach and small intestine. It can disrupt the mucous layer and inflame the lining of the stomach, producing an ulcer.

A common gastrointestinal infection, H. pylori affects one in five people younger than 30 and half of people over 60 are in the United States.

H. pylori bacteria can be transmitted through close contact with people, food or water.

Healing Ulcers Naturally

The GOOD NEWS is that you CAN protect yourself from distressing stomach ulcers and esophageal reflux.

fermented foods and drinks is key to keeping your gut healthy and protecting it from H. pylori and other pathogens.

Restore and maintain your inner ecosystem, and fight off destructive bacteria, pathogens and other unfriendly organisms with Coco-Biotic. Coco-Biotic is made from fermenting the water of wild crafted young green coconuts, so it’s full of probiotics that protect you from the inside out. It’s so convenient; you can even take it with you when you travel! Try Coco-Biotic and today in the full sized bottle or our new convenient travel-sized bottles that keep your immunity strong on the road!

Here are some foods that can boost your immunity and treat or prevent H. pylori:

  • Fermented Foods and Drinks:
    • Milk Kefir and Young Coconut Kefir – are both healing probiotic drinks. They are like soldiers for your gut! Kefir’s beneficial yeast and bacteria are ready to ambush any parasite eggs or larvae before they have a chance to establish themselves and multiply. For more about these probiotic drinks read Which Type of Probiotic Liquid Should You Choose? Is there a “best” one for you?
    • Cultured Vegetables – Cultured vegetables are rich in probiotics that boost your immunity and protect you from harmful bacteria, yeast and pathogens.
    • Cabbage Juice – While cabbage juice has been found to be effective in treating ulcers, we recommend you ferment it with one of our Probiotic Starters because raw cabbage can depress thyroid function. Fermenting the cabbage juice removes the thyroid-suppressing properties and even boosts your energy!
  • Manuka honey While this special, high quality honey has been shown to naturally destroy H. pylori, be sure to eat it in small amounts only if you have your systemic fungal infection, candida under control.
  • Lemongrass– This essential oil has been shown to inhibit the growth of H.Pylori bacteria.
  • Coconut oil – Unrefined, organic coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids that provide unique benefits for your digestive process. Coconut oil also has anti-microbial properties which fight against pathogenic viruses, yeasts, bacteria and parasites in the gut.3
  • Body Ecology foods and principles – Follow these 7 key healthy eating principles. This will ensure you stave off pathogens and rebuild a healthy inner ecosystem, full of beneficial microflora that keep your energy and immunity strong.

You deserve to feel your best throughout your lifetime and with every meal you eat. Following a healthy Body Ecology diet and incorporating some of these healing foods will help ensure that the only “gut feelings” you get come from your inner wisdom.


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