How to Travel Healthy

Summertime means vacation, but how do you eat healthy while you are traveling?

While you’re on vacation, you want to avoid these common conditions:

If you have already made a commitment to your health, don’t let travel change your habits. You can continue to enjoy delicious food, Body Ecology style, while you roam the world.

You’ll return from your time away relaxed, renewed and healthier than when you left!

If your summer plans include a vacation, then you need to know the best ways to stay healthy. Follow our Body Ecology guidelines for how to eat healthy travel food wherever your time off may take you!

Traveling with Body Ecology

You have plenty of options for eating Body Ecology-friendly food while you are on the road

Here are three different ways to approach your travel eating:

  1. Make your food ahead of time and take it with you in a cooler.
  2. Take along Body Ecology snacks, seasonings, and condiments to flavor food you purchase or make at your destination.
  3. Choose Body Ecology foods from stores and restaurants along the way.

Each of these approaches is a viable way to nourish your body and keep your immune system strong as you travel to new places. Depending on the length of your trip and how much you want to plan, choose your approach to eating that makes your vacation relaxing and fun — just how a vacation should be!

Make Ahead & Take Along

Choose this approach if you have a short trip and time before you leave to plan a menu.


  • You know exactly what’s in your food.
  • Your body is used to the food you give it, so there are no surprises.
  • You are prepared for any situation.
  • It tastes great!


  • This approach requires planning ahead.
  • Be sure to carry a cooler to keep your food fresh.
  • You won’t always enjoy the culinary specialties of the regions you visit.

Tips and Tricks: You’ll need a variety of storage containers to carry your foods: salads, soups, vegetables and condiments.

Body Ecology’s convenient fermented drinks are an easy way to take probiotics on the go. They can also keep you feeling energized, which can help after long flights or days of signtseeing.

Snacks and Seasonings

Another option is to bring your own snacks and seasonings like soaked seeds and nuts, Herbamare (a delicious blend of sea salt and organic herbs), SteviaCeltic Sea Salt and apple cider vinegar and Body Ecology recommended oils. Add these to food you make or buy while you travel.


  • Snacks and seasonings take up much less room than already prepared meals.
  • Small changes make a big difference in how your food tastes and how you digest it.
  • You’ll be ready when you get hungry with healthy options.


  • You’ll need to supplement your Body Ecology snacks and condiments with food that you make or buy.
  • A kitchen might be necessary if you like to make your food while on vacation.
  • You need to carry your food additions with you, especially if you plan to eat out.

Tips and tricks: Put your spices in small leak proof containers that you can carry wherever you go. They won’t take up as much space, and you won’t have to worry about spills in your luggage.

RenewPro whey protein and Vitality SuperGreen make a convenient and energizing snack. Just mix the powder together before you leave home and travel with it in a small plastic bag. You can even make single servings!

Dining Out

Dining out for nearly all meals is often the most flexible way to travel, and these days you can choose foods that support your health.


  • Freedom to eat wherever you go, and at any time.
  • No need to carry any extra foods or condiments with you.
  • You can enjoy local specialties.

Assist Enzymes Dairy & Protein formula are some of the best digestive enzymes that help your body process and assimilate the nutrients from meats and dairy products. Take these digestive enzymes with you on vacation and you can avoid digestive discomfort.


  • Many restaurants add ingredients that are not always Body Ecology friendly. Request to have your food prepared without MSG, refined oils or other problematic ingredients.
  • It can sometimes be hard to make a healthy and nourishing choice at a restaurant. Remind yourself why you choose to eat Body Ecology style.
  • You may need digestive enzymes to help your body digest foods when you eat out.

Tips and Tricks: These days you can find salads, vegetables, and lean meats at almost any restaurant and have a Body Ecology friendly meal. Search out fresh food and healthy restaurant options before you go. For more ideas on how to eat healthy, read Donna’s tips for dining out.

Your vacations can be a time when you can take care of YOU!

No matter what approach you choose when you go on vacation, Body Ecology makes it easy to bring health along for the ride.
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