Your Body Ecology Thanksgiving Survival Guide!

The holidays are approaching!  AHHHH!  As in “YAY!”  But also as in “UGH!”  I’m flying home to see my folks for the week, which means:  Seven whole days of watching and listening to Aunt Sylvia’s weird, yapping lap dog yap and lap Aunt Sylvia’s food plate.  And Uncle Milt is such a close talker that I almost can ignore the fact that his hairpiece looks a lot like Aunt Sylvia’s dog.  And that is the “Yay!” portion of the trip.

The “Ugh?” – countless bowls of carb-laden, gluten-filled, sugary yum coating every surface in my parents’ home like the brown sugar crumbles on my mom’s Sinfully Sweet Potato Pie.

AHHHHHHH!!!!  I have been on the B.E.D. for one month now and am really starting to see and feel the positive results!!!  How am I EVER going to resist the delicious temptations that beckon me with candied kisses at every corner???!   Well, I won’t have to. At least, not exactly…

That is why I have devised the following B.E.D. THANKSGIVING SURVIVAL GUIDE:

  1. Ship home one bottle of CocoBiotic.  (Actually, I’ll ship home a bottle of InnergyBiotic, too, because my best friend who turned me onto the diet (ERGH!) said it’s a really good mixer for cocktails.)
  2. Pack one bottle of Assist and one bottle of Dairy and Protein Assist because, let’s face it, I’m gonna get my eat on!
  3. Put my little bottle of Stevia in my purse—because I may want to use it in my tea on the plane and will definitely use it during the week.
  4. Replace the bread in our stuffing with any B.E.D. “grain.” (I think millet and quinoa work best.)
  5. Make sure to remind mom to sauté the veggies in coconut oil, instead of olive or canola oil, before mixing them with the millet or quinoa.
  6. Make sure that Grandpa gets a gluten-free, free-range, organic turkey. (Come to think of it?  Go with him to the store!!)
  7. Let’s face it: Thanksgiving eating begins at noon and continues until about seven pm, so load up on veggies and bird between noon and two and my favorite carbs around dinnertime to food combine as well as possible.
  8. Start the day with a Vitality Greens smoothie!   I have found it to help with “sticky fingers” and “munchy mouths,” so I will be less likely to pick-pick-pick before the meal starts.
  9. Remember: THERE WILL BE LEFTOVERS! So there is no need to eat until I fall asleep in the mashed red potatoes! The 80/20 Principle doesn’t take Thanksgiving Day off!
  10. On the flip side, it is a holiday, so I will aim to be 80% “perfect” and 20% “human.”  And if I do over-indulge?  I will pour myself a champagne glass of CocoBiotic, pop an extra enzyme, toast the day and all that I have to be thankful for, and move on.
As far as my FAMILY THANKSGIVING SURVIVAL GUIDE goes?  Well, let’s just say it’s a work in progress…


Visiting your wacky family for Thanksgiving? That doesn’t mean you have to turn to stuffing your face with food for comfort! By remembering to pack your favorite Body Ecology products to take home with you this Thanksgiving, you will not only keep your digestive system in order, but you will also be able to incorporate some whole and healthy foods into your Thanksgiving meal. It can be done!

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