Soil — Is It Destroying Your Health?

Did you know that we have to eat significantly more food today to get the same nutrients our parents did in the past? Over-farming, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and the stripping of nutrients to make processed foods have damaged the nutritional quality of our foods — even fruits and vegetables. Is soil destroying your health?

“Government data from both American and the United Kingdom have shown that the concentration and range of essential nutrients in the food supply has declined in the last few decades, with double digit declines of iron, zinc, calcium, selenium and other essential nutrients across a wide range of foods.” 7

Today’s food is grown in nutrient-poor soil, which means it is very difficult for your body to get the daily minerals it needs. Body Ecology’s Ancient Earth Liquid Minerals provides a simple solution to common yet dangerous mineral deficiency — easily absorbed liquid minerals charged with electrolytes.

It probably comes as no surprise that humans today, especially Americans, are overfed and undernourished. When your body needs more food to get necessary nutrients, it is, in effect, starving, even on higher quantities of food. And if you eat processed foods — which are stripped of most of their already low nutrient content — it’s no wonder obesity and fatigue are rampant these days.

How minerals supercharge your health

Minerals are the backbone of virtually every mechanism within your body. But there is a full spectrum of minerals that your body requires. Here’s a quick list of some important minerals and what they do in your body:

  • Magnesium helps convert blood sugar to energy, and is the ‘anti-stress’ mineral.
  • Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body; it initiates DNA synthesis, maintains bone health and strong teeth.
  • Potassium maintains acid/alkaline balance in your blood.
  • Zinc promotes proper nerve, immune and digestive health and boosts immunity.
  • Phosphorous helps maintain heart regularity, provides energy and aids in metabolism of fats and starches.
  • Minerals can even help you sleep better at night!

Fortunately, the earth naturally stores key minerals inside the food that you eat. Unfortunately, over-farmed soil yields weak and sickly crops. While inorganic fertilizers and pesticides will make vegetables grow, it’s the soil that plants depend on. And it’s the soil that impacts your health.

Is the soil destroying your health?

Missing micronutrients in soil — like iron or zinc — can ultimately create mineral deficiencies within your body, or “hidden hunger.”1 Low levels of iodine, iron, and zinc are some of the most common nutrient deficiencies. As Kul C. Gautam, former deputy executive director of UNICEF explains,

“The ‘hidden hunger’ due to micronutrient deficiency does not produce hunger as we know it. You might not feel it in the belly, but it strikes at the core of your health and vitality.”2

Here are some symptoms mineral deficiency may cause:8

  • Acidic blood
  • Constipation and cramps
  • Low blood sugar
  • Cravings
  • Anxiety or hyperactivity
  • Low energy
  • Low libido
  • Weight gain
  • Aging
  • Diarrhea, Vomiting
  • Compromised immune system

How minerals impact your energy

Everywhere you look, you can see evidence that Americans are losing energy. From coffee to energy drinks, even kids and teens are looking for a quick energy boost to get through the day.

Our diet is simply deficient in minerals. Even a healthy diet may lack the necessary minerals to boost your energy, detoxify your body, and keep you feeling your best. In fact, your adrenals, your body’s chief energy producer (along with your thyroid), need a constant supply of minerals.

Your body is made up of 37.2 trillion cells that need constant mineral nutrients to support the energy level for a healthy, vigorous life.9 A single red blood cell is 7 microns, while plant-derived minerals are about 0.01 micron, or “1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.”10 Given this information, it’s easy to see how difficult it might be to nourish all of your cells, especially with our nutrient-deprived soil.


Fortunately, there is something you can do, and it, too, comes from the earth — ancient earth to be exact. Fulvic acid is the key. Fulvic acid comes from ancient humic substances within the soil — rich, dark soil elements that are filled with microorganisms and generations of vegetation that have slowly decayed over time.

The Ayurvedic remedy known as shilajit is a mineral resin that shows up around mountain ranges, like the Himalayas. Ranging from a flowing liquid to a brittle solid, purified shilajit contains 50–60 percent fulvic acid.3

While shilajit has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, recent studies show that the active components of shilajit — notably those found in fulvic acid — are responsible for a wide scope of health benefits.4,5

These include:

  • A radical boost in physical energy and muscular endurance
  • A noticeable reduction in “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Enhanced virility in men and healthier sperm
  • An increase in antioxidants
  • A decrease in signs of painful inflammation
  • Protection against stomach ulcers

Fulvic acid contains strings of mineral ions — electrolytes — that have a low molecular weight. This makes them quick to absorb and easy to use.

In addition to its restorative benefits, fulvic acid also fights infection. Recent research on gingivitis and oral health has revealed that a mouthwash containing fulvic acid can limit the growth of disease-causing bacteria.6

Fulvic and humic minerals (fulvic acid and humic acid) are compounds that act as mineral carriers and detoxifiers. The only way the human body can benefit from mineral nutrients is if they are available to be absorbed. Ancient Earth Minerals enhance this absorption process by enabling minerals to pass through cell membranes.

Fulvic acid minerals benefit your health in a variety of ways: by nourishing your thyroid and adrenals, detoxifying your body, reducing the signs of aging, and building immunity.

Fulvic Acid Minerals and Heavy Metals

As humans, we ingest heavy metals throughout our lifetimes. They get into the tissues throughout the body, slowing the efficiency of nutrient absorption and disturbing proper elimination. Speculation abounds about the sources from which these metals enter our bodies — with everything from fish, to vaccinations, air, water, and even personal care products bodies. No matter the source, fulvic/humic acid minerals bond the ions to the amino acids, effectively removing heavy metals from the body, thus reducing these burdens on the digestive system.


For decades, Body Ecology’s founder, Donna Gates, has been teaching about the importance of minerals to feed your adrenals and help your body heal. To this end, she created Ancient Earth Minerals — the highest quality blend of humic, fulvic, micro and macro minerals, and amino acids.

The fulvic acid in Ancient Earth Minerals is the transporter to the body’s cells and humic acid is the carrier of minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Research results suggest that humic and fulvic acid complexes enhance mineral and trace element uptake, supporting the maintenance of mineral and trace element balances without harmful buildup in the body’s cells.

Whether you’re fighting Candida overgrowth or rebuilding your health, the minerals in Body Ecology’s Ancient Earth Minerals can help heal your body.

“I think the Body Ecology Lifestyle works so well because the food makes you feel good on the inside, which shows on the outside. As you go through different stages, everything just keeps looking better (skin, hair, nails).” – Hear what people are saying about The Body Ecology Diet.

Remember, our liquid minerals contain charged electrolytes. Because they’re in a liquid solution, you can quickly and easily feel the difference.

For you, this might mean better sleep, increased energy, or relief from anxiety. But deeper within the body, Body Ecology’s Ancient Earth Liquid Minerals is busy assisting in cellular repair and stopping the growth of harmful microorganisms.

How ancient Earth Minerals impact your body

  • Nourish your thyroid and adrenals
  • Detoxify
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Build immunity
  • Chelate heavy metals
  • Your Most Bio-Available and Detoxifying Source of Minerals

What To Remember Most About This Article:

Decades of over-farming, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides has depleted the soil of essential micronutrients necessary for life and health. We get far less nutritional value from the same fruits and vegetables our parents ate.

Minerals support every mechanism in your body. Due in part to our degraded soil, your body may have “hidden hunger,” that is, hungry for missing minerals. It’s common to have iodine, iron, and even zinc mineral deficiencies — but the truth is that your body requires a full spectrum of minerals to function at its best each day.

This is where fulvic acid comes in. Derived from ancient humic substances deep within the earth and found in the Ayurvedic mineral remedy shilajit, fulvic acid may provide a wide spectrum of health benefits that include increased energy and muscular endurance, a reduction in “bad” cholesterol, a boost in antioxidants, and decreased signs of pain and inflammation.

To receive all these benefits and more, it comes down to the right delivery system. Body Ecology’s New Ancient Earth Liquid Minerals has been formulated to provide these essential minerals in a way that your body can best absorb them. Our new liquid minerals, charged with electrolytes, come in a form that your body can use right away — to heal from within and improve sleep, increase energy, and even ease anxiety.


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