Comments from BEDer's

I finally realized I was worthy of being healthy!

Heavy since the sixth grade, Heather could no longer deny that her system was screaming for help. She began walking and turned to the book The Body Ecology Diet to learn how to make wiser food choices, like eating cultured veggies and homemade coconut kefir.

I don't get sick anymore.

Thank you so much for such life changing and enhancing information, Donna. Love your Hayhouse show. Fermented foods are helping me so much, even in areas I didn't even know I had a problem! They are helping my blood sugar issue, which was expected. But I also am now realizing I had bladder issues that are being helped.

I've lost inches.

I use the Kefir Starter with organic coconut milk {like in a milk carton, not canned}. I used the Kefir Starter to make cultured veggies.

I also started eating a LOT of very cooked cabbage alone with using the Kefir and cultured veggies.

I've lost inches.

The huge amount of bad bacteria has been leaving my head and my ears are "opening up."

I owe my life to Body Ecology

I owe my life to Body Ecology. In January 2008, I almost had a stroke. Life stopped. A mum of two gorgeous little boys and wife to a dynamic husband were the perfect match to my own "pre-almost-stroke" high energy style and zest for life. Now, I couldn’t get out of bed. I slept for five days to get to work for two. Then in the space of 12 months -- three sinus operations, a breast lump removal (benign – hooray!!!).

I feel healthier and more vibrant than I have in decades!

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2010 and chose treatment with herbal tinctures coupled with a total revamp of my lifestyle and nutritional regime, as the prospect of filling my body with the toxic chemicals of conventional cancer treatments terrified me.

The Body Ecology Diet has done Miracles for my healing

The Body Ecology Diet has done Miracles for my healing... I am so thankful for your book and all that you do to get the word out and inform others who need it so much. God is so good to have guided me in the direction of health and wellness. Here is some of my story.

It has been one month and my son has gone from using 5 word approximations to using over 50 words with 2 and 3 word combinations.

My 2.5 year old son has been on scd (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) for 6 months with lots of improvement but we hit a plateau and he was never able to do nuts or goat yogurt so onto the next diet we went. When I saw the price of the coconuts I told my husband I was only going to do the yck (young coconut kefir) for 1 month and if we didn't see huge results well then we would stop.

We have our little boy back! Ryan can talk, understand, love and enjoy life now.

My Grandson, Ryan, received the diagnoses of “Moderately Autistic” and “Possibly Mentally Retarded” by his Pediatric Neurologist when he just turned 2 years of age. Unless a family faces a similar situation, no one could ever imagine the gut-wrenching feeling his mother, father, and immediate family had. We were devastated to say the least.

Going to the Body Ecology Diet retreat was the turning point in Colin’s life.

By the fall of 2003 our beautiful vaccine-injured son, Colin, had made many gains though his home based learning program (The Son-Rise® Program, We felt that he was really ready for a half day Montessori kindergarten.

@BodyEcology YES!!! Your book changed my life. Thanks!!! I am in the midst of writing a post about it as we speak. Please Check My blog

- Amy Yoggev via Twitter

Thanks for such a wonderful book that has changed our lives.

My 5 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and we have tried many things over the last few years to help with this with only a little bit of success.

Coming up to 2 years on the diet ... No asthma, almost no food allergies ( probly none but I was anaphylactic to fish so I'm too scared to try it to see if I'm not allergic any more but people can eat fish around me now without it affecting me) no candida and I haven't been sick since being on the diet- no more tonsillitis which is pretty good for a uni student!! :) It's been an up hill battle but I'm getting there! Thank Donna!
- Tiffany Jean

It's just night and day from an irritable kid to a delightful child!

My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 4 (he's now 9). We did GFCF for two years with initial success and then a major regression, we then tried SCD and he was on it for almost 3 years.

I had suffered from several, intestinal and heart, diseases, for years, until, recently, when I changed my diet to 'gluten free' and 'organic'. A friend introduced me to your 'Body Ecology' page and I, literally, took notes. I experienced positive results, almost, immediately~! The intestinal diseases, Crohn's, IBD, Colitis, etc., had me in such pain that the mere act of walking was excruciating~! I, now, not only, have lost weight, eliminated the 'bloat' and other aches and pains, but, have resumed my exercise regime and am able to enjoy my life, 'healthy', once again~! Thanks for all your help~!
- Julie Matrow Watson
My daughter and her boyfriend both suffered from digestive issues and once they began the BE diet they began feeling better right away. They love the Cocobiotic and Vitality Green capsules! Of course I have been following the BE diet and feel much better and as well the weight has just dropped off. I would like to become a Body ecology counselor and wish you would offer a course for that.
- Helen Thorgalsen
I have been following the website for a couple of weeks, I can't tell you how good I feel. I think I’ve been fighting a loosing battle with yeast for years and didn’t know it!! I want to try the BED diet for my 23 yr old daughter that suffers from asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia and I truly believe ADD…so I think this will be key in her getting healthy! :)
- Rose Ciancia Chasey
I followed BED for several months and I can tell you the only thing that got me through the Holiday parties was Cocobiotic! It was my own version of champagne and it helped me to ward of all the tempting sugary treats. It was also through BED that I began my love affair with sea veggies. They have been a huge part of my diet ever since, and are now one of my favorite foods. I don't think there is room in this post to share my entire experience with you, but I will say that I have recommended your book to several people, and I still do. Thank you so much for being such an amazing resource!
- Jessica L. Labbe
As a single parent dealing with Autism I have implemented what I can into our diet with positive results. When I can afford to take the fermentation course and Autism course I will also add those practices into our life. The children can be on the road to recovery from what I have experienced.
- Karla Anderson
Yes it has changed my life and my families. I am grateful for Donna Gates and her wisdom, I have lost 50 lbs. I have what is called a synovial cyst in my s2. So the doctors kept saying to me lose the weight, which will alleviate the pressure and take away a lot of the pain. Your diet has improved my quality of life. I compliment your diet with monthly colonics. Much love to you Donna Gates for creating such an amazing way of living.♥
- Aimee Nelson Mcdonald

I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have done and still doing.

Donna, I have already let you know the wonderful changes Brianna has been doing since we started BED. Yes your ways off this has done all of that for us. I use to cry every night on how can I get my child to eat and what can I do.

I was diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroid 3 yrs ago. I refused to take meds, and instead followed the BED. I eliminated sugars & gluten, and followed the recipes in the book... ie eggs, butter, quinoa, cultured veg, green smoothies for breakfast, soups, coconut oil, coconut kefir etc... over the course of 8 months my tsh dropped from 9 to 2!!! My doctor (regular western medicine doctor) who was doing my blood tests called me when it had reached 2 and said... whatever you're doing keep doing it!!!
Last year I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and learning about nutrition and gut health has been a substantial source of encouragement and hope that I can still recover my overall health. Since changing my diet I have noticed measurable improvement in my mood, mental clarity and sense of connection with others. I feel hopeful that step by step I can fully recover my brain through nutrition, Body Ecology principles, and probiotic rich foods.
- Leigh Le Haier

I just wish there was a restaurant in LA to have an entire menu based around BED.

The BED diet and philosophy has transformed my life completely as I have been a longtime candida sufferer.

You have saved my family

Yes, Body Ecology has changed my whole life. I got soo many answers from the information you have put out in your book and newsletters and on the boards.

Ordered the book yesterday, and I have been suffering from disseminated candidiasis for 4 months, two of which, no one would treat me for anything but delusional parasitosis. Finally, with my last money, I ordered a stool test that showed this and other ailments, I have changed my diet, the last two months, to only greens, lean meat, eggs and avocado…which has helped dramatically. But, I am a self professed cookie monster with a sugar obsession and have a hard time coping daily. Your book was mentioned a third time and I ordered it! I am truly hopeful that this will give me some options and coping techniques that anyone suffering with my condition in this consumerist nation I live, need.
- John Wolf
Yes - I have been following the BED since Jan 2011. I now have a healthier functioning digestive tract, clearer skin, and cleaner feeling gums and teeth. I had always been one of those folks who could not have a healthy BM first thing in the AM without first exercising or a large cup of coffee. Even a macrobiotic diet for 18 months helped but not morning BM. I'm proud to say BM's are now automatic in the AM. It's funny how parents of newborns carefully monitor their child’s BM's as a sign of health but this seems to be less significant to folks as they get older. This should always be on ones radar. I also would develop blood blisters inside my mouth when eating corn...not happening now. My stomach is still a little sensitive at times now so I am next going to focus on gluten to see if I am sensitive to it.
- Kathy Worley
...The Body Ecology Diet (BED) is how I finally recovered from bulimia & binge eating – after 4 years on the path to recovery (and trying just about everything for longer than that). I am a big proponent for experimenting with things on the level of mind, body and spirit in recovery from addictions & eating disorders. The BED supports this because it honors the ability of the body to heal itself – step by step. That’s the key, it’s a process of taking actions, no matter how small, toward your health. ...speaking to Donna was like someone finally understood what my intuition was telling me. ...Donna is a visionary in treating the body as a system – connected inextricably with the mind.
-- From
For me, the courage to get well didn't come easily. Physically and emotionally I was very defeated, but I began to feel better within a few days of starting the diet. I can honestly say that I didn't know it was possible to feel as good as I do, and it gets easier each day. I know it sounds dramatic, but I tell people that it has saved my life. My family and I are very grateful.
-- N.V. Marietta, GA
I really think that the BED system of healing is a diet that can become a lifestyle, not just a short term program.
-- K.M.
The BED system of healing has revolutionized my life. Your book helped to diagnose my condition and with the help of my doctor, I am now 4 months into recovering my body, mind and spirit. This 'insanity' which has been going on for years is finally under control and I am regaining my precious health. How can I thank you enough for writing the diet bible of this century.
-- N.N. Shelburne, VT
I am 69 and have been using probiotic foods for many years and I am in very good health. I never get flu shots or any other kind either. Diet is the best medicine.
-- Sharon Redding, CA
My son was diagnosed with Autism over two years ago. His body had lots of the wrong bacteria and it struggled to break down proteins adequately - no more. The Kefir breaks the protein down for him and gives him the bacteria and enzymes he needs to gain nutrients from his food. His ability to think and speak has improved remarkably. He was prone to panic attacks and had a compulsive obsessive disorder - this has also greatly improved. I am so grateful to you for making this possible.
-- Natasha, Sydney, NSW
The BED diet has saved my life! At the age of 51, I now have a clean and clear inner eco system. The diet has been exciting and difficult at the same time. But the results are the prize. I feel and look 35, as Donna promised. I tell everybody about the book, and of course, you are going to be the best testimonial by the way you look to others. I always believed we are what we eat, but never to the degree of the principles of the BED diet, thank you Donna.
-- Jill, Waukesha, WI
I wanted to write and thank you for giving me the knowledge that has saved my life. In March 2001 I went to a holistically minded physician who was the first to tell me I had a 'gut problem'. Klebsiella pneumonia with zero good bacteria. In April I started doing what she said and it really didn't help. I went through her regiment for 2 months. The end of May I started the Body Ecology Diet principles. When the end of July came I was "Cured" of about 90% of all of my lifelong problems. This lasted for a 2 month period of time. The reason is my wife had to have surgery which stopped the cooking and eating correctly. Then massive stress with many other life changes occurred. I knew I had to get back to it. I let it lapse for almost 3 years before going back to it. What a waste of 3 years. I feel much better now. Not quite where I need to be due to just starting again and I haven't fully implemented the total program. One thing I did learn is life is precious. Just because we have been use to living this way for our entire lives or a good portion of it doesn't mean we have to do it anymore. Blessings to all on the path of health. Thank you Donna and The Body Ecology Team. It was great seeing you at the Conference in Oct.'
-- Ken, Las Vegas, NV
The Body Ecology products gave me amazing energy and an overall sense of well-being. Once I tried them, I started hearing from other friends that they were using them, too. I'd definitely use them again.
-- Kim Porter
I read BED book about 2 years ago and right away I started stocking my kitchen with more alkaline forming foods. True to form in our universe, just after I started taking in this new info, a friend happened to mention to me that her in-laws made their own kefer, and she brought me grains. I make my own kefer now and drink it daily with probiotics, followed by super green drink. Every night, I drink diluted apple cider vinegar. I've even made my own saurkraut several times! During the day, I go back and forth, but the BED framework is ever-present with me. As a result, my health and energy have improved dramatically, like the difference between night and day. I have had lesions disappear after years of having popped up, and I was able to avoid oral surgery because the lesion in my mouth simply disappeared a year after following the diet religiously. I no longer have IBS after 20 years of this, and best of all (for me) is that my mind is clearer and sharper than it's ever been, since following the BED guidelines. I am a hard core foodie, so this was a challenge to me, but one well worth taking. Thank you so much, Donna. BED was paramount to helping me heal from a lot of issues. Until I read about this and began practicing, I had no idea to what extent my digestion influenced my mind, not just my body!
- Alex Goldenberg
Started reading Body Ecology and I have learned so much already. Thanks for the wisdom and knowledge.
- Evelyn Benjamin
I love, love, love the Ancient Earth Minerals. This is the missing link in my adrenal dysfunction. Thank you so much, Donna!
- Michelle Sanderson
I have an autistic 5 year and the Body Ecology principles have done wonders for him! He got potty trained 1 1/2 month after I started him on the diet hard on and he talks, interacts, reacts, reads as a beginning 2nd grader and does math as a high 1st grade, sit's still and learns 1/2hr every day in a normal Kindergarten, he comprehends so many things now..he understand he is sick in his tummy and therefore he needs to eat his medicine/supplements and drink his Young Coconut Kefir.He was only able to say 9 words 10 months ago, wasn't pottytrained, didn't react at all..barely any eyes contact, no sense of danger and very moody. I'm SO thankful for Donna Gates sharing her wisdom!
- Maria Fitzpatrick
Well its two weeks now and I am having a Blast.....I have made two types of cultured veggies as well as the coconut kefir and yogurt...I love it. I bought a case of coconuts in China town NY and the whole adventure has been so easy. I have given up all sugars alcohol etc and I am so happy to be on the road to eliminating candida.
- Linda Mello Clifford
I have received plenty of useful information from the website, the newsletter and now through facebook. Thank you for all you do Donna.
- Anita Gonzalez
Donna, I enjoy your contributions and all your doing to make my life better!
- Jim Krejci
I enjoy your messages, books, information and products... my life is so much better since discovering your diet for me and my family. We are all blessed for what you do... I thoroughly enjoy every message you post, every one of them is completely valuable to me and my son and I read them all... A million thank-you's Donna!!! A million!
- Deanna Lawrence
I am very impressed with the way Donna and her group handle this business. You don't have to join a MLM to have these wonderful products and you do not have to find other people to join. You can tell everyone how wonderful the book is without worrying about them thinking you have other motives. The book and the website have so much information. I make my own cultured veggies and coconut kefir. I hope Donna is very very successful because then she can continue her mission. Thank you, Donna!
- DeeAnne Newville
Hi Donna - you might not remember me but I was a very active member on the BEDROK community when it was still on Yahoo Groups, I've spoken with Diane a couple of times and ended up in the Indianapolis Star once for your fermentation techniques. I don't think I ever got around to writing you a letter which I meant to do - I have been meaning to express my gratitude to you for a long time now. I owe you a lot for writing The Body Ecology Diet book. I followed your Diet to the T back in 2006 and dropped 70 lbs - from 200 lbs to 130. Over the next 4 years I have maintained a very healthy and stable 125 lbs following Stage 2 of your Diet. Raising a glass of Coconut Kefir to you - Thank you !!!!! &heart;
- Eva Simcoe
Thank you for all your research and your commitment to helping others get and stay well.
- Candace C., Facebook Fan Page
You are so encouraging and inspiring! I followed your diet for over a month. I have NEVER felt SO GOOD in my entire life! You being here is just what I need to keep focused and encouraged. THANK YOU! I rave about your book to everyone I know and your Vital Greens are the best supplement/food on the planet, really!
- Samantha F., Facebook Fan Page
I love the B.E.D. diet/cleanse. My girlfriend, Samantha Fox, turned me on to your book and it has CHANGED my life. I am now on the 3rd month of the Diet and have never felt so good in all my life. The manic mood swings I use to have just disappeared and my skin looks radiant (so I am told). I will stay on this or some modified version for the rest of my life. Much aloha!
- Margo O., Facebook Fan Page
The universe is a better place because of your brilliance, perseverance, and dedication. My personal thank you is immeasurable.
- Frances C., Facebook Fan Page
Love your kefir cultures and think it's why I'm so much healthier now and able to maintain weight. Keep up the good fight.
- Erin F., Facebook Fan Page
Your book BED is one of the most in depth books that i have read in regards to diets, health and how to keep healthy... and i have read and practice many different diets. This book is definitely my guide... Thank you!
- Kamilia S., Facebook Fan Page
You saved my life, made it possible to be living proof that "there is a cause, and there is a cure" and now I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old.... THANKS Donna!
- Delicia B., Facebook Fan Page
Body Ecology Changed my life forever! I so enjoyed seeing Donna's lecture at Erewhon last week. Man, This woman knows A LOT! My dream is to become certified in BED and help others change their lives for the better.
- Galit R., Facebook Fan Page
Thank you sooo much Donna Body Ecology saved my health :)
- Amy Y., Facebook Fan Page
I love the healthy way of eating you have "rediscovered" and I appreciate your sharing your knowledge with the world. It certainly has helped our family.
- Michelle S., Facebook Fan Page
I have read your book about a year ago and have been fermenting ever since and loving it! Thanks
- Carol H., Facebook Fan Page
Donna love your book, website, newsletter and sound logical information.. the vaccine information is fabulous..Keep up the great work.
- Dr. Lynn Friedman, Facebook Fan Page
Following your diet got rid of my intestinal candida and the intense late night itching that woke me up every evening. THANKS. I love kimchee and cultured veggies and ready to do some coco kefir.
- Roberta G., Facebook Fan Page
Thank you so much for the work you do to help us all live healthier lives!
- Cindy B., Facebook Fan Page
Since April I have lost 15 pounds and just found out that I've lowered my cholesterol by nearly 25 points ... all by following principles of the Body Ecology Diet!!! Still trying to figure out some of my health issues, but feeling great today and rather proud of myself!!
- Sharon M., Facebook Fan Page
I was suffering from serious anxiety that came out of nowhere, tingling over my whole body, exhaustion, extreme depression, loose stool. I was miserable. After the 5600 dollar ER visit from the second worst stomach ache ever (first was appendix) with no answers I was feeling really low. Instead of firing me for missing work, my boss paid for a session from a renound bodyworker to go get help. She told me I had systemic candida. My heart broke when she told me my beloved food was increasing my terrible feelings. She handed me the Body Ecology diet and I am on day 16. Day 1 and my anxiety stopped. Thank goodness because the die off symptoms are still lasting to this day. I've lost a lot of weight but that’s a perk I guess. I'm not out of the woods yet. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this book. In a world with so much conflicting information I was handed the best source right from the beginning and I feel blessed to not be suffering through this blindly. Very Sincerely,
Emily, Facebook Fan Page
Yes! Since I started B.E.D. I get more compliments on my skin and how young I look. I am 46 and a grandmother of 3 toddlers. When my husband (who is also on B.E.D.) and i are out with our granchildren, people think we are their parents. We used to correct their assumption, now we just thank them and smile. We've also lost weight, we sleep better, and we have zero sugar cravings! I'm not even tempted to have a sweet.
- Mendy Cleveland
For the last year or so I have had a really bad problem with acne. Never did I have so many pimples in my life, not even when I was a teenager. I was even getting them on my neck and back. I couldn't believe at 30 I looked like that. I started the diet and within two weeks all acne cleared. I no longer had the big, painful pimples. It even helped with the redness and dryness of my skin. Thanks so much!
- April Couey Li
Thanks fantastic! Im only 22 but Ive had relentless acne since my early teens. I plan to start the diet soon, Im really hoping it works for me! Between my youthful looks and acne, people mistake me for a highschooler all the time. Which is awkward when youre a mom! lol
- Ashley Chenard April
I am making the shift. menopausal acne at age 45 (early menopause). it stinks. my skin has never, ever looked like this!
- Julie Nichols Forrer
My skin is sooo clear now. I work part-time in a health-food store and men & women both, make comments. They think I'm wearing makeup, but I'm not. They all want to know what I use. :) I tell them to clean the liver and the colon and send them to your website! Thanks Donna! Can't wait for the training and your new book!!
- Kathy Jones
I've had people ask me about my skin :)...being 50 years of age...I think another thing is my weight. I am able to maintain a desired weight in a country where there is so much obesity and so much trouble with weight.
- Lisa Hohman Molitor
i'm staying with my parents as i recover from a long history of eating disorders and Asperger's, and i'm not really in shape for compliments, let me tell ya. .. i'm cleansing, unsure, and all up and down. but my dad keeps saying at random moments ...'gee, that diet thingy yer on sure makes yer skin look nice ..!!' ;) it really perks me up!
- Leigh Le Haier
Well.....I had a ???? cyst??? right under my skin on my back along T-5. It was the width of a quarter and the depth of a nickel. In the 4 months that I have been following body ecology it is gone! That's a nice skin story. :) I have lost 14 pounds and get a lot of compliments. Many are coming to me now for help. I send them all to! Glory to God!!
- Mitzi Harden
I get this alot; "Wow, whatever you are doing, it's working, you look twenty years younger!"
- Angela A. Parker
I am naturally very muscular, but over time (before BED), no matter how hard I worked out, my muscles never looked defined like when I was younger. On the BED, I lost weight, and I got my natural, toned physique back without even working out. I also had to lower my thyroid medicine (now taking less than half of original dosage) after a few months in Stage 1.
- Doreen Starling
Fermented foods and drinks are doing to my skin what raw foods didn't! I used to drink lots of orange juice, like some raw food experts teach, and I noticed that I started to get wrinkles around my eyes, so I stopped doing that. Then I heard an interview with you and you were outstanding, so I followed your teachings. I eat fermented foods and drinks religiously, my face has never been so clear and the wrinkles around my eyes have almost disappeared. People ask others behind my back about my age, ha! The fact is I come from Romania, and I grew up with CV! For six months every year we almost only had CV. When I make them, it is almost a spiritual experience - I feel this is a great thing that I am doing. And I make so many kinds, always try new things...
- Belle Among Vikings
I think the Body Ecology Lifestyle works so well because the food makes you feel good on the inside which shows on the outside. As you go through different stages everything just keeps looking better (skin, hair, nails). My mother used to tell people if they wanted to eat right to follow me around and eat whatever I was eating. When I get to eat quinoa, red potatoes with pumpkin seed oil and dulse, salad, and steamed veggies I get so excited! This food is soothing and strengthening at the same time. I love the fermented foods but even if you can't eat them at the start or have to cut back on them at times there is plenty to eat. All the Body Ecology foods are delicious and healing from the inside out. One day you will look in the mirror and think hey this really works!! You will look younger and feel wonderful.
- Lisa Shappley
Six months into BED, and I'd have to say my weight loss has been my biggest "beauty benefit" so far. I've lost a total of 40 lbs. (yes they needed to go). The last time I saw 110 lbs, was on my first drivers license. I'm wearing clothes I never dreamed I'd look good in again. I walk past a mirror and get giddy, cause I look better than I ever dreamed I would at 45 years old!
- Angela W Bohinc
At 18 months old, our beautiful son’s physical and developmental health began rapidly decreasing. He was sad and crying all the time. Luckily, we found Body Ecology and began healing by simply introducing small amounts of fermented food. Within one month, he regained eye contact, and he has not needed prescription medication since that time. As we implemented more of the steps to Body Ecology, we saw more improvement. We witness miracles every day as he uses language we were told he never would. He is a blessing and thanks to Body Ecology, we have been able to help him heal so that he can share his gifts with the world. Thank you Body Ecology, you have saved our baby’s life!
- Gina and Doug McDermott
The Body Ecology products gave me amazing energy and an overall sense of well-being. Once I tried them, I started hearing from other friends that they were using them, too. I'd definitely use them again.
- Kim Porter, Actress.
I just wanted to say a huge Thank You for what you are doing with Body Ecology. We are starting our son on his 4th week and over 10 people have approached us to find out what we were doing to heal our child because they were seeing the results in his skin color, skin texture and the color around his eyes. At least 4 of them have purchased the BED book and started cleansing and the diet. My plan is to attend the certified training this Fall so I can learn more for my family of 5 and also share with as many people as possible so we can have healthy kids in our culture and healthy parents. Thanks again Diane for all your efforts. You are truly a blessing to our family.
- Brigitte Stroud, Personal email to Diane Farr
My family has used her kefir starter for over a year and it is top quality, always producing a consistent batch. I thought I would try to save money by buying the actual kefir grains from a company. And yes, I did get the real grains, but I believe they were contaminated, they never made a tasty thick kefir like the BED starter, and my hubby and I did not feel well on them. Yes, it is more expensive to use the BED starter packets, but so worth it. I do not trust the kefir grains out there for sale on the market, many may have mold and yeast contamination. Donna Gates has such a sincere desire to help our children get well and has volunteered her time to answer many of our questions on this board. Just hang around for awhile and you will see!
- Juli (Yahoo BEDROK Group)
One man's poison is another man's medicine! So true. That is why I love the whole BED philosophy, as it is the safest protocol out there for autism. I believe it is the safest because it is the most natural, using foods instead of large amounts of synthetic supplements/formulas, etc. Donna is truly ahead of her time and many children will benefit from the knowledge she is sharing. I really believe the BED should be tried before anything else. We have to get back to our roots I think the secret lies there.”
- Juli (Yahoo BEDROK Group)
After losing my first child to autism, I feared my second child would endure the same hard path. Body Ecology not only brought my first child back to me, and equipped me with a wealth of knowledge to have a healthy and easy delivery the second time around. Eating cultured vegetables, raw and un-denatured foods, and adopting Body Ecology principles keeps me and my whole family healthy and happy.
- D.F., Charleston, SC
I am confident in guiding the people in my practice to the Body Ecology Diet. I see families with children on the autism spectrum, adolescents with ADD/ADHD and adults with acquired brain injury that are benefiting from the BED. Diet is key when we are trying to bring neurological order out of disorder. I am so proud to be part of this revived culture of true- value traditional food. I honor Donna for the work she has done.
- Mary Bolles, Executive Director at the Sensory Learning Institute
Having used nystatin and bottled probiotics on myself for years, I am struck by how much more effective the cultured veggies (and other cultured foods) have been in combating yeast and sugar cravings. I suspect that the therapeutic dose of probiotics is probably far higher than we had originally estimated, and probably much higher than we can easily get from a bottle. Cultured foods may be the solution to this problem.
- Karyn Seroussi, Author of Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother's Story of Research and Recovery

Two years ago my son was approaching two and we first had diagnosis. I was pregnant. We went to hills of Texas to see the wildflowers. I remember trying to learn what Autism was all about. Our perfect adorable son was now under a microscope. What did they mean? What had we missed? How could this have happened? Anyway that day two years ago at a park, a train roared by maybe only 50-100 ft away. My son never took notice. We tried to get him to see it, and he couldn't focus to see it. Like he was on LSD or something. No focus. No interest. I remember a feeling in my stomach. I was sick and frightened. Then that day we went to a wild flower patch and 30 Harleys roared past and Tyler never looked, nor could we get his attention. He just sat and stared at some grass endlessly. He had no language, no facial reprocity, just a monotone stare. But he was adorable and I was terrified to loose him and was soon due with my second child.

Anyway two years later we went on that same trip (yesterday). My husband said he feels like we are living our life again. This time when the train roared by Tyler looked right at it and looked at us to let us know he saw it. We asked him questions about the train and got answers. It's orange and black, and fast etc.....Tyler ran around the park with direction and focus and joy. We had romaine lettuce leaves stuffed with avocado, cilantro, raw squash and celery, and zucchini. I thought at the table how two years ago I'm sure we had no thought or prep into our food for the day. We stopped at a pancake house and BBQ place and ice cream on the way home.
I ate my lettuce wraps with pride and enjoyed watching my children and husband eat healthfully. I didn't miss the pancakes, or BBQ, or ice cream one bit. I had smiles and language and play all around me. Don't ever give up. We have a long way to go, but we are pushing forward.
- Shannon

When we started the Body Ecology diet, I was skeptical, but willing to do absolutely anything for my son. I read The Body Ecology Diet and I read many other books about food allergies and rotation diet, etc. Donna's book made the most sense.

I began the Body Ecology diet in a rotated form because my son is extremely sensitive and has many food allergies. When I did this, by adding the young coconut kefir and getting his body more alkaline with the wonderful vegetables he was now actually wanting (because the young coconut kefir changes his food desires), he started to cleanse.

It took about 30 days before he was finished with his initial cleanse. I must admit, it wasn't pleasant and I was actually a bit scared because of what was happening to him. He had diarrhea (even in his sleep) because of all the yeast and junk coming out of him. He had night sweats. He was lethargic (enough so that I had to keep him home from school) but I kept on.

I felt in my heart that even though he seemed more ill, this was helping him. After 30 days, my son was a different person!!! He was talking, he was asking questions (he had NEVER asked a question before), he had energy, he was interacting more with other children, he was changed!

We have now been on the Body Ecology diet for almost one year. He has continued to improve immensely. He is now drawing pictures and telling us what they are (and they look good!), he is pretending, he is using his pronouns correctly, he is transitioning and focusing much better, he is riding a bike without training wheels, he is understanding emotions, and he is now attending a typical preschool!

We are so thankful that Donna was able to write her book to get her message out to others. I cannot begin to tell you how this has changed our lives, especially my son's life. Thank you so very much.
- Wende Bartolomeo