Organic Living In An Urban Environment: Bringing Body Ecology and Fermented Foods Toronto and Beyond

Every Saturday over 300 city dwellers flock to The Village Market to buy organic produce and Body Ecology fermented foods and drinks. Find out why the popularity of fermented foods and drinks spurred Body Ecology classes at thisToronto hot spot.

“As manager of the Organic Village Market for 12 years, I’ve tried many healthy eating programs, diets and supplements. But nothing I’ve tried has had the kind of dramatically noticeable “kick” I get from eating the Body Ecology program’s fermented foods and drinks. I’m not surprised to hear that this is the diet that can help people with autism, ADD and Alzheimer’s, because when I take this stuff I can feel [the benefits]in my head.”

-Richard Chomko
Richard Chomko is manager of The Village Market, an organic market in Toronto that is blazing a trail for healthy living.

In fact, Richard has contributed to The Village Market’s growth from a small operation selling organic produce, to an establishment with a major influence in Toronto’s organic community.

Visiting The Village Market, you would find everything necessary for healthy eating: organic produce from local farmers and vendors selling prepared raw foods, tasty healthy baked goods and fermented foods and drinks.

Richard’s own introduction to Body Ecology came from Certified Body Ecology Coach, Oli Ullmann. Oli makes Body Ecology style cultured vegetables and milk kefir for her dedicated customers at the weekly market.

He says of Oli, “She sells quite a lot of the fermented foods and drinks. The customers have noticed that it’s helping them with their health problems.”

Richard himself spent time exploring raw foods and juicing, but felt that wasn’t a total answer. He is now studying the Body Ecology book and sees it’s merit as a more comprehensive nutritional approach.

After his many years studying, experimenting with and working in an industry that promotes healthy eating, he applauds many tenants of the Body Ecology program, including:the emphasis on colon health, use of probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks, (and food combining.

Upon learning about Body Ecology, Richard felt a renewed sense of commitment and said, “I’m looking forward to making a more serious effort.”

He finds that Body Ecology especially appeals to the health-consciouscrowd at the market. In fact, he’s not surprised to see people flocking to Oli’s booth to stock up on cultured vegetable and Young Coconut Kefir.

“Everyone has already heard of sauerkraut and yogurt, and the Body Ecology foods are similar to those foods, so they have gone over well. People appreciate the flavor! But Oli’s are the best. I keep her sauerkraut in the fridge for weeks and it stays fresh and delicious.”

In addition to the benefits he sees for himself with fermented foods and drinks, one of Richard’s favorite customers reported amazing health benefits as well.

Kefir and Culture Starter

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After taking Oli’s Body Ecology courses at The Village Market, this customer made her own healing cultured vegetables. She then brought them to the hospital to share with her sick friend. Both she and her friend feel that it was the cultured vegetables that helped him recover his health.

Stories like that are not unusual at The Village Market, where healthy eating is quickly becoming a way of life for their customers.

Richard thinks that urban areas, like Toronto, are clamoring for healthy options because the lifestyle is more compressed. People are looking for ways to slow down and connect with the environment.

“In rural areas, health isn’t as stressed like it is in cities.”

It’s men and woman like Richard Chomko and OliUllmannwho, in health food venues around the world, are changing the way the world eats. As they do their part to help others on their journey to health and wellness they are our day-after-day heroes – spiritual warriors out in the battlefield of everyday life.

Body Ecology is extremely grateful for each and every one of them — and to you, the subsciber of the free Body Ecology newsletter.

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