How A Woman’s Body – and Her Baby – Thrived with Body Ecology

Deborah used Body Ecology principles to have a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a vibrant and happy baby!

Did you know that fetal nutrition is the number one determining factor of longevity and quality of health? Fetal nutrition starts with the mother, and when it comes to the success of nutrition during pregnancy, Deborah is a believer.

As a 41 year old first time mother, Deborah did not want to go through the lagging energy, morning sickness, and general discomfort she saw her friends experience when they became pregnant.

More important, she wanted to give birth to a healthy, vibrant baby.

Deborah was always interested in nutrition and alternative therapies, so when her mother suggested a consultation with Body Ecology’s Donna Gates, she took the advice to heart.

After a few phone sessions with Donna, Deborah felt ready to incorporate Body Ecology principles into her pre-natal routine.

Body Ecology for Moms and Babies

Deborah laughs about how she ate vegetables for most of her pregnancy, “Salads for breakfast, salads for lunch, and salads for dinner!”

She also avoided processed foods and wheat, dairy and sugar.

Besides salads and fresh vegetables, Deborah began to drink about a half cup of Young Coconut Kefir every day. Deborah’s mother pitched in to this healthy Body Ecology routine by making a batch of Young Coconut Kefir each week, mixing in a little unsweetened cranberry juice and Body Ecology Stevia for a delicious, sweet drink. Deborah believes that the Young Coconut Kefir was key to her healthy pregnancy.

“Donna Gates believed that my immune system was a bit compromised, but the Young Coconut Kefir is amazing! It kept me on track.”

In fact, during pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is typically compromised, making her susceptible to illness, especially candida and adrenal fatigue. To learn more about why this happens, read: What Every Girl and Woman Needs to Know NOW if they Every Want to Have a Baby.
Deborah added other Body Ecology components to her life too: raw cultured butter for because this fat is critical for her baby’s brain development and Ocean Plant Extract to nourish her thyroid (always a critical organ but even more so during pregnancy) and to help in cleansing of heavy metals and detoxification.

An Easy Pregnancy

As a result of Donna’s advice, Deborah enjoyed a calm and easy pregnancy.

“My body felt incredible! I felt better when I was pregnant than ever before!”

Deborah stayed healthy, had more energy and less discomfort than her other pregnant friends. In fact, she firmly believes the Body Ecology program was a cure for morning sickness. The only symptom she experienced during her healthy pregnancy was slight swelling in her feet towards the very end of the nine months.

Deborah definitely attributes her energy to what she learned from her consultations with Donna Gates. Donna made specific recommendations for Deborah’s Body Ecology program and she also suggested weekly acupuncture. Deborah believes that the combination of “taking care of my diet and going to acupuncture was a very powerful combination.”

Healthy Body, Healthy Baby

Thanks to Body Ecology, both mom and daughter enjoyed boundless energy and radiant health.

Deborah says of her baby, “Everyone comments on how alert and aware she is of everything. She has tons of energy and uses her whole body to express herself.”

Deborah continues to follow Body Ecology principles as her daughter develops. As a new mom, she loves the convenience of Cocobiotic, Body Ecology’s probiotic liquid that replaces the need to find and crack young green coconuts.

“I give her Cocobiotic every day.”

Deborah is also thankful for Maayan’s continued health. They chose not to vaccinate her and do not let her have wheat, dairy or sugar, even at day care.

Deborah feels blessed to have such a healthy child. “Maayan tested one or two months ahead with cognitive abilities, receptive language and fine motor skills. I have two siblings with developmental disabilities and was always concerned about having my own children. And I was almost 42 when I got pregnant.”

“I’m a total believer that Body Ecology is the way to go for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby!”

For more information on Body Ecology and healthy pregnancy read What Every Girl & Woman Needs to Know NOW If They Ever Want to Have a Baby.

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