Planning for a Baby and Concerned About His/Her Health?

Planning for a Baby and Concerned About His/Her Health?

Fetal nutrition is the key factor in determining both the length and the quality of a human beings life. Even before she becomes pregnant a woman wanting to conceive and bear a new life should build up a storehouse of nutrients in her own cells and eliminate toxins that have been accumulating in these cells all throughout her life. Why? Because both her nutrients and her toxins will concentrate in her baby’s cells. A deficiency in nutrients and too many environmental toxins, will impair a child’s ability to develop a strong healthy brain and body, and pave the way for childhood disorders ranging from weak immune systems and digestive disturbances to more serious disorders like Downs and Autism….both on the rise. Based on the latest statistics, which are frightening, potential mothers-to-be are justified in having serious concerns.

But what if you are currently an expectant mother, have conceived and already carry a child; is it too late? Absolutely not. Body Ecology’s system of health and healing nourishes a mother and her infant while he/she is still in the womb. And very importantly, we have an ideal program for helping you establish a healthy birth canal teeming with beneficial microflora so that your baby is inoculated with a hardy inner ecosystem of his own as he enters this world, a world swarming with potential pathogens. The Body Ecology Diet also helps create nutrient-rich breast milk that provides your baby and his newly established intestinal ecosystem with foods necessary for those critical first years of growth. Establish a healthy inner ecosystem in your baby’s GI tract and you’ll give him a strong immune system. (Over 85% of his immune system is housed in the intestines.) And it is vital that your baby’s detoxification pathways remain open and hardy so he/she can detoxify toxins easily after birth, indeed for the remainder of his life.

Body Ecology has some special tools for moms

During your pregnancy you too, are at risk of permanently losing nutrients from your own body. As a new mom you’ll need all the energy you can muster to care for your family and still have energy for yourself. You’ll find that Body Ecology’s superfoods and especially our favorite fermented foods and beverages add essential sugars, essential proteins, essential fats and an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes back into your diet quickly. The Diet specializes in correcting digestion. The Body Ecology Diet is the diet that understands most, that eating a nutrient-rich, probiotic diet full of fermented foods, is Nature’s Way of ensuring that billions of “good guys,” quickly set up an inner ecosystem. This happens first in your intestines and then quickly in your birth canal. This is the crucial first step to wellness…for you and your baby. And when your baby passes through a healthy birth canal (free from pathogenic infections), he will by inoculated at birth by a world of only beneficial bacteria

Sadly, because of a lack of knowledge, this simply isn’t happening. One recent study showed that 85% of women giving birth today have an infection in their vagina. These women will not be able to inoculate their child with a hardy immune system as Nature intends. A child without a healthy inner ecosystem starts life with gastrointestinal pains and discomforts, feels tired and exhausted and often is emotionally as well as physically distant. Statistics and studies show that GI related intestinal disorders like Autism, Group B Strep infections, systemic fungal infections (candidiasis), reflux and colic are all acutely on the rise.
Body Ecology has answers…


  • Probiotic or Fermented Foods: Eat a serving with every meal.
  • Fermented foods lay down the foundation for a healthy inner ecosystem. When fermented, a food’s nutrients increase hundreds of times. The microflora, abundant in unpasteurized, fermented foods, act like enzymes to properly process a food, releasing all the nutrients for you to absorb. At the same time they help retain those nutrients so your blood delivers the best possible nutrients to each growing cell in your baby’s developing brain and body. They increase the bio-availability of each meal by improving digestion. The microflora enjoy the sugars in a food and shield you from damage that sugar can often cause. Fermented foods help control cravings for carbohydrates, and provide that sour taste so many pregnant women intuitively crave. They help the body detoxify. And if you are lacking some nutrients in your meal, like calcium, the beneficial microflora are your favorite alchemists. They can change other minerals, like magnesium and silica, into calcium for you.

What Foods Can You Culture/Ferment Easily?

Essential Fats:

We know that a variety of fats is one of the secrets to great health. Each of these fats provides special fatty acids and you need them all. But you must also be able to digest them to receive their full value. Probiotic foods help with digestion of fats too.

  • Coconut oil and ghee for sauteing
  • Essential Woman
  • Olive Oil and Pumpkin seed oil
  • Fish oils

High-Quality Animal Proteins combined with cultured veggies so that you digest the proteins well.

  • Fish- Salmon is especially rich in Omega-3s with cultured veggies
  • Egg yolks contain good fats, and Vitamins A and D
  • MILK Kefir (see above)

Vegetarian Sources of Protein

  • Beans when eaten with land, ocean and fermented veggies
  • Miso Soup and Natto- Eat soy foods only if fermented (Miso, Natto, Tempeh, and Soy Sauce, esp. Organic Tamari)

Carefully Selected Supplements:

  • Vitality SuperGreen
  • LivAmend, helps move toxins out of the liver by increasing bile flow and thus also aids with constipation
  • ASSIST digestive enzymes…
  • Super Concentrated OceanPlant Extract, excellent for the thyroid, kidneys and adrenals
  • Stevia, a natural, healthy alternative to sugar

Organic Vegetables: 80% of your plate should include vegetables:

  • Especially focus on dark green leafy vegetables and ocean vegetables

Fruits that are best and do not feed yeast infections:

  • Lemons, limes, cranberry and black current juice
  • (black current juice is especially valuable for nourishing your adrenals giving you energy)

You’ll also want to include:


Explore our website for a listing of Certified Body Ecologists (CBE) in your area who have been trained and certified by Donna Gates and who know the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing. They’ll happily answer your questions and can support you with…classes and instructions for getting started on our amazing diet. Or call Body Ecology’s office in Atlanta and ask for a listing of CBEs available by phone to help you get started.
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