Luo Han Guo: The Essentials and Interesting Insights You Need to Know About This Healing Fruit

The exotic and rare luohanguo has been favored as a sweet remedy for colds, coughs, and gastrointestinal disorders for centuries. Could this miracle fruit also help fight obesity, heart disease, and blood sugar-related problems, like diabetes?

Let’s face it, we all enjoy and crave something sweet on a regular, if not daily, basis. BUT we don’t want the health hazards like obesity, candida, and diabetes that go along with consuming sugar.

Does this mean that in order to have good health, we must give up the pleasure of cookies, cakes, and sweet drinks?

That’s a battle many are still trying to win, and sometimes, it may seem like you take one step forward and two steps back.

Well, don’t fret. There’s a new kid on the block of natural sweeteners, a rare and exotic fruit called luohanguo. Lo Han Guo has been around for a long time, but only recently made its way to the Western world.

Now, as you are transitioning away from sugar altogether, when it comes to the soothing comfort of sweetness your body naturally craves, you can have your cake, eat it too, AND improve your health.

Luo Han Guo: The “Longevity Fruit”

Luohanguo is a fruit that we Westerners are hearing about because lately only because we have become rather obsessed with finding healthier sugar substitutes. However, the Chinese have had luohanguo in their “secret” arsenal as a natural sweetener and healing remedy for many centuries.

The story told in China is that knowledge of this fruit emerged from the monks in the steep Guilin mountains of Southern China as far back as the 13th century.

In fact, luohanguo was named after advanced Buddhist practitioners, called “luohan”.

The Chinese call luohanguo the “longevity fruit” because the steep mountain fields in Guangxi Province where it is grown have an unusual number of residents that live to be 100 years old or more!

Although the locals that reach this ripe old age proclaim a tranquil lifestyle, regular exercise and simple diet to be their secret, many promising studies are underway, which are confirming the nutritional and healing properties of luohanguo.

Luohanguo is a cousin of the cucumber, and a member of the gourd family of fruits. It’s a round and smooth, dusty green-brown fruit that is covered with fine soft hairs, and a hard but thin shell.

The fruit is used only after it is dried, and can be processed into a powder that contains natural substances calledmongrosides in it.

These natural compounds make luohanguo a whopping 300 times sweeter than sugar, and are also responsible for some of the health benefits associated with this fruit:

The mongrosides in luohanguo:

  • Are under investigation as potential tumor inhibitors.
  • Have antioxidant properties.
  • May help manage diabetes because of their inhibitory effects on blood sugar levels.
  • May defend against heart disease.

In addition, teas made from luohanguo are known to:

  • Relieve throat inflammation or cough.
  • Cool heat stroke.
  • Help elimination in the elderly.
  • Relieve digestive distress.

The Best Source of Lo Han Guo

We’re proud to bring you Lakanto, the tastiest and best sugar substitute you will find. With lo hanguo and non-GMO erythritol, you get a one-for-one natural sweetener with zero calories that does not feed candida! Try Lakanto today in all of your favorite recipes and get a “sweet” fix that’s actually good for you.

You may already be familiar with Body Ecology’s Stevia Liquid Concentrate which is the other natural sweetener we wholeheartedly recommend because it won’t raise your blood sugar or feed candida.

While liquid Stevia is great for drinks, and some other recipes, it’s not ideal for use in traditional baked goods.

This is why we brought Lakanto to you.

Lakanto is an amazing natural sweetener that uses the extract of luohanguo combined with erythrito in a unique, patented process.

Used in Japan for over ten years, Lakanto is approved and recommended by the health ministry for people with blood sugar problems and obesity.

Baking holiday cookies or a birthday cake for your kids used to mean looking to alternatives like honey, or agave as a sugar substitute. Unfortunately, these sweeteners can feed candida and other pathogens in your body that thrive on sugar.

Body Ecology’s Lakanto is a safe, totally natural sweetener that:

  • Has virtually no calories.
  • Has no affect on your blood sugar.
  • Will NOT feed the candida yeast.
  • Looks, tastes, and bakes like sugar.
  • Can be used like sugar, in a one-to-one ratio, in any recipe.

How Sweet It Is

At Body Ecology, one of the 7 healing principles is balance in all things, including your need for the sweet taste. There’s nothing sweeter than enjoying your food wholeheartedly AND boosting your health at the same time.


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